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Changes to International Delivery Prices

Posted 05 January 2017

As of 5th January 2016, we have made some changes to the International Delivery prices on our website. Due to the increasing cost of goods, and the increasing cost of delivery services, we have changed the free delivery threshold for orders outside of the UK. Postage in the UK remains... Read More

Unbeatable Bargains

Posted 21 December 2016

Nouveau Lash Multipack When it comes to outstanding value for money, the Nouveau Pack of Three Strip Lashes is truly hard to beat. Not only does this pack come with three gorgeous, different pairs of falsies, it also includes a full size Ultra Bond adhesive - which alone retails at... Read More

Lashes to Suit All Shapes and Sizes

Posted 21 December 2016

As a girl, we know how difficult it can be to find the right beauty products to suit your needs. Whether its skincare, makeup or false eyelashes, it can easily be said that everyone is different. This makes it extremely important that here at, we offer a huge variety... Read More

Perfect Your Eyebrow Routine with Eylure Brow Bar Products

Posted 21 December 2016

Although we specialise in selling false eyelashes, we also know how important it is not only to groom your eyebrows to perfection, but to maintain this look ensuring they are at their best! What's the point in having flawless falsies if your eyebrows aren't up to scratch? Not to worry,... Read More

Bold and beautiful: Our Favourite Shades this Festive Season

Posted 21 December 2016

When it comes to the winter season, we tend to pack away the minimal makeup products, say 'bye' to the sun kissed summer glow, and hello to warm and deep tones, as well as slightly heavier coverage foundation. Whether you have an 'English Rose' complexion, or olive undertones; we have... Read More

Celebs Love Eylure Lashes!

Posted 15 December 2016

An increase in popularity of numerous false eyelash brands, has made it difficult to remain focused on one particular name. However, recently celebs have been sticking with one of the best in the business; long established lash brand, Eylure! With their hugely respected reputation in the beauty industry, as well... Read More

Have You Tried Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes?

Posted 15 December 2016

For those of you who are put off the idea of false eyelashes due to the fiddly and awkward application often experienced by some, Eylure have created the perfect solution! To save you messing about with any kind of adhesive, or panicking if you have run out of your all... Read More

House of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Cases

Posted 15 December 2016

Ever struggled to store your favourite sets of falsies easily? Whether it's for travelling, keeping safe in your makeup bag, or simply for keeping them intact in your dressing table drawer, we have the perfect product for you! We recently started stocking House of Lashes new Precious Gem Lash Cases!... Read More

House of Lashes Mini Collection Now in Stock

Posted 15 December 2016

Great news! The top selling styles from House of Lashes now come in miniature versions. These lashes are perfect for those with smaller eyes as they offer a shorter lash band, and a slightly shorter length but with the same signature style that we all love. Increased comfort, ease of... Read More

Our Favourite Festive Falsies

Posted 15 December 2016

With false eyelashes becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to invest in what can be seen as a modern day beauty staple. Christmas looms large, and there's no better time to wear falsies - with an array of styles to suit every occasion; ensure you make... Read More

Brand Focus: Esqido

Posted 15 December 2016

If the Esqido lash packaging doesn’t scream luxury, then we don’t know what does! If you are a lover of falsies and wear them everyday, or if you have a special occasion coming up that calls for something classy – you can’t go wrong with the Esqido falsies. Esqido claim... Read More

Brand Focus: Morphe Lashes

Posted 17 November 2016

Finding affordable falsies that are good quality and a gorgeous style has never been easier! One of our favourite brands that ticks all of those boxes is Morphe Lashes – their falsies are pretty damn special! For those that love drama… No smokey eye makeup look is complete without a... Read More

Brand Focus: Luxy Lash

Posted 17 November 2016

When it comes to choosing a new pair of falsies, we know that there a few boxes that need to be ticked. The Luxy Lash styles are on trend, outstanding quality and comfortable to wear. With names like 'Queen of Everything' and 'Pretty on Fleek', this fun brand has combined... Read More

Winter Wedding Lashes

Posted 24 October 2016

Having a winter wedding? You might be thinking that the hot weather is a nightmare for makeup, but for a winter wedding you need to make sure everything is in place, exactly as you would in summer. Luckily we have put together some tips and trick for you to try... Read More

Why Choose Brown False Eyelashes?

