Starter Kits

We carry a great range of lash starter kits for lash addicts and beginners alike. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to false lashes, or you've done it a million times before, we've got a starter kit for you. We stock strip lash starter kits by Ardell and Eylure, and we also carry a number of Ardell and Kiss individual and flare lash starter kits. It doesn't matter which type of lash you prefer, our starter kits will have you applying lashes like a pro in no time at all. Although each eyelash starter kit is different, but they generally contain lashes, an applicator tool and glue.

About Starter Kits

For those that require high quality lashes, long lasting adhesive, and tools to ensure an easy application, our range of starter kits is sure to impress. Designed to help beginners or those that require more guidance when it comes to applying falsies, lash starter kits are an easy and effective way to enhance your eyes in a few simple steps. From leading lash brands Eylure, Ardell, and even Kiss; our amazing starter kit collection consists of stunning eyelash styles that come with everything you need to apply your lashes and look amazing in an instant.

Most of our starter kits contain one pair of lashes, along with eyelash adhesive and a mini applicator, giving you a helping hand, and making any awkward applications immediately easier. The Kiss True Beginners Kit also contains a pair of scissors, allowing you to trim the lashes for a more comfortable and accurate fit. If you prefer a customised lash look, the Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit is the ideal set to try. It boasts a selection of short, medium, and long individual flare lashes, as well as individual lash adhesive and remover, allowing you to easily achieve salon standard results.

If you are newly introduced to the world of false eyelashes and want to soon become an expert, we highly recommend trying one of our fantastic, affordable starter kits – you will not be disappointed. You will also save money as you won’t need to separately purchase adhesive or an applicator.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide – False Eyelashes

At we’ve got you covered, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner, just read on and you’ll learn the ropes in no time. Follow our step by step guide on applying False Eyelashes below:

  1. Finding The Right Style of Lash For Your Eye Shape

    Dependent on your specific eye shape, you should make sure to choose the right sized lashes. If you have hooded eyes, then you may want to opt for a slightly longer pair of falsies, but if your eyes are rounded, then shorter lashes will provide a better level of volume. Choosing the perfect style of type of falsie can be hard work. If you’re a beginner, and this is a first time purchase, then maybe you should buy a few styles before settling on a firm favourite.

  2. Make Sure The Work Space Is Clean

    Okay, so as well as having a clean space, you will want your room to be properly lit. There is nothing worse than trying to put lashes on in the dark. Don’t make yourself late and invest in a lightbulb, why not?

    When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to let your mind slip into old habits, do it quickly and NOW, you’re thinking. Well, when it comes to false eyelashes, this is certainly not the approach you need. Don’t forget you are handling some real delicate little ladies here. Therefore using the right lighting and care, will make sure that the application stage will be a lot easier.

    So these points might be rather obvious, but lashes getting blown out the window wouldn’t be the first occurrence. Clear your station, and make sure there is no dust or other particles that might infect the eyes, etc...

    Now you can take a look at the checklist before moving forward:

    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Mirror (Important)

  3. Peel Those Babies Away – With Tweezers

    What you can do to ensure you are taking care of your lashes in the best way possible, is to remove them in a peeling motion with tweezers. Start from the corner of the band, and please do your very best to avoid touching them with your hands, we know it’s hard, but it really helps to preserve your lashes. If you’re searching for the right tweezers then don’t worry, because a large proportion of our stunning starter packs come with tweezers and glue included. In general, any pair will work fine, just pinch the lash base carefully, because it is so easy to forget how delicate these babies truly are.

  4. Go For the Correct Length

    This is often a step that is highly overlooked, and it could leave you looking a little droopy if you don’t follow the rules. Lashes will always need to fit the length of your eyes. You don’t want them to look like they’re growing off you, trust us, we’ve seen our fair share of falsie failures over the years. To ensure a truly perfect and precisely measured fit, hold the lash to your eye, placing the inner and thinner corner to where your natural lashes begin to thicken. If your falsie is longer, then you can cut off the excess towards the outer edge. Yes, we know this step might be hard at first and it is rather fiddly. Unfortunately, if you cut from the bottom upwards you may end up trimming more than you expected. Just take care and remember to work slowly and gently to avoid disasters.

