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About Invogue Lashes

Most falsie fans know a little about their favourite falsie brand, and considering that this is an industry that has been growing for quite some time now, it comes as no surprise that there are a plethora of options to choose from. Invogue is certainly a great choice, especially if you’re new to the lash world and game.

Invogue is a great new brand offering super stylish, high quality, and hand tied false eyelashes at incredibly, low prices. If you're looking to complete your daily beauty routine on a budget, whilst still looking amazing, then Invogue false eyelashes are exactly what you need! All Invogue lashes are ultra-lightweight with fine flexible lash bands for an easy application and a comfortable fit, making them perfect for day to day wear. There is an impressive selection of different styles to suit all eye shapes and sizes that are also perfect for wear on any occasion. Since their conception in 2010, Invogue has striven hard to create a high-quality yet concise range of luscious lashes. This is a company that believes in the power of feeling good.

“We believe that the ability to feel and look drop-dead gorgeous should be easy and straightforward. If you’re looking to find a daily beauty routine that’s set at a fair price-point, then Invogue lashes are what you should be looking for!” (Invogue – Brand Statement)

Invogue Lashes – The Range

Invogue’s eyelashes have been designed to be easy to apply, subtle, yet hard-wearing. Every single Invogue Strip Lash generally comes from two of the brand’s main styles.

  • Volumise - This style is best used if you’re looking to add both length and volume to your natural lashes.
  • Glamourise - This style is best used if you’re searching for thicker, and more fuller, voluptuous lashes.

With ranges ‘Volumise’ and ‘Glamourise’, as well as individual lashes, you can find a style to suit you here at Whether you require a full frontal dramatic look, a natural appearance, or a customised lash effect; Invogue offers amazing styles at pocket friendly prices. Their top quality lashes come in over 8 stunning designs, all with eyelash adhesive included in each box.

We also stock their bestselling latex-free lash adhesive which offers a long-lasting hold of any strip lashes and is suitable for all skin types. We have recently added to our Invogue collection some brand new styles, which boast wispy, textured appearances, meaning there is even more choice now available on our website!

A Friendly Falsie Option

These subtle yet effective falsies are easy to apply. What’s more, is that all of Invogue’s lashes are hand-tied and hand-crafted in Indonesia. All of the materials that Invogue employs are either vegan or cruelty free (as they are made from synthetic materials/fibres). Choose hand-cut false lashes that are friendly to animals, and so far from cruel, that they’ll make your heart sing. They have been designed to be lightweight yet downright stunning.

This is a company that successfully delivers both volume and length, making these gorgeous lashes suitable for wear on a daily basis. Most of our Invogue Lashes come with latex-free glue too, and when looked after Invogue lashes can be used for up to several occasions.

The Reviews

“I am all for making my eyelashes a bit longer and fuller without being over the top and dramatic, and these are my current favourites. I have partially hooded eyes so eyelashes are almost more important than my eyeshadow when it comes to my makeup. I've been using these lashes for a few months, and I have to say that these have actually taken the place of my love for Ardell lashes; although the lashes are synthetic, the eyelashes still look natural, they're sturdier, last longer and they cost less too. For me, this is a win-win and a no-brainer. Invogue no3 lashes are now my go-to :)” Catori - Invogue No.3 Lashes

“I have this on subscribe for regular delivery. My 19 years old daughter loves fake lashes and wears them almost daily. She has tried many types of glue from the tiny tubes that come in lash kits to top branded tubes and she keeps coming back to this. It's a soft blue when first applied, which she likes as she can see it once it is applied to full lash, but it dries totally clear. She says, it gives great adhesion, but it is easy to remove with a pad soaked in eye makeup remover. She hasn’t lost any of her natural lashes, which has happened before.” Sumamum - Invogue Eyelash Glue

Our Top 3 Best-Selling Products

If you’re looking for a terrific textured look, but you don’t want to compromise on length, then Invogue is the brand for you. Their ranges are second to none, and these fabulous falsies flare out almost effortlessly, providing you with a look that’s certainly going to turn some heads!

In order for you to make the very best choice possible, we’ve listed our Three Best Selling Invogue products, just take a look below:

  1. Invogue Eyelashes Glamourise #82 (BUNDLE OF 5 PAIRS) only £5.99

    For ultra long, wispy lashes look no further than the stunning Invogue Glamourise Lashes in style #82. This unique design features a layering of lash strands ranging in length and density for a naturally textured effect. The heightened length in the centre works to open and accentuate the eye for a soft yet stunning finish.

    • Lightweight
    • Adhesive is included
    • Easy to apply

    Each bundle contains five pairs of Invogue Glamourise Lashes in style #82 as well as lash glue.