Posted 24 October 2016

Wearing false eyelashes will certainly add some glamour to your makeup look, but if you are after something a little more subtle, then brown false eyelashes may be the perfect option for you. Brown false eyelashes are becoming more and more popular, with falsies fanatics loving the less dramatic finish... Read More

Brand Focus: Vegas Nay Lashes

Posted 24 October 2016

There is no better person to design lashes than the Instagram beauty sensation Vegas Nay. With over 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, she certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to makeup. In collaboration with Eylure, Vegas Nay has created four strip lash styles,... Read More

How to Remove False Eyelashes

Posted 24 October 2016

Wearing false eyelashes on a regular basis shouldn’t harm your natural lashes. However, removing the lashes and keeping your own in tiptop condition is important – who doesn’t want long and healthy lashes?! We are sharing our lash hacks to make sure your natural lashes are as fabulous as they... Read More

Brand Focus: Blinking Beaute

Posted 24 October 2016

No makeup look is complete without a pair of false eyelashes; over the past couple of months we have welcomed more brands than ever, now stocking over 1000 styles! Blinking Beaute lashes are one of the new arrivals, with 13 different styles to choose from.  The brand offers both mink... Read More

Why We Love Half Lashes

Posted 28 September 2016

Half lashes are the perfect way to introduce falsies into your makeup bag, or perfect to add effortless glamour to your makeup look. These lashes are worn on the outer corner of your eye, adding a subtle finish compared to a full strip lash. These lashes suit all eye shapes,... Read More

Brand Focus: House of Lashes

Posted 28 September 2016

Hard to find in the UK up until now, we are so excited to bring you the must have House of Lashes range! Celebrities and our fave Instagram babes can’t get enough of these gorgeous lashes… and here's why: Lets start with the style 'Iconic' which as the name suggests... Read More

Celebs and Their Favourite Lashes!

Posted 28 September 2016

Want lashes like Beyonce? Of course you do! There is nothing better than a celebrity style steal so we have rounded up some of favourite celebrities and the lashes that they love.  Beyonce stunned fans at the Met Gala wearing the Velour 'Are Those Real?' lashes. These are the ultimate... Read More

Autumn Makeup Inspiration

Posted 28 September 2016

It’s officially autumn! As the mornings become colder and the days are getting shorter, our makeup favourites start to change. We're ditching the pretty pinks and drooling over deep purples and burgundy shades - getting us ready for the colder months. Today we are sharing our favourite autumn beauty trends... Read More

Brand Focus: Unicorn Lashes

Posted 07 September 2016

Great news! We are now an official stockist of Unicorn Lashes - an exciting new lash brand. After spying the gorgeous packaging, crazy names and luxurious quality we just knew that you would love Unicorn Lashes. Offering either silk or mink styles, there is something for everyone from the brand.... Read More

The Brow Bar at

Posted 07 September 2016

Here at, lashes are of course our main priority, but right behind that we have our brows! What are good lashes without good brows?! We are going to do a quick whistle stop tour of the “Brow Bar” section on our site, and share a couple of tips on... Read More

The Best False Eyelashes for Halloween 2016

Posted 07 September 2016

Eeeek, it’s nearly that time of year again! We all know that a pair of falsies completes any makeup look, and when it comes to Halloween, the bigger and bolder… the better! We are sharing the perfect false lash styles that are sure to get you excited for this years... Read More

Brand Focus: Red Cherry Lashes

Posted 07 September 2016

Red Cherry Lashes are fabulous yet affordable! With just under 100 styles to choose from, without a compromise on style or quality, you’re bound to find the perfect pair of falsies in the Red Cherry range. We have selected our top five, best selling lash styles from Red Cherry to get you started... Read More

Your Guide to Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi!

Posted 11 August 2016

So if you haven’t already heard, Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi have taken the beauty world by storm recently. Celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers are going absolutely crazy for them! There are 27 styles in total - so you might thinking, 'where do I even start?!' This guide is going... Read More

Why order your Salon System lashes from

Posted 30 September 2015

If you use Salon System lashes in your line of work, be sure to check out the fantastic range that we have available here at We recently added Salon System to the huge selection of falsies that we carry, giving you an even greater choice of lashes to pick... Read More

Interview with Lindsey Kane, Founder of Total Minks

Posted 29 January 2015

Arriving at HQ on a grey miserable day always brightens the mood. How can a girl not be happy surrounded by gorgeous false eyelashes? We especially love the pretty pink pastel packaging of Total Minks lashes. After spending more time than we care to admit purring over the glamorous... Read More

Let's Talk Millie Mackintosh Lashes!

Posted 29 January 2015

We are always super excited for new arrivals in the office! Whether our much loved brands have released new lines or brand new rebranded packaging comes into stock, the excitement levels are high. Let’s just say January has been a very exciting month for us, first we saw the arrival... Read More

Lashes & Lenses: How to Wear False Eyelashes with Glasses

Posted 29 January 2015

Applying false eyelashes can be a battle at the best of times but if you are a fellow glasses wearer you will understand the daily dilemma faced between wanting to feel glamorous with falsies on, versus the struggle to find the perfect pair that will not look squashed or out... Read More

The Only Way is… Lashes by Samantha!

Posted 29 January 2015

She was the original golden girl of TOWIE, is a successful boutique owner, fitness guru and now the creator of a gorgeous new lash range. There is no stopping Samantha Faiers and with a lash range like hers, we don’t want there to be! The current Lashes By Samantha range... Read More

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Posted 26 November 2014

If you haven't already done so, please sign up to our email newsletter - we'll be emailing exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to our newsletter subscribers. Don't miss out! Black Friday is nearly here! The fourth Friday of November is referred to as "Black Friday" - it's an... Read More

Halloween False Eyelashes: What's Your Style?

