Top Four False Eyelash Essentials


Top Four False Eyelash Essentials

Here at we aim to provide every ultimate lash lover with the best false eyelash brands, products and accessories. Whether you’re a beauty professional, or simply an avid falsies fan, we ensure we cater to every individual’s needs, and offer an impressive range of lash essentials.

Must-haves for your lash collection:

The House of Lashes Lash Story Pro

Taking care of your lashes is one of the most important steps for getting the most use out of each pair. If you tend to have a large collection of false lashes, then of course you need a safe place to stash them! The House of Lashes Lash Story Pro is an impressive book style case that stores up to 22 pairs of lashes, as well as some small tubes of adhesive. Not only is this case super cute, but it will keep your favourite pairs of falsies organised and intact, allowing you to reuse them. If you require a smaller place to store your lashes, the House of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Case is a sleek, stylish way to take your lashes on the go and is available in some stunning colours: Champagne Gold, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine.

Lash Applicator

The lash applicator is the latest way to easily apply false lashes. It works similarly to classic tweezers, however it features curved tips that perfectly hold a false eyelash in place, allowing you to simply position the lash against your natural lash line. You can then gently squeeze the lashes down into place, blending them with your own lashes for an undetectable finish once applied. We recommend using the Lilly Lashes Perfect Lash Applicator in Rose Gold, to guarantee a fool-proof, precise application of your personal choice of falsies.


Lash applications can’t be completed without a reliable, long-lasting adhesive. Selecting a glue that suits your needs may seem difficult when there are so many options available on our website. However, simply think about your needs when applying lashes. Do you want a quick, fuss free application? Or are you a makeup artist that needs a larger amount of adhesive? We offer brush on glues, in clear and dark tone, as well as larger tubes of adhesive such as the bestselling DUO Strip Lash Adhesive (14g). We also have latex free alternatives suitable for allergies and sensitive skin types.


Last but not least, you obviously need a selection of lashes to ensure you are always stocked up for any special occasion. Lash multipacks are a great way to save money and buy your favourite falsies in bulk. The Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack remains a firm favourite amongst our customers and offers an ideal, versatile design that suits an array of different eye shapes and sizes. For luxurious lashes, opt for a brand such as Lilly Lashes, or why not try one of our latest additions to the House of Lashes Lite Collection? You can read all about the brand new House of Lashes Lite styles in our blog post here.

What are your current lash essentials?