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Brow Gel

Brow Gel

For perfectly groomed eyebrows that last all day – opt for one of our brow gels. Whether you want to add colour and definition to your brows, or prefer a clear, natural finish; we have a number of products to suit you. Bestselling brands Eylure and Ardell, don’t just specialise in false eyelashes - they also understand the importance of having your eyebrows in impeccable shape too. Add soft colour, whilst enhancing your eyebrows with Ardell’s brow building fiber gels, available in a range of colours, these fabulous formulas work to thicken your brows and also set them in place, allowing them to remain untouched all day.

To ensure your eyebrows are flawless for all occasions, Eylure;s Brow Control and Shape Gel is also a top choice. Suitable for using alone to simply accentuate your natural eyebrows, and versatile enough to use alongside other impressive products, this specially formulated gel will fix your brows, offering a long-lasting hold. All of our eyebrow control gels come with easy to use applicators, allowing you to perfect your brows in a few, simple steps. Why wait? Browse our Brow Bar now, and find the right product for you! All orders placed on come with FREE 1st Class Delivery in the UK!

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