Posted 13 October 2014

It is that time of year again when us ladies are asking ourselves that age old question; cute cat, sexy witch? These aren’t the only Halloween fancy dress options open to us (let’s not forget the classic zombie Airhostess) but when we want to look more Beyoncé than Chuckie, we... Read More

Brand Focus: Revlon

Posted 20 August 2014

Revlon is the newest member to our false lash family and we couldn’t be happier with its cute packaging, fabulous lashes and amazing adhesives. Revlon is a global success with a variety of products across all areas of the cosmetics industry. This post today will look into the brand in... Read More's Guide to Summer Lashes

Posted 06 August 2014

When you get invited to any event that makes your social calendar look a little more interesting, the first thing you think of is “What am I going to wear??” We have all been there, mentally emptying the wardrobe, trying to remember where we left that floral midi dress and... Read More

Top 5 Strip Lash Adhesives

Posted 06 August 2014

Applying your False Eyelashes perfect the first time is THE best feeling ever, it might not happen every time but when it does you feel ready for whatever the Day/ Night throws at you. Certain brands of lashes include a free mini adhesive which is great (unless you leave it... Read More

Brand Focus: Ardell

Posted 06 August 2014

Do you believe in magic? Well Ardell certainly do and we are here today to share with you the magic and wonder of this Disney loving, magically inspired brand of false eyelashes. Ardell lashes are extremely popular, with their Demi Wispies and Wispies lashes being amongst our best sellers. ... Read More

The Top 10 Most Popular False Eyelashes

Posted 06 August 2014

Choosing the right false eyelashes can be a daunting process. Whether you’re a regular wearer or new to the beauty craze, there are so many different styles, thicknesses, colours etc. your options and choices are endless. If you are sitting at home, on the train or in a coffee shop... Read More

Brand Focus: Eylure False Eyelashes

Posted 16 July 2014

There has been a large increase in the number of brands selling or specialising in false eyelashes and it can be often hard to know which to purchase. Surely they are all the same, same quality, same strength glues etc.? This may be impossible to answer but there are some... Read More

Lash Adhesive – Which One Should You Choose?

Posted 21 November 2013

Lash adhesive is a very general phrase: There are various kinds of lash adhesive for different types of lashes. Using the wrong lash adhesive can have disastrous and sometimes painful consequences – in this blog post we’re going to look at how to pick the correct adhesive for your lashes.... Read More

We're now on Facebook & Twitter!

Posted 15 October 2013

Just a brief post to let you know that we can now be found doing our thing (aka, talking lashes to anyone that'll listen) on Facebook and Twitter. Follow the links below to find our accounts! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and "like" our Facebook page. We'll keep... Read More

Q&A With Amy Childs

Posted 09 October 2013

This week we were lucky enough to talk lashes with Amy Childs, TOWIE star, businesswoman and salon owner. Here's what Amy had to say: Q. When did you first try lashes?A. I remember first attempting to get a strip of eyelashes on when I was about fifteen. I loved... Read More

Which lashes should you choose?

Posted 29 July 2013

When choosing your lashes it is important to remember you need to buy lashes that will suit your eye shape. If you have small eyes and want to make them appear bigger it might be a better idea to go for individual lashes and apply them mainly to the outer... Read More

Strip lashes versus individual lashes

Posted 29 July 2013

There are many different pros and cons to strip and individual lashes and they all depend on what you want and how you want to wear them. Are you preparing for an important meeting at work, or even an interview? Or even going out to town? In this instance if... Read More

Why do we wear false eyelashes?

Posted 29 July 2013

The question as to why we wear false lashes has many answers. They range from trying to be aesthetically pleasing to having more confidence, or even medical issues such as disease and illnesses like alopecia. Aesthetically, false lashes can create shape and add drama to the eyes, as well as... Read More

Events & Occasions: Which lashes to wear?

Posted 29 July 2013

When getting ready for a special event or occasion, or even just a night out - if you want to go the extra mile with your eye make-up, false lashes are your best friends. They are a cheap, easy way of enhancing your overall look, and take no time at... Read More

Unusual False Lashes

Posted 29 July 2013

Many of the big false eyelash brands are coming out with some incredible designs lately, as the craze for false lashes booms. They can add glitz and glamour to any outfit, or even just open up your eyes for a more natural look. At the moment, the false lashes on... Read More

How to apply individual eyelashes

Posted 29 July 2013

Individual lashes can give your eyes a whole new look - a look that's very different to strip lashes. This is mainly because you can place them at random, and where you want, to achieve natural, soft looking lashes. You can opt for long lashes in the outer corners for... Read More

How to apply false eyelashes

Posted 29 July 2013

Strip lashes are the most common type of false eyelashes - there are loads of strip lashes being sold nowadays by various brands. There has been a surge in popularity over the past few years, on offer today are lashes in many different designs and styles. Some people believe that... Read More

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