Patterned False Nails

Patterned false nails are a great way to bring a little colour and style to your talons, without visiting a salon or paying for your nail tech to visit. Being able to pop them on and take them off at your leisure makes false nails super convenient for most people. Scroll down to see the patterned false nails we have in stock by Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss and SOSU.

About Patterned False Nails

Where do you take nail art inspiration from? Is it your beautician, a fashion magazine, or is it from Instagram? Most likely, you answered with the latter choice. Nails are big news when it comes to Instagram. We used to crave the next trend, only when the seasoned changed. These days we are on the constant hunt for newness. We want to know which nails are hot this week. Is it glitter nails, chrome or patterned nails that we should be sporting?

Patterned nails have certainly been having a moment. The creativity is astonishing. There are a wide range of patterned nails which send coveted Instagram “likes” skywards, including intricate floral designs, flower crowns, swirls, and waves. So, which patterned nails are you ready to try this week?

Why Are We Attracted To Patterns?

Humans have an instinct to recognise patterns in nature, potentially an inherited characteristic which is designed to keep us safe from danger. Patterns give us information which we use to influence decision. And this is no different when it comes to pattern on the catwalk.

There are key patterns in fashion which tend to come about in cycles. Choosing to select patterns as part of your outfit can give off specific vibes which others interpret. So what would your chosen pattern say about you?


Stripes worn vertically, as part of a formal suit, are particularly conservative and part of accepted office wear. It says you are serious, professional, and ready for business.

Animal Prints

Leopard print, tiger stripes or zebra. These prints come around year after year and throughout the seasons. Those wanting to be intentionally bold will opt for large print in dresses or coats. Animal print can be equally eye catching when worn as accessories such as handbags, scarves and patterned nails.

Floral Patterns

Patterns with flowers are a spring time favourite, especially wearable during festival times. Yet whilst we might think of daisy chains or pretty roses as delicate patterns, larger flower prints can be bold and ensure your look also demonstrates confidence.

Geometric Prints

We find many geometric prints in nature. The honeycomb, scales of a fish and even the cells of our brains. The appeal is in the repetitive pattern, which is often made up of squares or triangles. For 2022 the geometric pattern has enjoyed a slight update with clean graphic lines being softened with freestyle waves or swirls.

Polka Dots

Big polka dots have been particularly popular for dresses this season, especially when paired with large collars. For something a little less… well dotty, opt for smaller polka patterns which look dainty and discreet.

How Will You Style Your Patterned Nails?

Go Retro

Take inspirations both in terms of colour and pattern from the hippy days of the late sixties into seventies. Think kaleidoscope patterns but with rounded edges. Don’t play it safe with pastel hues, dig a little deeper with tones of apricot and magenta. If your artistic talents are challenged, remember this is a freestyle exercise and each nail can take on a different pattern. Just go with the flow.

Double Tips

If you are not splashing the cash for a professional manicure makeover, but would like to try patterned nails, this is a fairly easy idea to replicate. As with a French manicure, you are concentrating on the tips of the nail. Decide on two colours and draw a thin line of each shade across the tip. You will need to ensure the first colour dries before applying the second. And if two colours are not enough… go for the treble.

Gingham Nails

Gingham is a pattern very much associated with the summery months. Swimwear and sundresses can often be found in pretty gingham patterns, perhaps taking inspiration from the traditional picnic blanket. It can be a tricky one to style, needing a steady hand and patience. If you really love these patterned nails but don’t have much time, why not try a false nail where all the hard work has already been done.

Product Focus

We love patterned nails, but do you really have that much time on your hands to spend applying polish? Or do you prefer to look good with a little less maintenance. So shop false patterned nails today.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Blush Geometric Crystals

The overall look of this mani combines longer length nails with a blush finish. This product also contains two varied geometric styled nails, adorned with crystal embellishment. The angular black lines criss-cross the nail, echoing Art Deco patterns. A beautiful manicure for a sophisticated evening clutching cocktails in a bar with a speakeasy style.

Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails Medium Length Daisy Daze

In recent times, we all seem to crave a little more individuality, styling things in a way that cannot be found on the high street. However, when it comes to patterned nails, you need two major skills. Patience and an artistic flair. If this does not sound like you, then these Daisy Daze nails with pretty flower patterns could be your best purchase. A very versatile nail, wearable for up to ten days.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Square Medium Length - Two Faced

These Picasso inspired nails will have people doing a double take. The look is both demure and intriguing. These nails are guaranteed to become a talking point, so try them and prepare to explain.

Shop patterned nails today.