Glitter False Nails

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About Glitter False Nails

During lockdown, there was a massive surge in comfortable and functional clothing. As we were all ordered to stay home, we reached out for the loungewear in a massive way. Hopefully that is all now behind us, and we are ready for a style shake up. And the good news? Sequins, shine, and glitter are completely on trend. From high shine raincoats to sequinned tops and glitter nails, we are ready to see and be seen. So let’s get this party started…

It’s hardly surprising that we are looking for a little dazzle in our day to day, lockdown was a tough time. And it has historic precedence, we only need to look at the 1920s to see how periods of hardship create an appetite for excess and decadence. Of course, we are also now facing a growing financial crisis, so we need to find the funk in the frugal. The best way to pay homage to all that is trending, is to show you're in the know with careful accessories including headbands, glitter make up and glitter nails.

Festival Glitter

A less is no mantra is strictly forbidden for all things festival and when it comes to glitter, it is simply a must-have. The only question is how will you decide to style it? Here are a few ideas.

  1. If you are creating a masterpiece with your makeup, you need it to look slick. Throwing on too many colours and hoping to get away with it won’t work. Especially as the sun turns up the heat and everything ends up melting into one. Stick with 2 shades, maybe 3 at the most. Start with the brightest colours towards the middle of the cheekbones and blend out with lighter shades towards the temples.
  2. Glitter beards! Yes, they are a real thing and frequently styled using ombré inspiration. Go for it, gentleman.
  3. Style yourself a glittery hair parting. This works best if the hair is styled into two pigtails or perhaps buns. Wash the hair, secure in place and spray hairspray down the parting. Apply your chosen glitter and go party.
  4. Whilst there are many lip products on the market promising to give you a glittery vibe, the impact is usually… meh! Stick with your usual shade of lipstick, apply lip gloss and then gently dust your chosen glitter over the top. Mwah.
  5. For festival wear, glitter can literally be worn all over the body… in some areas you may need to upgrade your glitter for sequins, just for good coverage. And to ensure you are not sporting a unicorn vibe right into autumn, use soluble adhesive. which will ensure you can easily remove your artwork with water.
  6. And of course… glitter nails.

Final tip. Entrance prices to some of the bigger festivals can be sky-high. So look for more local events or even throw your own back garden festival. Just be prepared to be cleaning glitter from surfaces till at least Christmas.

How To Wear Glitter Nails

Whilst we totally accept glitter nails for festivals or during the Christmas season, the look can really be worn all year round. You simply need to know how to style it properly. Check out some hot mani ideas below.

The Dark Side

This look is a great style for winter. Choose your favourite matte nail polish in a deep hue such as mulberry, emerald, or even black. Style your nails in your normal way and then simply add a glittery finish to your thumbs or small fingers. This manicure is easy to achieve, and the extra sparkle will just elevate your overall look.

Go Nude

If you are the type of lady who prefers a classic nail but is just seeking a tad more shimmer, keep with a nude nail with an iridescent or glitter nail finish. If you find the look challenging to achieve at home, but don’t want to spend on a salon manicure, why not opt for falsies.


The key to wearing glitter in a grown up way, is to think about shape and length. Vibrant pink coffin length nails are super cool… but they don’t yell sophistication. Keep the nails short, possibly with a square tip, and mute the shade. Choose a complete glittery manicure, or just accent with one or two nails on each hand.

Product Focus

Elegant Touch Looks Luxe False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - V I Please

These fabulous glitter nails from Elegant Touch demonstrate a need to dip a well manicured finger into a vibe which is trending, without glam overload. It’s really a twist on a French Manicure, replacing white tips with glitter. It is most appropriate for party wear, but wouldn’t cause too much of a stir day to day.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Ballerina Medium Length Sunset Kiss

A colour grabbing shade, gold glitter at the base of the nail and fading towards the tip. It’s bright without being brash, and a great choice for bridesmaids who might want to bring a little individuality to their outfit.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails Holographic Glitter

Holographic and glitter nails may seem too full on, yet with this iridescent finish, these nails have an almost stealthy type vibe. Great for bridal wear, festival wear, or just to shake up your standard manicure.

Kiss False Nails Masterpiece Nails Kitty Gurl

These glitter nails offer a perfect blend of manicure styles which are currently trending. The package includes 30 nails which are styled in pink, chrome, marble effect and glitter. They may be excessive for some tastes, as they are also longer in length. These nails work particularly well if you are looking to stand out from the crowd and in the mood to demand serious attention.

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