Unicorn Lashes

We love Unicorn Cosmetics and their world-famous Unicorn Lashes styles! With over 20 amazing faux mink styles to choose from, including Russian style strip lashes, there's a pair of Unicorn Lashes for everyone and every occasion. Scroll down to start browsing the amazing Unicorn Cosmetics collection of false eyelashes now.

About Unicorn Lashes

Lash lover Mel Blue (she once had bright blue hair) - originally from Newcastle - struggled to find false eyelashes of a high quality that created an ultra glamorous, celebrity-style look.

A few years ago, much loved false eyelash brand Unicorn Lashes was launched, in order to attempt to fill the gap Mel felt was apparent in the beauty market. Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes is a fairly new name on the block, but don’t let that fool you. Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes are amongst the most popular lashes we stock, especially their Russian strip lash styles.

Unicorn Lashes have proven to be extremely popular and are a widely recognised name, and top choice for false lashes and makeup brushes and Unicorn Cosmetics on our site. 

Mel has sent lash fans crazy for Unicorn Lashes' stunning designs and quirky packaging, it can certainly be said that there is little like Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes on the market, making them a distinctly unique brand, whose imaginative collection has captured the hearts of many false lash enthusiasts.

Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes and Celebrities

Unicorn Lashes are even a hit with celebrities, as reality star Charlotte Crosby has been spotted sporting a pair, and Little Mix's Perrie Edward’s is said to be a regular wearer of bestselling style Raven.

What started off simply as Mel's personal eyelash vision, has become a complete success, which can particularly be seen through their social media presence with over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone – their fan base has certainly expanded rather quickly.

Mel has since grown Unicorn Lashes to Unicorn Cosmetics. Talk about success, she started off running her business by herself with her partner. She's now extended her team to four, by hiring her two best friends to help her out, what a dream.

Mel's goal is to add originality and creativity to the cosmetic industry, and it's quite clear that she is succeeding with her mission to make Unicorn Cosmetics a household name.

The Collection – Unicorn Lashes

With over 25 charming designs, there is plenty to choose from and we even stock top-selling styles in Bambi and Fluttershy, meaning you can be bang on trend with only the best false lashes around.

Made from high quality silk, as well as some premium 3D mink lashes too, Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes are luxurious, but also excellent value for money, as they can be reused up to 25 times if cared for carefully and correctly.

If you like a dramatic effect then opt for style Rebel Smoke whereas if you prefer a slightly softer, and subtle appearance, then we recommend medium length lashes in the Serene Dream style.

Whatever design catches your eye from the truly impressive collection, you are sure to stand out with these stunning Unicorn Lashes. The most recent addition to the Unicorn Lashes range is the Crystal Collection - which features six fab styles, all with crystal clear (aka invisible) bands.

These new styles are sure to be bestsellers, the clear band makes it even easier to achieve a seamless look once the Unicorn Lashes are applied. This makes them perfect for MUAs and those wearing false eyelashes on a day-to-day basis.

Mel Blue and Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes

Coming from a humble background, founder Mel Blue has successfully created a range of knock-out styles, consisting of high quality, and at reasonable prices, it's clear to see why this popular brand is fast becoming one of the UK's favourite choices for false eyelashes.

We are proud to be official stockists of the incredible Unicorn Lashes products. Each box contains one pair of lashes; glue is not included.

We recommend DUO adhesive for a safe, firm hold. Remember not to use mascara with your Unicorn Lashes - this can impact how many times you're able to wear them.

Unicorn Cosmetic Brushes

In addition to a huge range of popular false eyelashes, Unicorn Lashes is also responsible for the super popular Unicorn Brushes range. We're so pleased to announce that we stock the original Unicorn Brushes, as well as the 'Royale' sets, presented in Rose Gold, or Black & Rose Gold.

We absolutely love the Unicorn Brushes, there's nothing out there even remotely close. So if you want to add a little novelty to your makeup bag, you know what you've got to do! Decide which Unicorn Brushes you like the most - and buy them right now.

The four best-selling lines have got to be all of the Unicorn 3D Faux Mink Lashes.

1. Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes - Honey Bee

A 3D design, with an ultra-curled, winged-out effect, consisting of a layer of fine, fluffy lash strands which creates a very full and fluttery look.

If you want flutter, we have it. Faux-mink Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes Honey Bee gives your natural lashes length and volume while giving them a full, curled appearance.

The extended ends subtly accentuate your eyes, while the V-shaped clusters gently flare outwards for an eye-opening boost. The ideal lash style for every occasion - Honey Bee is perfect.

2. Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes - Bubble Pop

A soft lash that consists of spaced out clusters, providing a thick, volumised, fluffy multi-layered appearance.

If you’re into fluffy, then look no further than the brand-new, 3D Faux Mink Unicorn Lashes style Bubble Pop for immaculate definition and a full, fluttery finish. This flared pattern offers a thick, textured volume and a fluffy, multi-layered appearance.

It is softly divided into spaced-out clusters. These gorgeous lashes, which are made from high-quality faux mink hair and have a graded length that is ultra-glam, instantly change the way you look and provide luxury to meet any budget.

3. Unicorn Lashes - Hot Right Now

Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes - Hot Right Now is exactly what it says in the name, HOT right now. Here’s the lowdown.

Unicorn Cosmetics offers a set of vegan lashes that are incredibly long and fluffy lashes with loads of slaying potential.

All lash aficionados will be astounded by Unicorn Cosmetics 3D Faux Mink Lashes in style Hot Right Now since they can instantly give drama to any makeup look.

