Lash Points Loyalty Scheme

Earn Lash Points at

For every £1 you spend, you'll receive up to five Lash Points. Lash Points can be redeemed against your future purchases here at Lash Points are our way of rewarding our loyal customers, we love you guys!

Click here to create an account now - or click here to login to your account in order to see your current Lash Points balance.

How does it work?

For every £1 you spend at, you can earn up to five Lash Points. Be sure to create a store account in order to start collecting Lash Points now! 

You can also earn Lash Points by referring a friend. When your friend creates an account and places an order, you will receive 200 Lash Points (and your friend will receive a 10% off voucher code.)

We also offer bonus Lash Points for Facebook and Twitter shares, as well as follows and likes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These opportunities are available through your Lash Points dashboard.

VIP Tiers

We have three VIP tiers:

  • Rose - a lifetime spend* of between £0 and £249.99 will see you land in the Rose tier, where every £1 you spend with us will earn you 1 Lash Point
  • Gold - a lifetime spend* of between £250 and £999.99 will get you Gold status, with Gold you earn 2 Lash Points for every £1 spent
  • Platinum - a lifetime spend* of £1000+ is enough to get you Platinum status, with Platinum you earn a huge 5 Lash Points for every £1 you spend with us

Lash Point redemption tiers:

  • £5 off - requires 500 Lash Points
  • £10 off - requires 1000 Lash Points
  • £25 off - requires 2500 Lash Points
  • £50 off - requires 5000 Lash Points

To redeem your Lash Points, be sure to stay logged into your account. When on the checkout page, you can select the points you'd like to redeem (if applicable). Lash Points can only be redeemed when the above tiers have been met.

For example:

If you have 575 Lash Points, you can redeem 500 Lash Points and take £5 off your order - a balance of 75 Lash Points will remain on your account.

If you have 3100 Lash Points, you can redeem 2500 Lash Points and take £25 off your order - a balance of 600 Lash Points will remain on your account.

the small print:

Lash Points can only be collected on orders placed after 6pm on 8th January 2018. Orders placed before this time are not eligible to accrue Lash Points.

*'lifetime spend' refers to total spend, after 6pm on 8th January 2018. Orders placed before this time are not counted towards 'lifetime spend' metrics.

Orders placed on guest checkout will not accrue Lash Points.

To prevent abuse of our referrals program, where we suspect a customer has created multiple accounts, or ordered under a different name/email address to the same delivery address, we reserve the right to decline or remove any referral Lash Points earned.