Makeup Eraser

About Makeup Eraser

Introducing the latest piece of technology that is the MakeUp Eraser, that removes your makeup with water, like magic. Daniel McCarthy, the founder of the Original MakeUp Eraser came up with this idea while an accident occurred with a robe. One day, Lexi McCarthy (Daniel’s wife) rubbed her wet face with the robe and it had almost completely removed all her makeup, and soon it was part of her makeup removal routine. It has become a hit in the American beauty industry and now has made it’s place in the UK beauty market. We now proudly stock the entire range here at!

The MakeUp Eraser is reusable and made of ultra fine micro fibre. It has been expertly designed to effectively remove all kinds of makeup, such as deep red lipstick, glitter, heavy foundation, liquid eyeliner down to waterproof mascara. Offering a chemical free alternative to makeup wipes and removers, meaning it is less harsh to the skin and great for people with sensitive skin.

If you’re wondering how to clean your MakeUp Eraser, all you have to do is put it in the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry and let the machine do the work. There is no special detergent needed, and to top it all off, the cloth will last 100’s of washes and is proven to last 3-5 years! Not only is this magic cloth cost efficient, it lessens your environmental impact and saves you hundreds of pounds in comparison to using other makeup removers and cleansers.

We now offer a wide selection of MakeUp Eraser products, including the original, mini travel sized cloths and the amazing Flamingo and Tropical cloth. Choose from an array of colours: black, pink, red, blue and purple. Buy your MakeUp Eraser with us and get it delivered to you within 1-3 working days with our FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK service. Why wait? Shop the Makeup Eraser collection, and place your order with us now!