Unicorn Inspired Makeup Looks


Unicorn Inspired Makeup Looks

It's fair to say there has been a huge revival of all things unicorn-themed lately, particularly in the beauty world, and this fantasy inspired obsession is a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon; and we definitely aren’t complaining! From super sparkly face and eye makeup, to enchanting, eye catching false lashes, we thought we would jump on the beauty bandwagon and share a few of our ultimate favourite, unicorn-themed falsies.

New addition to the Violet Voss collection

Adding magic to your makeup has never been easier, this exciting and exclusive trio of lashes has been long awaited and is coveted by makeup lovers around the world! Introducing the Violet Voss Unicorn Lash Trio now available. This stunning collection consists of three amazing lash styles that are all triple stacked for extra volume and a dramatic, high quality finish. There is one medium length style, one that is slightly more natural and one that is incredibly intense and voluminous. With a pair to suit any occasion, this lovely lash trio is set to be hugely popular here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk.

Firm favourite Unicorn Lashes:

One of our hugely popular brands on our website are well loved original unicorn themed falsies brand – Unicorn Lashes. Their styles range from ultra-glam, to dramatic and slightly softer looks. Any effect is achievable, and their amazing unicorn packaging is absolutely stunning. We have a top pick to go with every makeup look:

For a soft, fluffy finish choose Pixie Wisp

For a dramatic appearance choose Cosmic Pegasus

For a glamorous look choose bestselling style Raven

The amazing Crystal Collection:

As well as the incredible original Unicorn Lashes we now also stock their new Crystal Collection. These amazing lashes come packaged in a gorgeous glittery pink tray, with a pink and purple unicorn shaped box. This range consists of bestselling styles Raven and Vespertine as well as 5 brand new designs, all featuring invisible lash bands allowing you to easily achieve the perfect, discrete application.

The styles we’re currently crushing on from the impressive Unicorn Lashes Crystal Collection are:

Amalthea Crystal – this style features dramatically fanned out ends and a long, super fluffy appearance.

Estrellita Crystal – this design offers a stunning curl, graduated length and a more natural finish.

What’s your favourite pair of unicorn inspired falsies?