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About Eyelash Glue

We stock a large range of eyelash glue from the biggest and best brands in the business! Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk we stock lash glues by: Ardell, DUO, Eye Candy, Eylure, House of Lashes, Kiss, Lilly Lashes and many more. It doesn't matter what type of eyelash glue you're looking for, because you can guarantee we'll have it in stock here on our website.

One of the key issues with buying eyelash glue online is authenticity. Lots of the top brands have become the target of counterfeiters who manufacture unsafe goods, marketing them as the real thing. Here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we only stock 100% safe to use lash glue, purchased directly from the official distributors. We only buy Eylure lash glue from Eylure, we only buy House of Lashes lash glue from House of Lashes - you get the picture. We only sell genuine products here on our website. You might find these items elsewhere at cheaper prices, but are they real?

What is eyelash glue?

Eyelash glue is used to adhere false eyelashes to your natural lashes or your lash line, depending on the type of lashes you wish to wear. Eyelash glues are available in a range of different colours, the most popular being black or clear. Eyelash glues have traditionally featured tacky, latex based formulas. As time has gone by, however, many brands have worked hard to reformulate their products to remove ingredients like latex. This means that their products can be used by many more consumers, as a lot of people do have allergies to latex.

It's important to always check the ingredients of the eyelash glue that you purchase. If you notice any ingredients on the packaging that you know you will have a reaction to, do not use the product under any circumstances and take advice on whether or not it can be returned.

As well as being available in a range of colours, lash glue is also available in a range of sizes. If you rarely wear false lashes, then a small 5ml or 7g DUO will probably last you for months on end. If you're a daily lash wearer or even a makeup artist, then you might want to consider one of the larger 14g DUO glues, or even a 22ml Ardell Lash Tite if it's flare lashes you're applying.

What types of lash glue exist?

There are two main categories of eyelash glue: glue that's designed for strip lashes, and glue that's designed for individual lashes. The most common type of lash glue is that formulated for use with strip lashes (aka, strip lash glue). It's worth noting at this point that individual lash glue should never, ever be used on strip lashes. It's incredibly difficult to get strip lashes to adhere with individual lash glue, and removal is incredibly painful (it'll invariably take many of your natural lashes with it, too!)

In each category of lash glue, there are various spin-offs. Perhaps the most recent innovation are lash and liner combos. They're eyeliner pens, that also contain lash glue. A super 2-in-1 invention that's taking the world by storm. The good news is that we already stock a selection of lash and liner glues here on our website. Expect to see lash and liners on our site very soon, by: DUO, Eylure, Kiss, Lilly Lashes and other top brands.

On top of lash glues formulated for lash users, we also stock a range of professional glue for use with lash extensions. You'll find these glues on our website under our Professional section. If you have the appropriate training certificates and wish to order your professional glue from us, please get in touch via email, and we'll be glad to give you access upon receipt of the necessary documentation.

Are there alternatives to eyelash glue?

The eyelash category has seen huge innovation in the last few years. In 2019 magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner made an appearance (and went down a storm!) - pre-glued lashes have also been on the scene for some time too. In short, there are alternatives to eyelash glue, but traditional false lashes which require glue tend to make up over 90% of the category. They may be a bit tricky to work with at first, but they are the preferred option for millions of lash wearers across the UK and wider world.

Some people might prefer traditional eyelashes and lash glue because unlike pre-glued or press on lashes, traditional lashes can be worn on many occasions if the glue is removed carefully and the lashes looked after diligently. Similarly, some people prefer traditional eyelashes and glue over magnetic lashes, because the magnetic eyeliners tend to be quite abrasive and very difficult to remove.

If you are certain that you want to wear traditional lashes with eyelash glue, then we recommend this Ardell lash cleaning kit to keep your falsies in tip-top condition. It's normal for lashes to start shedding after a few wears - after all, nothing lasts forever. But if you brush them carefully and let them soak in the solution, most lashes should be good for at least 5-10 wears.

Do I need to carry out a patch test before using lash glue?

The answer to this question is yes! It doesn't matter where you purchase your eyelash glue, you must always patch test before using it for real. Patch testing is incredibly important, lash glues tend to incorporate a concoction of ingredients and there's no telling which of those ingredients might leave you with a rash or another reaction. Patch testing doesn't take long, and it's the right thing to do. There's nothing worse than getting ready for a big night out and having a reaction to lash glue, leaving your eyes looking puffy and swollen.

Patch tests are important for strip lash glue, individual lash glue and also for professional lash extensions. Before having a set of professional lash extensions applied, you'll find that most lash techs bring their client in a few days beforehand in order to apply a few drops of the glue behind their ear. If no reaction occurs, then it's great news - you can have your lashes applied! If you do have a reaction, then the good news is that a range of sensitive lash glues do exist, so you can still have your lashes done. It may take a while for you and your lash tech to find the right glue, but there's almost certainly one out there that's suitable for you.

Do I need remover for eyelash glue?

Generally, lash remover is only used by lash techs, or if you've applied individual or flare lashes with a glue like Ardell Lash Tite or Eylure Superfix. The vast majority of strip lash glues do not require a special remover. Due to their consistency, they can be removed gentled from the eyelid, and it shouldn't be painful. Removing flare and individual lashes can be painful, however, which is why many brands have specially formulated lash glue removers available for their individual lash adhesives.

The rule is pretty simple, though: Strip lash glues generally do not require a remover when it comes to taking your lashes off. Just be super patient and careful when peeling the falsies off your peepers! Individual and flare lashes on the other hand will usually require a remover to avoid pulling out your natural lashes when taking them off.

It goes without saying that if you have visited a professional lash technician or salon in order to have professional lash extensions replied, that you must follow the advice of the therapist who applied them. In most cases, lash techs and salons will offer you a lash removal service, or they'll be able to sell you the appropriate remover for the brand of glue they used to apply your lashes. You must never attempt to remove professional lash extensions without first discussing it with your lash tech, or taking proper advice. If you get it wrong, it hurts!

One thing's for sure, you now know absolutely everything there is to know about eyelash glue. And what's more, you're in the very best place to find the exact eyelash glue you need, right here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk. We stock over 50 different types of lash glue, and we ship across the UK, Europe and rest of the world. We use Royal Mail and DPD for deliveries in the UK, and we use a range of Air Mail and express delivery services for deliveries to Europe and the rest of the world. So what are you waiting for? Browse and buy your favourite false eyelash glue now, you won't regret it!