About FleekLashes

FleekLashes is an exciting, innovative brand that was developed by a UK based makeup artist who undertook over three years of research of false lashes from all around the world. She then went on to create her own line of high quality falsies that each offer durability, luxury and the ultimate glamour. All FleekLashes are 100% handmade using a blend of premium quality synthetic and human hairs or mink hairs, providing a professional, flawless finish with every application.

FleekLashes were designed to offer an effortless enhancement, and can be used to achieve any desired look. Whether you love a dramatic, stand out design, or a softer, more natural appearance; there is certainly a FleekLashes style to suit your needs.  Bestselling style Jasmine features a v-shaped pattern with criss-crossed lash strands, making them ideal for achieving a bold, intense look with lots of volume. Whereas style Sarana is a much more subtle alternative with a wispy, textured design that is suitable for all occasions.

We have recently added to our impressive Fleek Lashes collection with some of their latest lash styles. Crafted from premium quality mink hairs, these lovely, lightweight lashes are silky, full and fluffy and are available in four different designs. The mink lash collection is a top pick if you want to add extra definition and dimension, as they provide a more multi-layered effect.

Don't forget that all Fleek Lashes come without glue, but not to worry ‚Äď we stock a wide range of reliable strip lash adhesives on our website, so be sure to stock up on your favourite adhesive (we recommend¬†DUO adhesive). Every single item here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk comes with¬†FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK¬†- including every single product in the FleekLashes collection. So what are you waiting for? Place your order for FleekLashes now!