Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

Our range of the best lashes for wide set eyes is complete with staple styles from the likes of Ardell, Doll Beauty, Eylure and more! If you're struggling to find the best lashes for wide set eyes elsewhere, then you can now breath a sigh of relief. We've hand-picked over 100 amazing styles for you to choose from. If you have wide set eyes, then the chances are we've got the lashes you're looking for - so start scrolling and browsing now!

About Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

Finding the right pair of eyelashes can transform your look, change your style, boost your confidence, and honestly - leave you feeling fabulous! The great thing as well, is that there are a huge range of false lashes available, and with so many styles, you’re bound to find one to fit - especially as false lashes, when correctly applied, are suitable for just about everyone.

Browse and Buy the Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

Did you know that your eyes are pretty much unique? It’s true! Everyone’s eyes are slightly different in shape, colour, depth, alignment, and size. This means that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to the right eyelashes, but once you know what your eye shape is, you can still find the perfect pair to accentuate your features, finish off your look, and highlight your own personal sense of style!

Not sure where to start? Do you know what eye shape you have? We’re talking about Wide Set Eyes, and have put together a handy descriptive style guide that gives you the deets you need - as well as suggestions for styles, and makeup techniques - so you can look your very best without hassle and fuss!

So, if you’re looking for the best false eyelashes for Wide Set Eyes, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1000 lash styles in stock here at, you’re sure to find a suitable lash for your unique eye shape, and a style for every occasion.

What are Wide Set Eyes?

Wide Set Eyes are basically when there is a wide gap between both eyes, often when both eyes are more than a single eye's width apart (measured from corner to corner).

According to some, it gives off a more youthful appearance – lucky you! On the contrary, close-set eyes are when the gap between your eyes is less than an eye width apart (just FYI).

How Can You Tell if You Have Wide Set Eyes?

Look face on into the mirror and carefully measure the length of your eyes (you can do this with your fingers by placing one digit at either end of your eye - just make sure they’re clean before putting them on your face). Then compare this length with the distance between the end corner (closest to your nose) of one eye, to the nearest corner of the next.

If the distance is longer than the width you’ve measured, then you’ve almost certainly got wide set eyes.

Still not sure what we mean? We recommend, then, having a look at some pictures of:

  • Jessica Alba
  • Courtney Cox
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Oprah Winfrey

There are actually too many celebrities with wide set eyes for us to name them all, but if you have wide set eyes, then you’re in really, really good company!

Best Eyelashes for Wide Set Eyes

With Wide Set Eyes, we usually recommend voluminous lashes with a lengthened centre, this helps to really accentuate the natural beauty of your eye shape.

A few styles that we absolutely recommend that you check out include:

Criss-cross style lashes are also a seriously flattering style for people with wide set eyes, they accentuate the eye and perfectly frame them . To give the illusion of opened up eyes that are bigger and more central to your face, you want to look for lashes that are longer and more voluminous too.

To get that extra length or criss-cross finish, we suggest having a glance at:

No matter the occasion, whether you’re off out for a day with your besties, heading to the pubs and clubs, meeting with important clients, or just chilling out and feeling good - we’ve got the best styles that will match your needs.

Cosmetic Choices for Wide Set Eyes

Do you have wide set eyes and wear makeup? Do you find it difficult to apply the right techniques with your eyeliner and eyeshadow, to really make your features pop and create a stunning WOW moment with your look? Are you looking for help to make your eyebrows really work to accentuate your features (rather than highlight what you don’t want to share)?

We’re going to help you with some helpful hints and advice, so if you want to accessorise your look with makeup, you’ll know exactly what to do to look amazing!

Applying Eyeliner to Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes can be tricky to line, too much emphasis or strong lining may make your facial proportions seem out of balance, or make the eyes feel even further apart.

The trick here is to just line the inner halves of your eyes, defining along the top and bottom lash lines. You might find it easier to use an eyeliner pencil or soft kohl, rather than liquid eyeliner, so you can easily blend and smudge in appropriate areas.

For a more dramatic look, you can use a technique that works for most large eye shapes, that is to close in the space with dark colours along the lash and waterline, then at the tear duct, lift up for a great flick at the edge! You can also do the same on the underneath eye line (close to the lash line) and blend it if you want.

Wide set and larger eyes can allow for much more drama and enthusiastic application of eyeliner, so experiment and see what works for your mood!

Getting Your Eyebrows on Point

When it comes to the eyebrows, ensure you keep them thick and filled, while bringing them closer to the nose ridge, this way it creates an illusion of close-set eyes.

To create the illusion of less distance, you need to carefully manage your brows. Drawing the eyebrows inwards and closer can make the distance seem a lot smaller - instead of plucking between the brows, start filling in front of them to get a fuller, softer, natural look.

Thicker brows pair beautifully with luscious long lashes, and softer natural or warm shades - and because you can use eyeliner and eyeshadow in combination with your brow shaping and new false lashes, it’s up to you how much you want to adjust your style, and how much differently you want your face to look (within reason, of course)!

Applying Eyeshadow to Wide Set Eyes

If you want to enhance your natural beauty even further, we recommend a simple makeup trick for far Wide Set Eyes: when applying eyeshadow, ensure you cover the inner corner of your eyes with dark shades and fade towards the outer corner.

By doing this it visually reduces the distance between your eyes, making your eyes look narrower, the attention is then being drawn to the inner corner.

People with other eye shapes will probably tell you that you’re doing it back-to-front, but don’t worry - you’re not! Other eye shapes tend to have eyeshadow applied with light or shimmery shades on the inner half of the eyelid, and then get darker as it's blended outwards - but for wide eyes, it really is the reverse!

For a more natural or faux-natural (made up to look makeup free) look, skin tones, nudes, and lighter colours are a good choice - these can either be ombre and blended (as described above) with the darker natural shades in the middle, or applied as a single layer - matte colours can look a bit much, so look at shimmering shades or eyeshadows with a little extra finish.

Go Bold and Beautiful with Your Wide Set Eyes Today!

So there you go, everything you need to know about making your wide set eyes look amazing, and how to find the most perfect, best hand-picked, and highest quality lashes that will suit you for every occasion!

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