Unbeatable Bargains


Unbeatable Bargains

Nouveau Lash Multipack

When it comes to outstanding value for money, the Nouveau Pack of Three Strip Lashes is truly hard to beat. Not only does this pack come with three gorgeous, different pairs of falsies, it also includes a full size Ultra Bond adhesive - which alone retails at £10.95!

The three lashes all offer different effects, for example the first is tapered in the outer edges elongating the eye, the second pair has a consistent length all the way along the lash band, and the third pair's length is graduated in the centre, drawing focus to the middle of your eyes and enhancing their size and beauty. All lashes are lovely for those wanting length, as well as classy designs and a high quality eyelash adhesive to apply your falsies with. This is a real beauty steal, as you get it all for just £9.95.

Affordable adhesive

If you are after a trusty eyelash glue that will ensure lashes remain in place all day, for an affordable price then look no further than the bestselling Eylure Lashfix adhesive. Available in either black or a clear finish, this adhesive is a top contender when it comes to keeping your falsies secure! Starting at just £3.49, we highly recommend this to go with an array of false eyelashes in order to achieve great results at an even greater price.

Budget beauty buy

Starting from as low as £1.99 a pair, the Invogue eyelashes are both stylish and super cheap to buy! Perfect for everyday wear, the collection ranges from natural styles such as Volumise in #2, to the more dramatic full look lashes Glamourise #7. These falsies don't go above the price of £3.49, and don't let the price tag put you off; they are still high quality and hand tied for a lovely appearance. Hard to beat price wise and ideal for those on a beauty budget!

Luxury for less

When it comes to mink lashes, they are immediately associated with high quality and due to this, they are a bit on the pricier side. However, here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we know the importance of catering to everyone, whether they want high or lower end brands and products, we offer a great deal of options for any falsies lovers!

Peekaboo have to be the most reasonably priced 3D mink lashes we stock, at only £12 a pair, these are luxurious in terms of quality, texture and finish. With 8 styles to choose from, these fluffy and full falsies are not only affordable in comparison to some high end Mink lashes, but still consist of a great, lightweight and durable design. Made from 100% Siberian Mink fur, these lashes are entirely cruelty free and if cared for properly, can also be reused up to 30 times, meaning you get even more for your money. Don't hesitate to try Peekaboo's stunning take on the popular Mink lashes today.