Best Lashes for Almond Eyes


Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack (4 Pairs)


313 reviews
Sold Out


Ardell Wispies Multipack (4 Pairs)


46 reviews
4 for 3

Doll Beauty

Doll Beauty Lashes - Chloe Elizabeth


83 reviews

Kiss Lashes

Kiss Falscara - Volumizing Wisp


25 reviews


Ardell Naturals 110 Multipack (4 Pairs)


23 reviews

House of Lashes

House of Lashes - Iconic


106 reviews


Ardell Lashes 105 Multipack (6 Pairs)


23 reviews
4 for 3

Doll Beauty

Doll Beauty Lashes - Eva


28 reviews

KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes - Amore


82 reviews


Eylure Accent Lashes 005


14 reviews


Ardell Naked Lashes - 420


5 reviews

About Best Lashes for Almond Eyes

"Which eye shape do I have?" we hear you ask! Every person you encounter will have a different eye shape to you. There is no scientific reason for this; we are all unique and all have different characteristics. The most common eye shape is Almond Eyes. It may seem difficult to work out what eye shape you have, but once you find out you’d wish you’d known sooner to determine what false eyelashes to buy. Here at, we stock a huge range of false lashes to suit different types of eye shapes, so no one misses out!

So, what exactly are Almond Eyes? People with Almond Eyes have smaller eyelids, which are longer in width, forming an almond / oval shape. Your eyes will be typically more narrow and you will have less visible eyelid space.

Eyelashes for Almond Eyes

We have an extensive list of falsies to choose from including, House of Lashes, Doll Beauty, Lilly Lashes, Ardell, SOSU by SJ, Eylure and many more! If you have almond shaped eyes, then you’re in for a treat as this is the most common eye shape, making it easier for you to choose your desired lashes. And we've got literally thousands of styles for you to choose from. On this page, you'll find a small edit of our absolute fave lashes for almond eye shapes.

Some recommendations for lashes to accentuate your Almond Eyes:

  • Red Cherry Lashes in style - 523
  • KoKo Lashes in style - Queen B 
  • Eylure Texture Lashes in style -117
  • Land of Lashes Faux Mink Lashes in style - Aria 

Beyond just applying lashes, to further accentuate your eyes we recommend two types of eyeliner looks. The ‘cat eye’ or the ‘wing’ look. The cat eye requires you to apply eyeliner to both bottom and top eyelid, whereas the winged look requires just lining your top eyelid. Both styles include a thick coat of eyeliner when moving towards the outer corner of eye – this delivers a sultry look.

Celebrities with almond shape eyes include: Eva Longoria, Beyoncé Knowles, Mila Kunis, Emma Watson. So if you've got almond-shaped eyes then you're most certainly in good company. Remember, every order placed here at comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. So what are you waiting for? Buy your eyelashes now!