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Buy Revlon Adhesive & Lashes

Buy Revlon Adhesive & Lashes

Founded in the US in 1932 by Brothers Charles and Joseph Revson, global cosmetics company Revlon has gradually become one of the best known cosmetics companies in the world. Their mission has remained the same throughout the years; provide glamour and excitement through their products whilst remaining at a reasonable and affordable price. Based in New York City, the popular cosmetics company has a huge amount of products (including makeup, false eyelashes, nail polish and more) that are sold across six continents, in over 100 countries. Known as the world's number one long wear brand, its history has evidently shaped its success, and we are extremely proud to be an official stockist of their incredible lashes here at

Although Revlon is one of the most well-known lines, it also consists of other famous brands such as 'Almay Color Cosmetics', and 'Charlie fragrances'. Revlon shot to fame in the 1950’s, when they created the worlds most talked about beauty campaign advertising their 'Fire and Ice lipstick and nail enamel'. The campaign was so popular, due to the fact Revlon decided to feature regular American women in the advert, rather than making popular actresses and models dominate it. Their message being this – everyday women can still be extremely glamorous regardless of their occupation or status. The 70's saw a wave in feminism, and Revlon took inspiration from this, reflecting women's progress through the development of their products. It was then that they introduced face and eye makeup to their line. The 1980's marked a period of transition, as the brand left department stores and went on to become one of the 'top mass-market beauty brands'.

It wasn't until the 1990's that arguably, their most well-known collection came to life; 'The Color Stay Collection.' Halle Berry was featured as the face of this line, enhancing the brands status within the beauty world. The 2000's offered an influence of the millennium, and it was at this point that makeup artist Gucci Westman brought the brand to a new level, as he was assigned as Revlon's Global Artist Director in April 2015. More recently, famous faces such as actress Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde have been recruited as brand ambassadors, reinforcing just how popular, and present this brand still is today.

As well as their large line of cosmetic products, Revlon are a top seller when it comes to all important false eyelashes. We offer a range of different styles, as well as multipacks, adhesives and individual lashes, meaning whatever you are looking for Revlon is sure to have it. With dramatic styles such as Revlon Runway Double Layer Lashes Extreme 2X Layer and more subtle, everyday falsies like style Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes Lengthening (91301), Revlon is a 'go to' lash brand, and with affordable prices as well as an incredible reputation, it is easy to see why Revlon are still as big as they are today. Revlon adhesive is particularly popular with our customers; it comes in dark or black tone and we also sell Revlon remover, to ensure a pain-free removal once you've worn your lashes. So what are you waiting for? Try some falsies from our unbeatable collection and shop in confidence that Revlon are renowned for their products, and are an extremely trusted name in the beauty world. Remember, every item here at comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK as standard!