Unicorn Lashes: Softer Styles


Unicorn Lashes Softer Styles

Known and loved for their dramatic, eye-catching designs the Unicorn Lashes range boasts a number of bold and beautiful styles that allow you to transform your look in minutes. Whilst the bestselling styles typically consist of lots of length and intense density, Unicorn Lashes also offer softer, more subtle designs that are more suited for those wanting luxurious quality, and a more natural finish.

Low key Unicorn Lashes

Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we have picked our top five favourite Unicorn Lashes styles for achieving a low-key lash look:


When it comes to making a subtle statement, style Aquarelle will not let you down. Offering a delicate layering of fine lash strands, formed together to achieve a soft, medium volume; these lovely little lashes work to accentuate your eyes in the most natural way possible. The heightened length in the centre opens up the eye, and the combination of fine and dense lashes create a stunning, textured finish.

Serene Dream

This gorgeous style features a more unique appearance. Boasting a gradual increase in both length and density towards each outer edge, this design effortlessly elongates the eye, and adds a touch of elegance to your look in an instant. Adding the perfect amount of volume for everyday wear, and just enough length, these luxurious lashes are a top choice for achieving an understated look.

Rainbow Wings

Offering slightly more length in comparison to the two previous styles, Rainbow Wings allows you to achieve a full, fluttery look without too much volume. Formed by spaced out lash clusters that flare outwards beautifully, these multi-layered lashes provide flawless definition and an eye opening curl.

Luna Fleur

If you require quite a lot of volume that still has a natural look and feel, then style Luna Fleur is simply stunning. Layered to achieve a full, fluffy finish this style adds impressive length that gradually increases towards each outer corner for a glamorous yet tasteful look.

Aurora Queen

Delicate and dainty; style Aurora Queen is ideal for enhancing your natural beauty. Consisting of a blend of fine and thicker lash strands, this style softly fades out into lightweight tips for a textured, fluttery effect and wearable volume. Suitable for both day and night, this super-chic design allows for a soft enhancement.

Which softer style would you pick? 

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