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About Lilly Lashes

For those of you who don’t know, Lilly Lashes was created by beauty entrepreneur Lilly Ghalichi. Popularly referred to as an ultra-glamorous ‘Persian Barbie’, Lilly is renowned for starring on hit US reality series ‘Shahs of Sunset’, and is arguably one of the biggest names in the ever-expanding false eyelash industry.

In addition to her booming beauty empire and much talked-about acting career, Lilly is also a lawyer, having graduated from top US law school ‘Loyola’ in Los Angeles. The attorney has also turned her hand to writing, blogging and designing. Is there anything this queen can’t do?!

But way back before all of that, Lilly was just a regular gal growing up in Texas, with her Middle-Eastern parents and siblings. Before she changed her name to Lilly, she went by Neelufar Seyed Ghalichi. Her parents Sadegh Ghalichi and Forough Mohammadi (now Ghalichi) were married in January of 1980 in Harris County, Texas. Lilly is the youngest of three children; she has an older brother Mohammad Ghalichi, and an older sister Yassamin Ghalichi.

Glam from the get-go with Lilly Lashes

Before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a law degree, Lilly gained a degree in Business from top-ranked Red McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. It’s no wonder she went on to become the immensely successful businesswoman she is today!

Lilly is an active author and has written popular blogs on fashion designing and branding techniques. She has also hosted several seminars, inviting aspiring entrepreneurs and teaching them how to grow and succeed in their business ventures.


After graduating from Loyola with a law degree, Lilly decided that law just wasn’t where her passion lay, and decided to follow her dreams. She remained in LA with the hope of pursuing a career in fashion, and began by launching her own line of bikinis, or ‘Swimgerie’.

She quickly went on to create a world-renowned company and online makeup school Ghalichi Glam, where fans obtain access to online beauty tutorials taught by celebrity makeup artists. Following the success of Ghalichi Glam, Lilly went on to add Lilly Hair, WantMyLook, and eventually added Lilly Lashes to her repertoire. Her Ghalichi Glam businesses are designed to empower individuals with the opportunity to emulate the celebrity lifestyle and looks they see in the media, without spending a small fortune.

With so many award-winning beauty lines under her belt, Lilly is the ultimate glamour icon. She is so well-known in the beauty industry that it would be virtually impossible not to have heard her name!

Fairy GLAM Mother

Lilly is also an Instagram sensation, with a huge 3 million loyal followers. It’s clear to see why all eyes are on her, her striking features and iconic look paired with her humility and successful business ventures have contributed to her vast following and made her adored and looked up to by many.

Why choose Lilly Lashes?

After reading all of that, we bet you’re dying to hear all about the lashes themselves!

Described by Lilly herself as 'the most glamorous lashes in the world', celebrities and bloggers just can’t get enough of Lilly Lashes. Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kylie are amongst some of the big names that have been snapped sporting these stunning styles, and they're by no means the only ones! 

The likes of Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez are also avid fans, and can be seen on Instagram flaunting false lashes from Lilly’s popular range. At, we stock all of the celebrity favourites right here on our online store, so you can achieve that celebrity-worthy look with the click of a button!

With their huge popularity in the US, it was inevitable the effect would soon be similar here in the UK, and rightly so; Lilly Lashes have been the ultimate hit, and have been flying off our shelves! These highly sought-after false lashes are incredibly difficult (if not impossible!) to find on the high street, so we are thrilled to be stocking them in our online store.

We offer best selling styles from The Luxury Collection and The Glam Collection, as well as band-less styles, and top-selling 3D styles such as Mykonos and Miami. We have over 25 incredible choices available to purchase. We guarantee these lashes will turn heads wherever you go.

All styles are made from premium, high-quality faux mink hair, making them 100% Cruelty-Free. The lightweight design makes them uber-comfortable, so you can flaunt and flutter to your heart’s content!

Help me pick a Lilly Lashes style!

If you’re looking for a natural lash look that still achieves a lengthened appearance, then we highly recommend the Luxe style. These beautifully light and feathery lashes feature a criss-cross design and a tapered edge to elongate your eyes; guaranteed to add a bit of subtle drama to your look.

For those wanting to add depth and volume, take your lash game to the next level with the best-selling Mykonos style. Offering stunning volume and a super flirty finish, these lashes are the epitome of glam and will ensure you look totally gorgeous.

If you would love to follow in the footsteps of your favourite celebrities, then reach for a pair of these lashes in Style Goddess. Popular with Christina Aguilera, these lashes offer instant glamour and drama.

