Pastel False Nails

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About Pastel False Nails

Have you tried pastel false nails yet?

Our obsession with pastel colours never seems to wane and each Spring, regardless of what is happening on the catwalks, pastels will make an expected appearance in jumpers, skirts, and accessories from hats, to bags and even pastel false nails.

At times, the current world can seem like it is descending into chaos. Let’s not forget that we have just been through a global pandemic, and now the cost of living crisis is set to bite. So it is hardly surprising that we look for things which calm and soothe the soul. This is where the power of pastels comes in to play.

Which is your go to pastel colour?

Pastel Yellow

Across the board, yellow is a positive colour, however in the brightest of tones, it can be a little attention grabby and in your face. Tone yellow down to a pastel shade and enjoy all the good feels of fun and optimism, without risking an overload.

Pastel Pink

This colour is synonymous with the birth of baby girls. And whilst it is now a colour equally claimed by both genders, pastel pink is still a very feminine shade. Deeper shades of pastel pink can add a touch of mystery, with undertones of purple recreating the vibe of a tropical sunset.

Pastel Blue

Excuse the cliché, but at a gender reveal for a boy, this is the colour we would expect to see coming from the smoke bomb. Pastel Blue is just so pretty, it is the colour of the sky and represents purity and innocence. And if a pastel blue is deepened a little, it can provide a professional but friendly feeling.

Pastel Peach

How could you not love this colour? It is the very epitome of positive energy and rejuvenation. It also works well as a partner to all the other pastel shades.

Pastel Orange

Pastel Orange allows us to revel in all the benefits of the colour, without fear of being overpowered. The shade offers warmth, happiness and a youthful glow.

Pastel Purple

Pastel Purple almost sounds like a contradiction. The colour seems more powerful than pastel. However, lavenders and lilacs are wonderfully calming whilst also retaining characteristics related to prosperity and wealth.

Pastel Green

Nature, tranquillity, life, good energy… that is why geniuses pick green.

How to style your pastel false nails

Ombre Pastel

If block shades of pastel colour won’t really work with your chosen outfit, opt for an ombre finish. The nude base finished with a touch of colour makes the look a little more mature. However, if you want to stay the right side of girlish, paint each nail a different shade of pastel!

Matte Pastel

A matte finish just exudes an affluent charm. This look works best with a variety of yellow pastel shades, ranging from oyster to oat. The key to an excellent matte finish is coverage, and this can be hard to achieve with nail polish alone, so perhaps consider purchasing pastel false nails.

Pick Your Favourite

Most of us will have a favourite go to pastel hue, and it is totally on trend to pick one shade and just do that. And if that feels a little basic, you can always switch up the style by using different lengths of nail. Quirky but fun.

Don’t try this at home…

Tye dye and pastel nails with a marble finish are currently a thing. Undeniably, it looks good. However, it is rather a complex look to achieve, so either opt for assistance at a nail bar or make it easy on yourself with pastel false nails.

Which pastel false nails product will you purchase?

Nail HQ False Nails Long Coffin - Pastel Tips

If you like the idea of pastel false nails but worry that the style might not be strong enough for your personality, these long coffin pastel tips from nail HQ are about to change your mind. Your look will benefit from the uplifting yellow and calming green hues, but the lengthy nails will also make sure you can be seen. Equally, fabulous on and off duty.

Nail HQ False Nails Long Coffin - Mixed Pastels

Are you attending a wedding this summer? Have you ticked off all the necessary items, outfit, hair, bag… new false nails? These long pastel coloured nails will complement many shades of wedding attire, providing a professional salon finish without the price tag.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Pastel Twist

Pastel Twist! Does this sound like your favourite summer lollipop or ice cream? Aptly named, these pastel false nails from Sosu certainly give off fun summer vibes. The product combines two of the best nail trends, nude beds with a twist of colour. Versatile and stylish, with an extreme gloss finish for extra appeal.

Can pastel false nails work in winter?

Pastel shades are continually thought of as colours for spring into summer. As the seasons change, we become all starry eyed about warmer colours such as mulled wines, pumpkin spiced orange and emerald greens.

Fashion often takes cues from nature. The sun, the sea, the falling leaves and maybe just a touch of frost. And there is no reason why pastels cannot work in colder months.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get your pastel false nails looking just right for winter.

Dial It Down

If your favourite pastel in summer was lilac, then pair that shade with a deeper hue, such as plum. You can mix the shades across your manicure for a warm look which still plays with pastels.

Go Brown

A rich brown colour works alongside almost all pastel shades. It brings depth to your look and adds a richness which is perfect for winter.

Party Season

As we head towards the party season, we tend to reach for the sparkle. Silvery sparkles and golden glitters pair particularly well with pastel blues and muted shades of pink.