Things to do this Easter Bank Holiday


A four day weekend I hear you say? Yep, it’s Easter Bank Holiday!

This four day weekender is probably our favourite time of the year, not because of the Easter eggs but the opportunity to catch up with family and friends. If you’re stuck on what to do this weekend, keep reading to see if we can inspire you.  





Weekend weather forecast is set to be scorching temperatures. If you work a 9-5 office job and don’t get enough time to spend outdoors, this is your opportunity. Round up the gang and pick a destination. Go for a country scramble for peace and quiet, or if you prefer to be beside the seaside, beach camp. Bring a disposable BBQ and lots of alcohol for extra good times.



Day Session

Boozing in the sun can be great one minute, the next you may find one of your mates fast asleep on the table, and your other mate sobbing her heart out in the bathroom. For a successful day remember to eat something before you start downing cocktails. Don’t cut your day short, and pace yourselves!



Keepin’ it local

Bank Holidays always comes with great local events. Keep your eyes on Facebook events or get planning something. Gather your friends to the local park for a picnic, or keep it cheap and go down town for a few drinks.




Get creative and make chocolate cornflake nests, or chocolate rice crispy cakes. We’re never too old for that! Bring some games into the mix, play truth or dare or would you rather. Ahh those were the days. Who is feeling nostalgic now?




Sometimes we need time to ourselves. If you’re not feeling it this Easter Bank Holiday weekend, why not practice self-love. We don’t mean go give yourself a manicure or run a hot bath but to put yourself first. Get rid of your doubts and insecurities, and write yourself a letter, discover what makes you happy.