Barely Cosmetics

Barely Cosmetics

Behind Barely Cosmetics is the lady herself, Nicole McEvoy, a makeup artist and entrepreneur from Belfast. Modernising the makeup application game was the ambition for Nicole, and little did she know she would have her own range of multipurpose beauty sponges. She discovered that the makeup up tools she was using, didn’t deliver the results she desired as they only had one purpose – to blend.  These aspects is what formulated the idea that led her to create Barely Cosmetics.   

According to Barely Cosmetics website their makeup sponges are “more than just a traditional blending sponge” they can be used in a variety of ways. From applying primer to concealer, foundation, blusher and highlighter. Whatever it is, you have multitasking mastered with these little beauts.

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The Definer Soft Sponge – used for based products such as, concealer, foundation, to blusher

Definer Hard Sponge – great for highlighting, contouring and blending

Prep, Blot and Blend Sponge – this sponge says it all really, prep, blot and blend!

Best of all the sponges are latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, so it’s great for those who have sensitive skin types. Blend to perfection with these sponges. For best results, we believe slightly dampening the sponge with warm water before application gives off better complexion.