Coloured Lashes

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About Coloured Lashes

Check out this selection of lashes for that splash of colour! Choosing coloured lashes is a daring and lovely way to give your lash sets more flair and creativity. We wanted to provide you with various styles and colours because these lashes are currently killing it on the socials.

What is the definition of coloured lashes?

Colour strip lashes are a type of false eyelash that the manufacturer has dyed a specific colour to add extra drama and glamour to your look. They can be made from either natural or synthetic fibres and come in various shapes, lengths, and thicknesses to create different effects.

Coloured lashes are generally used with clear lash extensions and clear adhesive to bring out their bright hues, but they can also be worn alone as individual strips or clusters.

What are coloured lashes made of?

Colour strip Lashes usually contain mink fur, faux mink, silk, or synthetic materials. Mink fur is one of the most popular choices because it’s lightweight yet durable enough to give dramatic results.

Faux mink is a synthetic fibre alternative that’s more affordable and still provides a realistic look. Silk lashes are slightly thicker than mink but still lightweight, while synthetic materials offer a wide range of colours and styles.

We prefer synthetic fibres as they are vegan and generally hypoallergenic, but coloured lashes come in all shapes and sizes, and the choice is yours.

What gives coloured lashes their colour?

Coloured Lashes get their hues from different colours of dye applied to the lash fibres during production. These dyes come in various shades, including classic black, brown, blue, and rainbow-coloured varieties.

This dye can be either natural or synthetic, depending on the type of fibre used for the lash extensions. Most companies use non-toxic dyes, so there won’t be any risks of irritation or allergic reactions.

Some brands also use heat tools to achieve a unique blend of colour between two tones for an even brighter effect.

Why choose coloured lashes?

Coloured Lashes provide the perfect opportunity to add flair and fun to your makeup looks. These bright hues are sure to turn heads whether you use them as lash extensions, clusters, or strips.

They’re also great for special occasions such as fancy dress parties or when you want to look different from everyone else. So why not give coloured lashes a go - mix it up, and who knows what could happen?

Who makes the best coloured lashes?

Here at, we stock some of the best brands for all types of lashes, including coloured ones. We have something for everyone with Kiss, Ardell, Eylure, Eyelash Emporium, Bold Face and Bliss Lashes, all providing different styles and colours.

Eylure offers a fantastic range of coloured strips in gorgeous tones, such as warm corals and blues, that will make your eyes stand out. Ardell, in their colour impact range, and Kiss have a wide variety of clusters, from classic black to rainbow-coloured sets, creating an intense look perfect for any occasion.

Eyelash Emporium’s coloured lash extensions are ideal if you want something subtle yet noticeable to complete your makeup look. Finally, Bold Face and Bliss Lashes give you beautiful strip lashes that add colour and volume for a show-stopping effect.

So no matter what type of coloured lashes you’re after, we guarantee there is something here at False Eyelashes that can take your looks up a notch. Why not try them out today? Don’t forget to post your creations using the hashtag #welovelashes.

How do I choose strip lashes?

When you are choosing strip lashes, you should decide whether you want to achieve a dramatic look or something less bold. Coloured strip lashes are ideal if you want your eyes to stand out.

Check out our Lash Education blogs to help decide which lashes to choose, including choosing the right lashes to suit your eye shape.

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