Brow Shapers

Eylure / £3.49

Brow Shapers

If you want enviable eyebrows, the initial important step to take is tackling their shape. Grooming the brow and eliminating unwanted hairs enhances definition, framing your eyes and face perfectly and complimenting your facial features. Before any colour or tint is applied, it is recommended that you create your desired brow shape first and our selection of easy to use brow shapers make this step quick, convenient and pain-free, saving you pennies and an unnecessary trip to the salon!

Remove any unwanted hairs in just a matter of minutes with our super straightforward, brow shapers. To save time tweezing and achieve incredible brows with ease, use the Eylure, Ardell or Kiss brow shaping products and you’re guaranteed impressive results every time. Perfect for eliminating pesky stray hairs, and creating a stunning shape effortlessly; brow shapers are definitely worth making a part of your beauty routine.

With multiple applications per pack you will be able to achieve gorgeously groomed brows without the use of tweezers; no matter what your hair type, and on multiple occasions. You no longer have an excuse for having overgrown or neglected eyebrows.

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