Red Cherry Price Drop - Selected Styles Now £3.99!


Red Cherry Price Drop - Selected Styles Now £2.99!

Good news for all Red Cherry lash lovers, one of our most affordable brands now offers even lower prices! Selected Red Cherry styles are now priced at just £3.99, offering incredible value for money. There is a huge selection of styles to choose from, from popular styles #217 and #218 to the ultra-natural #DEL, allowing you to create any desired look with ease. Here are some of our favourite Red Cherry Lashes that have recently dropped in price making them more pocket friendly than ever before!


If you love a soft, fluttery finish from your lashes then style #217 is a top pick. The invisible band is super lightweight to ensure optimal comfort, and the delicate layering of lash strands provides a medium, natural-looking volume whilst the graduated length adds a touch of glam that is subtle enough for everyday wear.


For a fuller, fanned out effect Red Cherry lashes in style #218 offer impressive length and volume. The lashes are formed into flared clusters that each feature a blend of fine and denser strands to create a textured, dimensional finish. These are the perfect pair for completing a glamorous makeup look.


Style #747S boasts a subtle yet stunning design that consists of criss-crossed lash strands offering natural-looking texture as well as a medium, wearable volume. The increased length in the centre of the band works to effortlessly enhance your eyes for a wide eyed effect that isn’t overly bold or dramatic.


If your preference is length over volume when it comes to lashes, then Red Cherry lashes in style #747L are a gorgeous choice. Each lash strand softly flares outwards and the slightly increased density at the base of the lashes creates enhanced definition of the lash line.


For an undetectable enhancement, style #DEL is difficult to beat. The ultra-fine lash strands mimic the appearance of natural hairs whilst the invisible lash band provides a seamless blend once the lashes are applied. Each strand is softly scattered to create flawless definition and the blend of brown and black lashes allow for a more natural look and feel.

Which Red Cherry style will you be choosing? Shop all Red Cherry lashes, including the styles mentioned in this post here.