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Brand Focus: Doll Beauty

Posted 20 November 2017

The latest brand to land here at is the amazing Doll Beauty and we’re super excited to share some of our favourite lash styles with you today! Founded by beauty experts Sam and Dani, Doll Beauty has fast become a well-loved name within the false eyelash industry thanks to... Read More

Top Tips for the Perfect Lash Application

Posted 17 November 2017

Although we are pretty much experts in everything lash-related here at (we don’t mean to brag..) we love to learn new tips and tricks, and we are always finding out new, useful ways to get the most out of a pair of falsies! We’ve already provided a step by... Read More

Fleur De Force Eyebrow Products Now In stock!

Posted 17 November 2017

If you tend to keep up to date with the beauty scene, then you’re bound to have heard of renowned blogger Fleur De Force. Fleur De Force has collaborated with beloved lash brand Eylure and has created not only a false eyelash line, but also a selection of incredible eyebrow... Read More

A Step By Step Guide: How to Apply Individual Eyelashes

Posted 06 November 2017

Applying individual eyelashes takes patience, perseverance and practise. Once you have nailed the technique though, it can be a quick and easy alternative to traditional strip lashes that are designed to provide a much softer, more natural enhancement and finish. They last much longer than standard strip falsies, making them... Read More

Finding False Eyelashes to Suit Small Eyes

Posted 06 November 2017

Do you struggle to find a pair of falsies to suit and fit your small eyes? Then we can definitely help you with that! Here at we cater to all eye shapes and sizes, so we are sure to have a lash style that catches your eye (and compliments... Read More

Eylure Most Wanted Lashes

Posted 06 November 2017

The latest addition to our Eylure collection is the amazing Most Wanted Lashes! Offering four stunning new styles, this high quality yet affordable lash line has been designed to provide a luxurious, silky lash look that is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes. Each lash style boasts a unique... Read More

Our Top Ten Occasion Lashes

Posted 26 October 2017

Winter is seen as the peak season for endless social events and festivities, meaning you definitely need an impressive stash of false eyelashes to see you through from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. Whatever the occasion, or however dramatic the lashes you require may be, we have a style to... Read More

Looking After Your False Lashes: Ten Tips and Tricks

Posted 26 October 2017

If you’re a regular falsies wearer, then you are probably a pro at keeping them in tip top condition and getting the most wear possible out of each pair. However, for those of you that aren’t as familiar with maintaining the quality of your favourite false lashes, we have ten... Read More

New Violet Voss Products Just Arrived!

Posted 26 October 2017

We have some exciting new products that have just landed here at! Not only have we added two brand new Violet Voss lash styles to our website, but we have also restocked the hugely popular Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette, as well as the gorgeous Rose Gold Highlighter Palette, Matte... Read More

Strip Lash Adhesive: Selecting One That Suits You

Posted 18 October 2017

Finding a pair of false eyelashes that suit you and tick all the boxes can take time, and finding a lash adhesive to use alongside them, can also be tricky. With so many lash adhesives available to purchase, this can make finding the perfect formula for you even more difficult.... Read More

How to Apply Mascara

Posted 18 October 2017

Although applying mascara may seem like an obviously easy thing to do, many of you may not have quite nailed the correct technique. To ensure you’re getting the best results possible from your favourite mascara, follow these few steps for long, fluttery lashes in a matter of minutes! Step one:... Read More

Natural-Looking False Eyelashes

Posted 18 October 2017

It’s a common misconception that false eyelashes are only for those after a dramatic look. Although there are hundreds of styles that offer intense volume and length, there are also various subtle styles that are specially designed to give the most natural enhancement possible. Whether you are a more mature lady... Read More

Brand New Salon System LashLUX Styles Now Available

Posted 11 October 2017

We have recently added three, brand new lash styles to our Salon System lash collection here at and we’re confident you’re going to love them! These LashLUX lashes offer luxury for less, and have each been designed to mimic the appearance and quality of mink lashes, without the use... Read More