4. Unicorn Cosmetic Lashes - 3D Mink Lashes - Baby

Baby, baby, these Unicorn Cosmetics Eyelashes in Baby are child's play. Once applied, the Baby has a soft, winged lash appearance.

Ponytail lashes Wispy clusters of various lengths have been lovingly handcrafted into Baby eyelashes. The 'gappy' look produced by these wispy lash clusters are what makes Baby rock.

The uniformly distributed lashes that are throughout the lash band, nicely emphasises the shape of your eyes.

Applying Unicorn Lashes – Like A Boss

You might be opting for a lengthier look, and boy do we know how tricky these can get. Or maybe you are just having a bad lash day, “Why won’t my glue stick?”

The time it takes to apply Unicorn Cosmetics eyelashes can sometimes feel like torture, and the last thing you want is for your day/night to get off to a bad start.

Luckily for you, we’ve asked the experts for some advice, so that you can slay and shantay – no need to sashay away, darling.

For those budding lash queens who are just at the start of their Unicorn Cosmetics journey, just follow these easy steps and you’ll be fluttering your Unicorn eyelashes in no time at all.

We’ve listened to the founder of Unicorn Lashes, Mel Blue, and so this guide is designed specifically for those wanting to apply Unicorn Lashes like a pro.

1. Unicorn Lashes - Preparations

First things first, you need to grab all your tools to get on with the task at hand. You’ll need a stunning set of Unicorn lashes.

In addition to this, you’ll need some  lash curlers, lash glue and something to trim your falsies – for the perfect fit. Add a little mascara to your natural lashes, so that they can blend with your saucy falsies.

2. Tailor-Made Fit

Just like your clothes, you’ll need to make sure your falsies fit just fine. Tailor your Unicorn eyelashes so they are perfect JUST FOR YOU - like you would with a new dress, or a new pair of sexy heels.

Remove your lashes from the tray, in a peeling motion. Now you can hold your false eyelash up to your eye.

Get it as close as physically possible to your natural lashes, but avoid the inner eye if possible. To prevent any irritation or discomfort, trim your lashes a tad shorter than you had planned.

Top Tip: For a cat eye effect, you can easily cut a few sections, thus resulting in a desirable winged effect.

3. Bring On The Glue

Your Unicorn eyelashes are perfectly measured, and you want them to stick. All you need to do now is complete your last step, and you’ll be ready for a night on the tiles.

Trace the lash band gently with your glue/adhesive stick/wand, this way you will apply an even layer. We would recommend moving from tip to tip, starting from the inner of the eyelash.

However, the side you choose will depend on you and your eye shape. For a little bit of extra stick, pop a little bit more glue in the inner corner, or dip your eyeliner stick in adhesive and run it over your lash lines, just to make sure it doesn’t budge.

Next, you’ll need to wait, certainly not any longer than 1 minute. This will help the glue/adhesive to get tacky and in turn, it will stick better.

Once you notice the glue becoming tacky, you can then place your desired lash on the very centre of your eye. After this, take the two most outer edges of your falsie, and just stick ‘em down. You did it! Well done.

So now it’s time to celebrate, and maybe even do a little booty shake, whatever you feel like, you are looking gorgeous, and you’re ready to GO, GO, GO Girl!

4. Last Step

Press the lash band down gently, just so they fit perfectly into your natural lashes.

That’s about it - Now do your hair-toss, and throw your shoes on – You are ready to go gorgeous!

Since the dawn of fashion, longer eyelashes have always been seen as attractive. It might be because when people age, their eyelashes tend to recede somewhat. Back in Ancient Rome, a famous philosopher remarked on eyelashes, stating that not only were they a true symbol of youth, but a sign of good character too.

Whilst Roman women were fans of eyeliner, just like us, it doesn’t work too well when you want to extend your lashes. This is probably why in the late 19th century, long eyelash treatments took off like wildfire, both for men and women, it seems.

The History of False Eyelashes

The procedure often meant removing carefully selected hairs from your head, and sewing them onto your natural lashes, OUCH, right? Fortunately for us falsie fans, those days are gone, but how interesting. Read more about the history of false lashes in our blog.

In 1911, a lady named Anna Taylor decided to patent the invention, even though false eyelashes had been around for a lot longer! Just a few years later, in 1916, false eyelashes took the film industry by storm.

Up until then, they hadn’t been used very regularly. Film Director, D.W. Griffith was adamant that his leading lady Seena Owen, needed to have her eyelashes so long that they were brushing her cheeks when she blinked.

Griffiths proceeded to request the help of a wig-maker, who then glued the lashes on (via the use of spirit gum). Although this material is hardly used anymore, it did have its spot in the limelight for those wanting fake wigs/beards on Halloween for a few decades.

It was certainly not a material that was generally used for eyelids, and a co-star of the movie legend remarked, saying " One morning, Seena arrived at the studio with her eyes swollen nearly shut."

By the swinging 20s, falsies were a hit with most actresses. Some had even commented, saying that they helped prevent the glare (from the stage lights/film lights).

Naturally, what grew famous on the street moved to the screen and then back to the street, but tenfold. Since then, False Eyelashes have certainly become a lot more comfortable.

We are certain Seena Owen would have been thankful if all of these easy to apply (spirit gum-free) lashes were around when she was making her big debut!

Whilst we can’t go back in time, we can offer you our favourite and totally comfortable tear free falsies. Just take a look at our online store.

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