Strip Lash Adhesive: Selecting One That Suits You


Strip Lash Adhesive: Selecting One That Suits You

Finding a pair of false eyelashes that suit you and tick all the boxes can take time, and finding a lash adhesive to use alongside them, can be even trickier. With so many lash adhesives available to purchase, this can make finding the perfect formula for you even more difficult. Not to worry though, we have narrowed down our variety of lash adhesives, and provided an overview of each option, allowing you to easily choose the best one for you!

Brush on lash adhesive

This option is the best for beginners and is probably the easiest way to apply adhesive to your false eyelashes. Brush on adhesives come with a thin, plastic wand-style applicator which can be used to apply a thin layer of adhesive directly onto the lash band, without the need for a cotton bud, meaning less mess and fuss. Brush on adhesives are also ideal for travelling thanks to their compact and self-sufficient design, making lash applications on-the-go easier than ever!

Top brush on adhesives:

Clear or dark tone:

Many strip lash adhesives are available to purchase in both clear/white and dark tone. The clear tone is probably the most popular choice as this dries clear on the skin, and is undetectable once applied. Dark tone adhesive is great for those of you with naturally dark lashes, or those that want to add extra definition to the eyes, without the need for eyeliner. This is a top pick for those that are fairly confident in applying their falsies, and want added depth and a darker finish to their eyes.

Clear Tone Adhesives:

Dark Tone Adhesives:

Latex free:

If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to latex-based adhesives, we also have a selection of latex free lash glues that still offer a long-lasting hold and high quality performance. Offering latex free glues from some of the best brands in the business, we are sure to have an alternative adhesive to suit you so that you can apply your lashes without compromising on comfort or suffering from an allergic reaction. To read about the latex free lash adhesives we offer in more detail, check out our blog post talking through our most popular latex free glues here.

Latex free adhesives:

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