Lash Game

Check out Lilly’s False Lash Tips and Tricks:

  1. Don’t throw your lashes away! They can be reused if handled and stored carefully, and Lilly states you can reuse her lashes up to 25 times if cared for correctly! Every single pair of lashes comes with a high-quality lash storage case, specifically designed to store and protect your gorgeous falsies.
  2. Never pull on the lash hairs. Lilly’s False Lashes are handmade, so pulling on the lashes themselves may damage them. Whenever handling your lashes, peel off gently by pulling on the band.
  3. Trim the lash to your eye shape. These lashes are made long, so they can be trimmed to fit any eye shape. Too-long lashes will make your eyes appear smaller! Hold the lash up to your eyelid, and then gently trim from the outer corner of the lash. Lilly has introduced some custom-designed lash scissors to her range; these hand-sharpened matte black scissors are curved to perfectly trim false lashes whilst maintaining the natural curve.
  4. Wait 60 seconds for the glue to become tacky. Many false lash users don’t know about this! Applying lashes right after applying your lash adhesive will ruin your makeup and create a sticky mess! Lilly advises waiting at least 60 seconds before applying lashes to your eyelids for the best results.
  5. Never get your lashes wet! Lilly Lashes are curled and styled to help you achieve a beautiful, wide-eyed look. Getting them wet is a big no-no. If you need to clean your lashes, use a clean and dry mascara spoolie to gently brush them. Never apply oil or any other types of makeup remover.

Other Lilly Lashes Products

As well as her gorgeous ranges of falsies, Lilly’s collection also features several other handy products designed to keep you at the top of your game when it comes to applying, removing, and storing your lashes.

Her innovative 2-in-1 Eye Liner & Lash Adhesive is a must-have for any makeup bag. This vegan friendly liner comes with a choice of black or clear, and when applied transforms into a tacky lash adhesive to make lash application a doddle. This will revolutionise your makeup routine!

If you’re a fan of regular lash glue, Lilly Lashes has you covered. Offering a brush-on lash glue in black or clear, Lilly Lashes glue ensures you get a seamless application every time. She has even designed a handy ‘Lash Rack’; the world’s first-ever lash drying tool! If you want to simplify eyelash application without getting yourself in a pickle, this is a must-have accessory for you. 

The lash rack is so simple, yet so effective! Each lash rack caters to one pair of lashes at a time, and it's ideal for holding your lashes while the glue goes tacky. In this case, Lilly really has thought of everything.

Lilly Lashes – The Brand

With so many flourishing businesses already, many people wanted to know what drove Lilly to create the brand.

“The short version is for myself!” she laughs. “At the time there were no lashes that gave you a really glamorous, beautiful feel that still looked natural. There were barely there, human-hair lashes, where you would put them on and it looked like nothing had changed, so you would have to put on two or three pairs of them before you got a noticeable difference; and then there were dramatic, synthetic lashes that looked like they belonged with your Halloween costume!”

Lilly saw a gap in the market. She felt that there were no in-between lash designs, which catered to those who wanted to accentuate their natural lash look, to style with their makeup and still look really natural. There was also no variety of lash styles. “I change my makeup and my style all the time.” She says. “There was nothing on the market that allowed me to treat my lashes just like I treat the rest of my makeup.”

The beauty entrepreneur created Lilly Lashes to cater to her own needs, but as it turned out, there were millions of other women that were looking for the same thing themselves.

“Lilly Lashes was founded to bring lashes into the everyday makeup world!”

Lilly believes that Lilly Lashes are suitable for everyone, and we wholeheartedly agree! With so many stunning designs to choose from, there is a lash style to suit all eye shapes. Whether you are looking for a subtle and delicate style you can wear every day, or a bolder, voluminous set similar to Russian Lash Extensions, Lilly Lashes cater to anyone who wants to enhance their natural lash look.

Why just take our word for it, when you can read just how much people LOVE Lilly Lashes:

I love these really flirty looking and glamorous lashes for any occasion I think day or night! Jade referring to Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes in style Doha

I love these lashes must have purchased them over 50 times, my go to lashes!! Amber 

The lashes are easy to apply and easy to remove the glue with hands. We were on holiday so I didn't have access to everything to soften the lashes before I took the glue off. The lashes looked flawless and hardly any lashes haven't fallen out of the band itself.  Lovely lashes and really enjoyed this product, you get multiple uses out of them if handled carefully. Amber

If you are completely sold and just cannot wait to get your hands on a gorgeous pair of Lilly Lashes, then look no further! At, we have over 30 stunning styles to choose from, including some of Lilly’s most popular styles which have been showcased by celebrities and influencers alike. And to show you how grateful we are, we are offering all of our valued customers FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more on any item on our website! Because who wants to pay for postage?!

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