Eyelash Extensions - Creating The Perfect Set For Any Occasion

Professional lash extensions are the next big thing and here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we are way ahead of the game. Providing you with nothing but the best, we now stock elite lash extension brands such as the award winning Eyelash Emporium and Salon Systems answer for professional eyelash extensions, Marvelash. Whether you’re opting for a simple yet elegant set of classic eyelash extensions or going all out with a glam set of russian lash extensions, we are always here to offer our knowledge on everything lashes!

What supplies should I be using?

This completely depends on what style of lash extensions you will be applying for your clients but we have put together a little list of all of our favourite ‘must haves’ in order to apply your lash extensions with ease.

First things first, prep is precious! No matter what style of lash extensions you are planning you need to prep to ensure a long lasting set. Making sure your client is comfortable, you can begin the cleansing process. We recommend the Eyelash Emporium Off Camera Lash Cleanse Set. An easy to use bottle of cleansing solution that even comes with your own mini brush.

Once prep is over, make sure your clients lashes are completely dry and rid of any residue. The list below is all of the essentials you will need in order to apply ANY set of lash extensions!

  • Micropore tape
  • Eye patches
  • Primer
  • Tweezers (both pointed and straight, until you find a preference)
  • Fibre mascara wands
  • Professional eyelash extension glue

Just a little side note, you will also need to purchase a remover and other supplies as part of your lash extension kit! We suggest using the Eyelash Emporium Re-edit Whipped Adhesive Remover and Marvelash Micro Applicators for Lash Extensions for an easy removal process.

So, what lashes should I be using for different styles of lash extensions?

Don’t worry, we get it, there are different styles and different eye shapes to think about here. So we have gone ahead and put together a list of our lash extension must haves for all three styles of lash extensions Oh yes, all three! Classics, Hybrids and Russians! Go ahead, have a read.


Classic lash extensions will give you a natural yet elevated lash look. We suggest using a mixture of B and C curl lash extensions, both of these will give you a natural finish but will still add definition to your clients eye. Depending on what length and style the client would opt for we are loving the Marvelash C Curl Lashes 0.20 Volume Ellipse, Assorted Length (9, 11, 13, 15mm) and Marvelash B Curl Lashes 0.07 Extra Fine Mink Style, Assorted Length (8, 9, 10, 11, 12mm).


Making sure you have a delicate balance of dramatic fans and simple classic lashes is the key to a successful set of hybrids. We suggest using the Eyelash Emporium Mink Effect C Curls 0.20 & 0.25 Mixed Lengths (7mm-13mm)

If you prefer using pre-made fans, we also stock a selection of the best in the biz! Here are some of our favourites, Eyelash Emporium 3D C Curls Pre-Made Fans 0.07 Mixed Lengths (9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm) and Eyelash Emporium 4D C Curls Pre-Made Fans 0.07 Mixed Lengths (9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm).


The best sets of russian lash extensions are made with endless drama and full volume. We suggest using Eyelash Emporium Mink Effect D Curls 0.10 & 0.12 Mixed Lengths (7mm-13mm) or if you fancy using a set of pre made fans, opt for the Eyelash Emporium 6D D Curls Pre-Made Fans 0.07 Mixed Lengths (9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm)

We also stock a handy russian lash extension kit with everything you need to create a stunning set of russian lash extensions just to give you an extra helping hand.

So, which style of lash extensions is right for my client?

Different sets of lash extensions definitely give you a different impression of someone. Eyelash Extensions can frame someone's face and having the right set for the right event can be crucial!

Classic lashes thrive in a simple and subtle event such as an everyday look. These lashes look natural on the eye but can make your eyes pop with or without makeup.

Hybrids are here for you gals who want to feel fierce on the daily but haven't quite taken the leap to a full glam look yet.

Russians are for those of you who are ready to take life head on. No ifs or buts but you’re ready from the get go. Full of drama and oozing sass - if your client is wanting a red carpet look, russian lashes are the way forward!