Best Lashes for Almond Eyes

Finding the best lashes for almond eyes doesn't have to be a chore! In fact, we make it super easy for you. Our experts have hand-picked over 500 of the best strip lash styles that are perfect for almond eyes. We stock a huge range of false eyelashes for all eye shapes, but on this page you'll find nothing but the very best lashes for almond eye shapes. You're welcome!

About Best Lashes for Almond Eyes

When applied correctly, false eyelashes can make a stunning difference to your eyes and completely change up your look. What's more, there's a style of false eyelashes out there to suit just about everyone - even those with almond eyes.

But, did you know that everyone's eyes are different? It's not just the shape either - the size, depth, and colour all vary and contribute to your unique appearance. They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and with the best accessories, you can make them a total standout feature that people notice and admire whenever they look at you.

Finding the best lashes for almond eye shapes

With this in mind, when it comes to finding the absolutely perfect false eyelashes for you, it's not exactly a 'one-size-fits-all' deal. You’ll want to find the best size and style for your eye size and shape, and one that gives your personal style that wow factor - and, if you’re planning on using cosmetics to further enhance your features, you’ll want to work with lashes that fit your aesthetic angle.

It may seem difficult to work out what eye shape you have, but once you find out, you will wish you'd known sooner! We’re going to help you discover your eye-shape, and everything you need to know about it, so you can make the best choices, whether you’re going out for a casual lunch, a professional meeting, or knocking it out of the park on a night out.

Here at, we stock a huge range of false lashes to suit different types of eye shapes, so no one misses out! Our experts have hand-picked the styles we have available, so you can be super confident that you’re getting our best.

Not sure on where to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Read on and discover everything you need to know - from working out your eye shape, to the most suitable lashes, and some makeup tips to finish your look.

What Are Almond Eyes?

There are a couple of common misconceptions around almond shaped eyes, so let's get them addressed and out of the way first.

Some people say they are more often seen in certain countries, and others say that the shape is actually really quite rare.

Both of these misconceptions aren’t just a little bit wrong, they’re totally wrong. Almond shaped eyes are actually the most common shape found both in women and men, and they’re not just limited to a couple of countries, this eye shape can be found all across the globe.

People with almond eyes typically have smaller eyelids, which are longer in width, forming an almond or oval shape which touches the eyelid on the bottom and top. The eyelids have a visible crease, with the ends tapering down to the tear duct at the outer point.

How to Tell if Your Eyes are Almond Shaped

If you have almond-shaped eyes, the lids will typically be narrower (with less visible space when they are open or closed), but the actual eye is generally wider than other shapes.

Confused? To put it simply, if you look in the mirror at your eyes, and see a crease when you’re looking at the lids, and your iris touches white on both the top and bottom, and you have a slight upward turn on the outer corners - then you have almond shaped eyes.

We know it can be difficult to get an idea from a description, so if you’re still not sure what we mean, we recommend having a look at pictures of:

  • Emma Watson
  • Eva Longoria
  • Mila Kunis
  • Beyoncé Knowles

All these famous celebrities have almond-shaped eyes.

Best Eyelashes for Almond Eyes

Because almond-shaped eyes are the most common eye shape, there’s a huge variety of styles and sizes of false eyelashes that are compatible - so you’re totally in for a treat, with literally hundreds of lash styles for almond shaped eyes to choose from.

We have an extensive list of falsies to choose from including, House of Lashes, Doll Beauty, Lilly Lashes, Ardell, SOSU by SJ, Eylure and many more!

If you’re looking to accentuate your eye shape and draw attention to them as a main focus, then we totally recommend these as some of the best eyelashes for almond eyes:

If you’re looking to lengthen the look of your eyelashes, or really thicken up their appearance, there are plenty of varieties to choose from that will perfectly do the job.

We totally recommend these lashes for almond eyes:

We’ve also got the perfect addition to your look if you’re wanting to increase the volume, make them a bit more fluttery, or if your lashes are naturally light, and you don’t want to cake them in mascara - our natural pieces get the job done in style.

No matter what look you’re aiming for, we’ve got the best selection of lashes for almond shaped eyes for you to try!

Combining Your False Eyelashes with Cosmetics

Sometimes you might not want to wear makeup, and just keep your falsies as part of a natural look, but other times, you might want to really combine your cosmetics and go all out to look stunning, so we’ve put together some helpful hints and tips to help you make the best of your gorgeous almond-shaped eyes.

Accenting with Eyeliner

As well as being the most common shape, beyond just applying lashes, to further accentuate your fine features, almond eyes are also one of the easiest eyes to apply eyeliner to, and this can be done with either eyeliner pencils or liquid eyeliners.

There are a couple of things to watch out for, especially if you’re aiming to make your eyes standout as some techniques can actually have the opposite effect, and make your eyes look smaller than they are; so for example, you might want to avoid applying your eyeliner along the waterline if you’re using dark shades, and instead, replace it with a lighter or nude shade, to give a wider eye effect.

We highly recommend our favourite two types of eyeliner looks for almond eyes:

The 'cat eye' or the 'winged' look. The cat eye requires you to apply eyeliner to both bottom and top eyelid, whereas the winged look requires just lining your top eyelid.

Both styles include a thick coat of eyeliner when moving towards the outer corner of the eye – this offers a sultry look.

The mid-wing is also another totally complementary style to use that’s nice and easy to apply with either thin or thicker lines that can bring focus and fashionable style to your face with minimal effort.

Eyeshadow for Almond Eyes

Almond eyes really do have a beautiful shape to them, and if you’re looking to highlight this, and give your new false lashes a perfect backdrop, then there are a number of techniques that really work well with the eye shape.

If your goal is to accentuate the shape, start by adding a darker colour on the outer part of the eye, then smudge it beyond the lash line towards the temple. This technique pairs well with fluttering or extension lashes, to create a dreamy, ethereal look.

Or you could go for a high-impact, low-effort approach with a single colour - fill the entire eyelid from lash-line to crease with a single shade, which you can use to create a cat-eye shape (like you would with eyeliner) towards the outer corner.

If you want, you can apply a small amount of the same shade to the lower lash line for an extra edgy look. This technique can make voluminous lashes look extra fierce, and really highlight your eyes as a focal point.

When it comes to your colour choice, heavier darker colours can make your eyes look smaller. To make your eyes look bigger and wider, utilise light colours or nude shades - this can be combined with a pop of brighter colour on the lower crease (beneath the eye) that instantly emphasises the entire shape of the eye.

What are You Waiting for? Look Fabulous Today!

If you've got almond-shaped eyes, then you're most certainly in good company, and are absolutely spoiled for choice in both style and size of falsies, as well as the stunning styles and techniques in cosmetic application to accessorise your choice to the fullest!

The right pair of false eyelashes can make a stunning difference to your everyday look, and no matter where you’re going, or what you’re doing, you’ll be confident that your eye style is always on point. If you are looking for the best lash style for almond eyes, have a browse through all our amazing lashes designed for almond shaped eyes.

Remember, every order placed here at comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more, so you don’t need to limit yourself when you’re choosing the best set or style for you.

Browse our huge range of the very best lashes for almond eyes, and buy your gorgeous new eyelashes now!


What lashes suit almond eyes?

There are so many stunning lash styles designed specifically for accentuating almond shaped eyes. Our top recommendations for the best eyelashes for almond eyes include Eylure Texture Lashes in style - 117, Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions - Russian Volume and Miami Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink.