Nail Kits

We stock a great range of nail kits by Kiss, W7 and more top nail brands! If you want to keep your nails looking salon perfect, you won't go wrong with one of our nail kits. From French false nail styles, through to acrylic tips, we have a number of great kits meaning there's something for everyone.

About Nail Kits

Why do people choose to wear false nails?

There are a whole number of reasons why people may choose to wear false nails, including dissatisfaction with natural nails or just an aspiration to upgrade overall appearance. Typically, many women choose to wear false nails when they are attending a special occasion, however with false nail kits offering all shapes and sizes, there are products suitable for day to day use.

And not to leave anybody out, did you know that an increasing number of men are looking to enhance their hands by opting for acrylic nails?

What are the different types of false nails?


Possibly the most popular of all false nails. Acrylic nails are named after the acrylic brush which is used to apply the polymer and monomer mixture.

Gel Nail

Gel Nails use a similar mixture to acrylic nails, but this is then “set” under a UV light. Some nail technicians will brush the gel over the nails, whilst others use a spray. Gel nails can also be achieved using false nail kits.

Wrap Nails

These types of nails are favoured by those who prefer a natural looking nail. Created from fine materials including silk and linen, these nails are generally shorter in length.


A winning combination of gel and traditional nail polishes.

Press on False Nails

Potentially the most efficient in terms of cost and time. Press on false nails can also be applied with a special protective barrier product, which limits damage to your own nails.

How do I apply false nails at home?

False nail kits are very affordable, instantly adding sophistication to your appearance. To ensure your nails are looking in pristine condition, follow our guide for applying press on false nails.

If you are worried about your artistic talents, don’t be. Brush on gel false nail kits potentially do require a little more skill and a steady hand. Press on nails make the job far easier. However, to ensure the finished look is of a salon standard, we have a few tips and tricks to help.

Size Does Matter

If this is your first time experimenting with false nails, you need to think about size. Many false nail kits will provide you with a range of different sizes, ensuring you can find a good fit which looks natural. Look at brands such as Kiss or Nail Addict.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare To Fail

It may seem pretty obvious, but before opening your false nail kit, you need to prep your natural nails. It is basic stuff, clean hands, remove any remnants of nail polish, shape, and file and push back the cuticles.


When applying your new false nails, you need to use just the right amount of glue and allow time for it to bond. Apply a small dot of glue to your own nail and do the same on the false nail. Firmly hold in place for about 20 seconds.


Many false nail products are designed to last for between 7 - 10 days. False nails are notoriously strong and durable, however if daily activities are strenuous, you could still cause a nail to break or split. Checking in on your false nails on a daily basis will ensure they are longer lasting. Purchase a nail file with a grit which is abrasive enough to deal with false nails.


You need to remove your false nails properly. Ripping randomly at your false nails will cause damage to your natural nail. Read the guidance for removal, which usually involves soaking in a product which contains acetone.

Nurtured Nails

And finally, show your own nail some love. Once you have carefully removed your false nails, don’t forget to moisturise your own nails and give them just a little TLC.

Product Focus

We have scoured the internet to bring you our own best of breed false nail kits. See our top picks below.

Kiss False Nails Brush On Gel Nail Kit

If you prefer gel nails but don’t want to pay salon prices, this false nail kit provides you with everything you need for a winning French manicure. Simply apply the tip before brushing the glue and gel activator across the nail. The nails are specially formulated, so you won’t require a UV light to set the gel. The package also includes nail file and cuticle stick.

Kiss False Nails French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

Are you up for a challenge? Why not create your own acrylic nails at home. For the price of just £11.49, this false nail kit gives you two complete manicures. The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. Great for special occasions or just day-to-day wear.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Metallic Lilac Purple

Are you the type of person who likes to fast track their manicure? If applying multiple polishes and carefully arranging pretty decals is not your thing, then cheat! This beautiful product from Ardell Nails combines soft pink and lilac hues with intermittent glittery nails. The look can be customised to suit your preference and the nails can be applied in under ten minutes.

Invogue False Nails- Full Cover Square Nails

If you would like to create some fabulous nail art on square nails… these are your perfect blank canvas. Natural nails are frequently uneven and have ridges, which can detract from intricate nail art. This product from Invogue nails will provide a smooth base to begin your design.

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