Professional Accessories

From sponge applicators to lash mirrors, from hand palettes to lash tape, we stock a huge selection of lash tech essentials right here at! We carry a huge collection of lash pro products by Ardell, Eyelash Emporium, Salon System and other top brands. If you need professional lash accessories for your kit then look no further, because we've got you covered.

About Professional Accessories

Lash technicians are an artistic breed, and the good ones are always in demand. If you want to become a professional lash technician or update your professional kit, professional lash accessories can help you create beautiful, long-lasting false eyelash sets for your clients.

Professional lash techs use various tools and products to achieve different looks and effects with extensions. From eyelash adhesives to professional tweezers, professional lash techs have access to the best tools on the market. Lash tech accessories help you pick up and hold individual lashes, enabling you to create subtle or dramatic looks for your clients.

Wholesale Packages

Lash accessories wholesale packages can be great value for money if you're building a professional kit from scratch. Wholesale lash accessories like professional under-eye gel patches, eyelash adhesives, and brushes can help you save money while ensuring that every item in your professional kit is of the highest quality.

A wide range of stylish apparel options is available for professional lash technicians who want to look smart and professional. Lash technician uniforms such as smocks, professional aprons, and scrubs are all great options for keeping your professional kit organized and professional-looking.

Professional Scrubs

Scrubs are also a great option to keep your professional clothes clean while you work. These days scrubs don't look like some out of Grey's Anatomy; they're more like a smart uniform that helps to keep you and your clients clean and safe.

You can only buy professional-grade products if you’re a qualified lash technician, but if you’re an aspiring technician, we sell fabulous products for those starting out – check out the professional range.


What do professional lash techs use?

Lash tech uses professional-grade products, which are not for general use because of their professional-grade ingredients that require knowledge and skill that comes with the comprehensive training technicians sign up too.

What does every lash tech need?

A lash technicians use all the tools of their trade and more. A starter kit will likely include the following: professional lash adhesive, professional tweezers, professional scissors, professional brushes, professional cleanser and remover.

Should lash techs wear scrubs?

Yes, professional lash techs should wear professional attire that is both functional and professional-looking. Scrubs are becoming increasingly popular as attire for lash techs because they provide a professional look and keep your professional clothes clean while you work.