Top FIVE Best Sellers: Land of Lashes


Recently landed on our website is Land of Lashes, a well-known brand loved by many. Worn and used by celebs, influencers and makeup artists across the world. These lashes are custom made by hand, using the best long lasting quality synthetic fibres allowing for repeat use. To add to the brand, they are 100% Cruelty-Free meaning they are faux mink lashes – handmade with love!

Not only do they offer lashes, they provide a variety of face gems for all occasions: Halloween, festivals, holidays and other events. These gems are a must have, in particular when it’s festival season! The gems instantly transform your style and ensures you stand out from the crowd.

As Land of Lashes have taken our shelves by storm, we thought it’d be a great idea to share with you our top five best sellers. 

Top 5 Land of Lashes:

Land of Lashes in style Paloma


If you want to create a statement, these Paloma lashes are the one for you. They are spaced out in clusters with a slight curl to them. If you have short lashes the volume and length of these really do bring out your eyes. Perfect for those with a round eye shape.

Land of Lashes in style Aurora


Rumour has it, Aurora has been the go-to lash for date nights. Throughout the lash line they are short to medium, making them fit for a true princess. Flirt your night away with these.

Land of Lashes in style Captivate


Charm your way through the night with these lightweight flutter lashes. The textured wispy ends give your eye new dimensions creating an effortless look. Guaranteed, all eyes on you hun.

Land of Lashes in style Glam


This style of this lash says it all: Glam. Enhance your look with these lashes. They are short to begin with and elongate towards the end giving you that cat eye finish. Perfect for special occasions and THAT big night out with the girls.

Land of Lashes in style Hollywood


An ever popular choice are these Land of Lashes in style Hollywood. Whatever the occasion, these would be weapon of choice. Perfect for those who have almond and hooded eyes.

TIP: It is recommended to apply mascara before applying the lashes, however if you do apply mascara on top of the lashes, it will minimise the quality and the amount of uses you get out of it.