  2. Invogue Eyelashes Glamourise Lash Vault #02 only £5.99 for 3 Pairs

    The Invogue Eyelashes Glamourise Lash Vault #02 contains three pairs of stunning falsies that feature a multi-layered style, giving you fuller and flattering lashes from every angle. The increased density and length towards the centre make for an eye-opening effect giving you a tasteful yet standout look. These false lashes are a must have for any makeup bag!

    • Easy to apply
    • Lightweight
    • Cruelty free

    Each box contains three pairs of false lashes, lash glue is not included but we do sell it separately.

  3. Invogue Eyelashes Volumise #12 (BUNDLE OF 5 PAIRS) only £5.99

    Add volume and a soft graduated length to your natural lashes with Invogue style #12. This dense, wispy design is formed into layered, criss-crossed lash strands to create texture and flawless definition. The lash clusters flare outwards for a subtle, curled finish and a stunning, eye opening effect that enhances your eyes effortlessly.

    • Lightweight
    • Reusable
    • Adhesive is included

    Each bundle contains five pairs of Invogue Volumise Lashes in style #12 as well as lash adhesive.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fabulous Falsies

Below we have answered some common questions around lash extensions, which many lash professionals are asked every day by their clients.

Can I go swimming with lash extensions?

Absolutely! Many clients believe you cannot swim after you’ve had lash extensions, but we can confirm this is a myth. While we advise you not to expose your lashes to water for prolonged periods, most lash extensions are water-resistant. In fact, they are much better than waterproof mascara, which despite the name, has still been known to smudge! If you are a regular swimmer or are swimming in the ocean, you may like to wear a pair of goggles to maintain the longevity of your lashes.

Can I wear mascara?

Yes, you can, but you may not need to! Lash extensions achieve a pretty fantastic result on their own, no mascara required. If you just can’t live without it, then be sure to use a water-based formula that is easy to remove. Many brands now have their own mascara which is designed specifically to work with lash extensions. Buy these now in our online store. Don’t make the mistake of using waterproof, unless you want to sacrifice your brand new extensions!

What are eyelash in-fills?

Over time, as your natural eyelashes fall out (don’t worry, it’s completely normal) your lash extensions will begin to look a little sparse. Lash in-fills will fill in the gaps, and bring you back to that beautiful, full result. How often an in-fill is required will depend on your natural lash cycle, but typically, clients opt for in-fills 2-3 weeks after the initial treatment.

Is the application painful?

Not at all! If properly applied by a professional, lash extensions sit on top of your natural lashes and don’t even come into contact with your eyelids. In fact, you will hardly notice they are there at all. Marvelashes lash extensions are made from premium synthetic materials and are particularly lightweight, helping you achieve a gorgeously fluffy and fluttery look.

Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?

This is a question we are asked ALL the time! With proper application, your lash extensions will fall out with your natural lash cycle, with no damage whatsoever. HOWEVER, if you tug at the extensions then this could result in damage to your natural lashes. So we advise you to leave them well alone, no matter how tempting it is to pull at them if there’s only a couple left!

Can I go on holiday wearing lash extensions?

Hell yes! Though excessive exposure to heat and humidity may shorten the lifespan of your extensions, this is very minor and certainly shouldn’t be an issue during your 1-2 week vacay. But just to warn you, lash extensions and sunscreen are NOT friends, so when applying to your face keep it well away from your eyes!

How do I sleep without damaging my lash extensions?

Sleeping on your stomach is a no-no, particularly if you are a restless sleeper. We advise sleeping on your back, or side to avoid damaging your lashes.

I am a contact lens wearer, can I get lash extensions?

Definitely! Just be sure to remove your lenses whilst having your extensions applied or removed, and apart from that, it’s business as usual.

Your Invogue Delivery

There’s no time like the present – as they say! So, why not snap up a saucy pair (or multipack) of Invogue Lashes from us now.

With fashion-forward designs, as well as excellent quality and choice, it is not difficult to see why Invogue Eyelashes are one of our top-selling false eyelash brands. All of our products are 100% genuine, so you can shop in confidence knowing that we don’t sell cheap fakes. These fab falsies can also be reused if care is taken applying and removing them, so be sure to keep them in tip-top condition and get the most out of a pair. We stock countless styles of Invogue Lashes and you’re sure to be spoilt for choice when you shop our collection - we offer the entire range. Click here to be directed straight to our online store and browse hundreds of striking styles.

We are SO excited to now feature Invogue Lashes multipacks. Once you’ve found your new fave lashes, opt for a multipack to ensure you never run out! Remember, we're the exclusive UK distributor of Invogue Eyelashes. If you want to be 100% safe in the knowledge that you're buying legitimate Invogue products, then just place your order with us now.

Ensure you remain on-trend and have the best lashes around, without breaking the bank. Shop our fabulous Invogue lash range here at to find a style you love. All orders come with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. International delivery is also available. Don’t wait any longer, order right now!