How to Tint and Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Posted 09 October 2017

Want to achieve salon-standard eyebrows from the comfort of your own home? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Not only do we specialise in selling an extensive selection of false eyelashes, here at we also cater to every girls eyebrow needs! We stock a range of eyebrow... Read More

New In: Tatti Lashes Styles Now Added to the Collection

Posted 04 October 2017

Tatti Lashes are a name that has become widely recognised over the past year or so, and their popularity continues to grow by the day. With stars as big as Khloe Kardashian and Nikki Minaj wearing their styles; Tatti Lashes offer affordability without compromising on quality. 12 new Tatti Lashes... Read More

Video: Halloween Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

Posted 03 October 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, we carried out a Twitter poll asking all of you avid falsies fans which Halloween makeup look you'd most like us to recreate. Corpse Bride was the clear winner, so we teamed up with a professional makeup artist to provide an in depth, step... Read More

Latest Additions to the Eylure Enchanted Collection

Posted 28 September 2017

Eylure is one of our bestselling brands here on our website, and we proudly carry over 50 of their incredible lash styles, ensuring we have a pair to suit all eye shapes and sizes, as well as occasions! With a number of impressive collections to choose from, selecting a suitable... Read More

Top Five Halloween Lashes

Posted 27 September 2017

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, so what better time to search for inspiration for what you’ll be dressing up as this year?! Whatever your chosen makeup creation, false lashes are an essential for completing any Halloween look. We’ve selected our top five, favourite falsies that are perfect for... Read More

Top Four False Eyelash Essentials

Posted 21 September 2017

Here at we aim to provide every ultimate lash lover with the best false eyelash brands, products and accessories. Whether you’re a beauty professional, or simply an avid falsies fan, we ensure we cater to every individual’s needs, and offer an impressive range of lash essentials. Must-haves for your... Read More

Flutter Lashes Candy Collection

Posted 12 September 2017

Update your current lash stash with this super sweet, candy-inspired collection from Flutter Lashes! Boasting three stunning pairs of lashes, this unique set is housed in a beautiful, brightly coloured, sweet wrapper style case. Offering three dramatic, double-layered design; these lashes are the perfect pick if you’re looking to inject... Read More

New House of Lashes Lite Styles: Allure, Demure and Serene

Posted 23 August 2017

We've got some fab news for those of you that love House of Lashes - we have recently added three, brand new lash styles to our website! The popular Lite Collection has expanded, and there is now even more choice available to purchase here at False lashes don't get... Read More

Our Top 10 Ardell Styles

Posted 18 August 2017

One of our biggest and bestselling brands here at is of course the well-loved Ardell. Known for their iconic ‘Demi Wispies’ this company has fast become one of the best false eyelash brands in the business, and is a hugely popular choice for falsies fans on a budget. We... Read More

New Pinky Goat Styles in Stock!

Posted 18 August 2017

Good news for all Pinky Goat lovers, we have now expanded our collection and have added 12 brand new styles! All consisting of high quality, and gorgeous designs, these luxurious lashes are set to impress. 3D Mink Lashes If you love a dramatic look and lots of volume, then these... Read More

Our Top Five Favourite Bloggers

Posted 04 August 2017

Long gone are the days where we had to rely solely on magazines to get our regular beauty fix and find out about the latest must-have products. Blogging has certainly taken the online beauty world by storm, and it’s arguably the new go-to destination for all makeup lovers looking for... Read More

Get Twice the Drama with Double Lashes

Posted 01 August 2017

The best way to achieve an ultra-glam, dramatic look is with false eyelashes. Adding volume and length to your natural lashes has never been easier, and there has never been more options available - style and brand wise. With the use of false lashes on the constant up rise, these... Read More

