Velour Lashes

We're proud to be an official stock of Velour Lashes! We currently stock the full range of Velour products, including the Velour magnetic lash range, the Vegan Luxe range, the Effortless range, and of course the Plant Fibre range. In addition to these super stylish lash choices, we also stock the full selection of Velour lash accessories, including lash glue, magnetic liner, curlers, scissors and so much more. If you're looking for a reliable, trustworthy and fast supplier of Velour Lashes then you've most certainly come to the right place! What's more, every order placed here at comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more (which means there's free delivery as standard on most of the Velour lash range!) Why shop anywhere else? Be sure to buy your Velour Lashes right here, right now.

About Velour Lashes

Meet Velour Lashes—the go-to brand for luxurious and fashionable false lashes. Created by Mabel Lee in 2011, Velour Lashes has become synonymous with high-end beauty products.

Velour Lashes believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the transformative power of false eyelashes. That's why Velour designed their range to provide a seamless and beginner-friendly experience, so anyone can feel confident applying their lashes.

Not only do they provide easy-to-use products, but Velour Lashes also have an innovative spirit that sets them apart from other lash brands. Constantly challenging the traditional false lash market, they strive to create products of superior quality that make wearing lashes fun.

Whether you're looking for bold, everyday glamour or something more extravagant for special occasions, Velour Lashes has you covered. With their luxurious designs and high-end quality lashes, they will help you take your beauty look to the next level.

Velour Lashes Endeavour to Inspire

Mable Lee and Velour were one of the first companies to offer the world 100% authentic faux mink lashes. In 2011, false eyelashes didn't exist in their current form. Velour Lashes lead the way, revolutionising the beauty industry with its innovative product range.

Today, their signature faux mink lashes are their most popular items, offering a light and natural look that adds just enough flair to any eye makeup look. In addition to classic faux mink designs, they offer vegan-friendly synthetic lashes for animal cruelty-free options.

The Velour Beauty Collection features various styles, from long and dramatic to colourful and fun. Whatever your preference, you'll find the perfect set of lashes in their extensive collection.

Velour Lashes Lead the Way with an Innovative Culture

Velour Lashes continues to push the boundaries of beauty, creating revolutionary products that empower everyone to enjoy their look. They use the latest technologies and processes to ensure each set of lashes is made with quality materials.

Their commitment to inspiring their customers doesn't stop there; they constantly work to create new and innovative Beauty collections. Whether it's a new line of magnetic and synthetic lashes or a range of eye-catching accessories, you'll always find something new at Velour Lashes.

Discover the Lash Revolution with Velour Lashes

We love Velour Lashes, but don't take our word for it. Many big celebrity names, such as Beyoncé, Meghan Markle and Demi Lovato, wear Velour Lashes. So if they're good enough for Hollywood stars, they're definitely good enough for us!

Velour makes gorgeous magnetic lashes, plant fibre and vegan luxe lashes, and they don't stop there. Natural mink and hand-crafted premium lashes are also part of their extensive range.

So if you're ready to join the lash revolution, Velour Lashes is ready for you. With their advanced technology and quality materials, they'll help you create glamorous looks that will change how you feel about false eyelashes. Whether it's a parred-down look or something more daring, Velour Lashes have the perfect set of lashes to enhance your beauty and express your unique style.

With Velour Comfort is Key

Celebrities might love Velour Lashes, but what about the everyday person? Velour Lashes have you covered. Their range of lashes features a super-comfy-thin lash band made from infused cotton to aid simple application and congenial fit every time.

Plus, they are almost undetectable on your eye line, creating a natural look that will appear natural and fit in so well with your life, you'll forget you're wearing them.

What Other Products Can you Buy from Velour Beauty?

We adore the extensive range of Velour Lashes, but they also make oil-free makeup removers, vegan eyebrow pencils, peptide-infused mascara and lash adhesive and false eyelash kits. The bright red makeup bags with the Effortless Kits are beautifully designed and perfect for taking away with you.

Stunning packaging, a vegan and cruelty-free product, style, and substance have never been so important.

Velour Lashes for Life

At Velour Lashes, they want you to feel beautiful and confident in your skin. Their cruelty-free and chemical-free products will help you achieve this while protecting the environment. So why not enhance your look with Velour Lashes today and join the lash revolution? Here at FalseEyelashes, we are delighted to be teamed up with Velour Beauty Lashes as their UK distributor—kind to your eyes and the environment. With Velour Lashes, you will look effortlessly beautiful—for life!