Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

If you’re someone with a wide set eye shape, you’re probably questioning what false eyelashes and makeup best suits your unique face. Well, here at we have got you covered. We sell lashes, Ardell beauty and makeup brushes, as well as provide tips and tricks over on our blog. We really are your destination for all things beauty!

Wondering what wide set eyes are, then you’ve come to the right place. Wide set eyes are when there is a wide gap between both set of eyes, often when both eyes are more than an eye width apart. Apparently, it gives off a more youthful appearance – lucky you. On the contrary, close set eyes are when the gap between your eyes is less than an eye width apart.

If you want to enhance your natural beauty further, we recommend a simple makeup trick for far set eyes. When applying eyeshadow, ensure you cover the inner corner of your eyes with dark shades and fade towards the outer corner. By doing this it visually reduces the distance between your eyes, making your eyes look narrower, the attention is then being drawn to the inner corner. When it comes to the eyebrows, ensure you keep them thick and filled, while bringing them closer to the nose ridge, this way it creates an illusion of close set eyes.

Celebrities with wide set eyes: Gywneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox

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