Kiss Lashes: The Blooming Collection

Posted 01 August 2017

Kiss Lashes are a top choice here at This American brand can be difficult to find on the UK high street, however we proudly stock a range of their stunning lash collections available for direct purchase on our website. From the Haute Couture lashes, to the more recent Kiss... Read More

How to Make the Most of your Mascara

Posted 27 July 2017

Applying mascara is the perfect way to get instant results. Often an everyday quick fix in place of falsies - mascara comes in a range of different formulas with specially shaped brush heads designed to achieve longer, thicker looking lashes with minimal effort required. To ensure you get the most... Read More

Lilly Lashes: A Closer Look at the Luxury Collection

Posted 27 July 2017

  Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi are best known and loved for their premium quality and stunning range of lash styles – they’re also a firm favourite amongst A-list celebrities! Boasting a number of designs to suit all occasions, we thought we would take a closer look at some of... Read More

Video: How to Apply False Eyelashes

Posted 26 July 2017

Struggling to apply your false eyelashes? This quick guide video will have you applying falsies like a pro in no time at all.  A Step by Step Guide: How to Easily Apply False Eyelashes Here at we understand that the eyelash application process can appear difficult and slightly daunting,... Read More

Brand New Lash Multipacks by Vintage Cosmetic Company

Posted 17 July 2017

The Vintage Cosmetic Company collection offers affordable false lashes that feature classic, timeless styles suitable for all ages and catering to a range of lash lover’s needs. Focused on reigniting the iconic glamour of the 1950’s this unique brand brings something a little different to the table when it comes... Read More

Why we're still loving the Sam Faiers Lashes!

Posted 17 July 2017

She’s recently returned to grace our TV screens with her brand new series ‘The Mummy Diaries’, and it’s safe to say Sam Faiers is still looking as fabulous as ever. Even following the birth of her baby Paul, Sam and her sister Billy have continued to stick to their glamorous... Read More

Unicorn Lashes: Softer Styles

Posted 13 July 2017

Known and loved for their dramatic, eye-catching designs the Unicorn Lashes range boasts a number of bold and beautiful styles that allow you to transform your look in minutes. Whilst the bestselling styles typically consist of lots of length and intense density, Unicorn Lashes also offer softer, more subtle designs... Read More

Top 5 Tatti Lashes Styles

Posted 13 July 2017

Tatti Lashes have fast become a favourite choice amongst our customers here at Offering exceptional quality at affordable prices, it’s not difficult to see why this brand is loved by makeup artists across the UK. Used by the likes of Kate Hayes at her famed Liverpool based makeup academy,... Read More

Fleur de Force Lashes: Now in Stock!

Posted 03 July 2017

Great news! The exclusive Eylure collaboration with beauty blogger Fleur de Force has now arrived here at This impressive collection has proved to be incredibly popular and in demand amongst falsies fans, and we are now proud to stock the entire range on our website. Fleur de Force Lashes... Read More

Discover New Esqido Styles at

Posted 03 July 2017

For the latest luxury lashes, check out our brand new Esqido Lashes collection here at! Consisting of ten, stunning new styles with names inspired and derived from all things space themed, these gorgeous false lashes are certainly out of this world! With a style to suit every occasion, we’ve... Read More

House of Lashes Iconic Styles

Posted 03 July 2017

House of Lashes are a bestselling brand here at and their extensive range of stunning styles have proved to be a huge hit with our customers. Constantly adding to their ever-expanding collection, and catering to every lash lover possible; House of Lashes have fast become a favourite amongst falsies... Read More

False Eyelashes vs. Mascara

Posted 03 July 2017

When looking to achieve long, fluttery lashes, the two main options we tend to turn to are mascara and of course false lashes. Here at we offer a wide range of both! Of course we specialise in selling false lashes, but we also understand some people prefer mascara and... Read More

KoKo Lashes: Top Four Styles

Posted 03 July 2017

  Our brand of the month for July is the amazing KoKo Lashes, so what better time to provide a review of each of their bestselling styles? Loved for their quality and current, stylish designs; KoKo Lashes offer the ultimate lash enhancements that allow you to achieve a range of... Read More

