Modernised Famous Portraits With Current Beauty Trends


Have you ever imagined what famous portraits would look like today, if they were kept up to date with the current beauty trends?

Well, our beauty experts and designers have combined the two, bringing these imaginations to life! From lip filler to daring eyeliner right through to false eyelashes (of course). It's fair to say that some of the women definitely suit the latest beauty trends!

Modernised Famous Portraits With Current Beauty Trends

Mona Lisa 

Mona Lisa (before and after)

(Before and after)

We’ve reimagined The Mona Lisa to have a more prominent jaw line and enhanced cheek bones, all thanks to the use of contouring and highlighter. She’s been given tanned skin, thicker, defined brows and a well contoured nose, alongside bright pink lips and a soft necklace with the classic M initial on!

Mona’s false lashes are inspired by the Ardell Wispies.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring (before and after)

(Before and after)

The Girl with a Pearl Earring portrait has been recreated with a more glam look; fake tan, a bling earring and a silver nose stud to complement her face. We’ve also imagined her to follow the trend of having her eyebrows micro bladed, largely for more definition and visibility, along with bigger, more prominent lips.

Her eyelashes are inspired by the Kiss Magnetic Eyelashes & Lash kit.

American Gothic

American Gothic (before and after)

(Before and after)

The lady in the American Gothic piece of artwork has been modernised to be exactly that - a little more gothic. We’ve given her thicker lips (drawn on for a fuller effect), and a more defined cupids bow; accentuated with a splash of dark purple lipstick. Her make-up is more full-coverage, with heavy foundation and blusher to add a touch more colour to her skin.

Her false eyelashes are inspired by the Red Cherry Demi Lashes (Jane).

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn (before and after)

(Before and after)

Anne Boleyn has been modernised with higher, more prominent cheek bones to draw attention to the top of her face alongside her laminated eyebrows, whilst a brighter lip colour with a touch of lip filler helps complete her look. She’s also been given a daring septum piercing to add to her clear love for jewellery.

Anne’s eyelashes are inspired by the Boldface Lashes Star Power.

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon (before and after)

(Before and after)

Here, Catherine of Aragon has been given a thinner, more defined facial structure. There is an element of bronzer on her cheek bones and forehead, with darker eyeshadow to make her eyes pop and a peachy lip to complement her skin tone. When it comes to her brows, we have kept them thin but more defined - as though she has gone over them herself with an eyebrow pencil darker than her usual shade.

Catherine’s eyelashes are inspired by Eylure Fluttery Light lashes.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo (before and after)

(Before and after)

Frida Kahlo has been reimagined without her monobrow, as so many women are keen on eyebrow perfection these days! However, her brows themselves remain thick, daring and noticeable - a key trait of Frida’s. Adding to the allure, she has been given a dramatic swoosh of winged eyeliner and even thicker lips than the ones she already has. The addition of highlighter across her cheekbones helps to fade out the redness in her cheeks.

Frida’s eyelashes are inspired by the Taylor Doll Beauty lashes.