Professional Lash Remover

Removing professional eyelash extensions can be a tricky task - especially if you want to make it as pain-free as possible for your clients. Here at we stock an amazing range of professional lash removers, for the safe and effective removal of your clients' lash extensions every time. Never attempt to remove lash extensions without the correct lash remover, be sure to stock up on lash remover for your kit now.

About Professional Lash Remover

As an experienced lash artist, MUA or someone interested in getting false eyelashes, you’ve likely heard of professional lash remover. Professional lash remover products can help you remove false lashes without damaging your natural ones. Wondering why it’s so important to use professional lash remover? We will give you the lowdown.

What do professionals use to remove eyelash extensions?

Professional lash remover is the most trusted tool for lash artists because it effectively removes glues and adhesives from extension eyelashes and helps nourish and protect the natural lashes. Unlike alcohol-based removers that may lead to flaky skin and eye irritation, the professional-grade remover is also more gentle on the eyes, reducing the risk of infection when removing wefts and clusters.

What is the fastest way to remove eyelash extensions?

Professional lash remover is one of the fastest ways to remove professional lash extensions easily. It has a lightweight formula that works quickly, saving time between appointments compared to conventional removal techniques such as tweezers or unwrapping individual strands.

How to remove professional lashes

It’s easy! Here’s what you need: Professional lash remover and reusable cotton pads.

Step 1: Use a cotton pad dipped in remover and carefully swipe across both sides of your lashed eye until any adhesive glue that remains secured over your natural lashes dissolves away.

Tip: Start with each corner lash before working towards the centre.

Step 2: Wait around 3 seconds for the solvent to work magic!

Step 3: Gently peel off any residual extensions (or strip) from the natural lash in a vertical movement away from your face/eye area, being extra careful not to pull out any healthy looks hairs in the process!

Note: Apply nourishing oil or serum to your clean lashes after every extraction session!

What lash treatment requires professional removal after 2 weeks?

If you’ve had an eyelash extension treatment recently, it’s essential to understand the timeline for proper application and removal. Eyelash extensions should be professionally removed after two weeks to ensure that your natural lash cycles are unaffected, and gel remover or extension remover is used in line with the directions set out by the manufacturer of the lash extension glue.