Top Latex Free Lash Adhesives

Posted 28 June 2017

At we understand the importance of catering to everyone’s individual needs. With many eyelashes and eyelash adhesives available, there is certainly a product to suit you. Whether you require a dark or clear tone adhesive, a tube or brush on applicator; we have them all, and we also stock... Read More

Brand Focus: Pinky Goat Lashes

Posted 21 June 2017

New to, we are super excited to announce we now sell the Pinky Goat lash range! Consisting of over 20 incredible styles, this unique collection offers something for everyone. Founded by Maha Morley-Kirk and Elle Hardy, this middle-eastern inspired brand boasts bright, beautiful packaging and has earned worthy features... Read More

Brand New Lilly Lashes Added!

Posted 14 June 2017

Lilly Lashes offer the ultimate luxury when it comes to their false lash range, and here at we now proudly offer two brand new Lilly Lashes styles, as well as their current, iconic bestsellers! Introducing two new Lilly Lashes: MakeupBySamuel – For a soft, subtle lash look this new... Read More

Red Cherry Eyelashes: Our Favourite Falsies!

Posted 14 June 2017

When it comes to buying good quality, reasonably priced lashes that offer a huge variety of styles, our Red Cherry collection here at is seriously impressive! Loved by our customers, and a bestseller amongst beauty bloggers and makeup artists, Red Cherry are one of the biggest names in the... Read More

Festival-themed Falsies

Posted 08 June 2017

A festival is the perfect opportunity to experiment with your makeup, and of course, false lashes are the finishing touch to any look. Here at we offer a huge range of lashes for every occasion, and we thought we would share our top five favourite festival themed falsies. Festival... Read More

New Ardell Lashes Now in Stock!

Posted 06 June 2017

Ardell are one of the bestselling brands here at and prove to be consistently popular with our customers, and it’s easy to see why! Offering high quality, yet affordable lashes this brand boasts a huge range of styles to suit everyone’s needs and budgets, and we have recently added... Read More

Kiss i-Envy Lashes

Posted 06 June 2017

Kiss Lashes are a popular choice amongst our customers here at, we offer bestselling styles such as Iconic and Ritzy and we also stock a range of their individual lashes - the latest addition to our website is the Kiss i-Envy collection. Kiss i-Envy Lashes now in stock -... Read More

KoKo Lashes: New Arrivals

Posted 05 June 2017

KoKo Lashes are a brand that has taken the beauty world by storm, and here at our KoKo Lashes collection has been a huge hit with our customers so far. We are now excited to offer brand new, exclusive styles that have recently been added to our website. With... Read More

How to Find Your Perfect Match Mascara

Posted 05 June 2017

Finding a mascara you love can often be difficult. With so many products available, all claiming to provide different results the easiest thing to do is narrow down what you are hoping to achieve. What 'look' are you creating? Do you want extra-long, defined lashes? Or do you prefer a dramatic... Read More

Our Favourite Lash Multipacks!

Posted 16 May 2017

Multipacks are the perfect choice for false lash fanatics. Stocking up on your favourite styles and saving money – what could be better? With so many styles to choose from, there is certainly a multipack to suit your needs here at Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack: Our ultimate, bestselling multipack... Read More

Brand Focus: Eyeris Beauty

Posted 28 April 2017

Here at we try our very best to ensure all of our brands and products on offer are current, high quality and in demand. Our newest addition certainly ticks all of these boxes. Eyeris Beauty is the latest brand to be welcomed to our website and we are confident... Read More

Brand Focus: KoKo Lashes

Posted 24 March 2017

KoKo Lashes seem to be the one name on every lash lover's lips at the moment and after countless requests from customers to stock them, we are now proud to be the official UK stockist of their amazing products here at KoKo Lashes have landed at! All the... Read More