  5. Hair & Makeup

    You don’t have to do your hair this second, but false eyelashes are often the last fashion accessory that professionals apply. You should however apply your makeup before the falsies themselves. This will avoid unnecessary smudging and makeup that looks like you’ve been pulled out from a bush backwards. You can also curl your natural lashes at this stage, which will help them to bond with the falsies once you pop them on.

  6. Stick ‘em Down

    Grab your luscious lash with your chosen tweezers. Now you can apply a finite layer of good quality adhesive, which is often included in our superstar starter packs. Less is often more when it comes to using falsie adhesive, so don’t go crazy here. What you’ll want to do is to use a small brush or an applicator, making sure that you are only applying a thin layer, work slowly along the band of the lash (from end to end). Wait for a while until the glue or adhesive becomes tacky. Tacky glue or adhesive settles better and will prevent your eyelash from slipping all over your eye.

    Top Tip: Don’t place glue directly onto your eye region or eyelid. It will quickly dry and you won’t get a solid stick down otherwise. You could also damage your eye and/or eyelid, which is something you certainly don’t want if you need to pop some falsies on.

  7. Apply Your Fabulous Falsies

    Now, it’s time to apply your fabulous falsies. Well done, you’ve made it so far. Great job! You can take your tweezers now and pinch at the lash (towards the centre front). Now you can carefully put the lash band onto your skin – just above the natural lashes. Slowly and gently, pull the falsie down from either side, making sure it rests as closely as possible to your natural lashes. Once you are content with the placement of the false eyelash, you can move on to applying the slightest pressure to the lash band. This should help to set it firmly. For the last step, press and hold the very corners of your false eyelash, just for a few seconds, and this should keep them safe and secure.

  8. Blend Baby Blend

    With the use of mascara, you can gently touch up the falsie, and just blend, blend, blend baby! Another trick is to use eyeliner, gently paint it across the falsie band for a more natural look. You might not even need to blend, just take a look and see how naturally the false lashes and yours cross together, you’ll know if you need to blend a little.

  9. The Final Touches

    With your fingers, gently push your lashes to influence a curve. This will help to provide them with a little more volume. This is a great trick for sprucing up before you head out the door. First timers might find this part a little tricky. Don’t forget, practice makes it perfect. Be gentle and be careful with your approach. It might feel a little stressful, but you will get there.

Want to slip off your falsies? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

The best method to remove your false eyelashes is with a swab or earbud. Dampen the earbud gently with water and brush across the area where you applied glue. Once you are certain that it is no longer connected with your natural lash line, you can start to peel, peel, peel away. Pop your fabulous falsies in the tray until the next big night out!

Expert Tips – From The Professionals

  1. Want to keep your falsies in shape? Save your lashes in the tray provided, as this will preserve their gorgeous shape. Then you can remove any excess glue with some falsie tweezers.
  2. Losing the fabulous falsie curl? Before false eyelash application, you can dampen them in advance. Just leave them on a bit of clean plain paper. Another trip is to wrap lashes around the body of a pencil, you can secure them with a band. Leave these here for around 60 minutes, and once they are fully dry you can apply them again! You can do this over and over again until it’s time to say goodbye!
  3. When should I apply my falsies? These babies are not called ‘party lashes’ without reason. They always look best when they are first used. So we would recommend leaving them to settle for an hour before getting your heels on.

Our Top 3 Starter Kits – For Absolute Beginners

1. Ardell Duralash Starter Kit- For the total newbie, this kit is bound to boost!

The Ardell Duralash Individuals Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started with individual flare lashes! Popular with lash lovers the world over, individual eyelashes offer the flexibility to create virtually any look that you desire. This brilliant kit contains all of the essentials, so you can start creating your desired look as soon as they arrive.

  • High quality
  • Contains short, medium & long flares
  • Adhesive & remover included

2. Ardell Duralash Starter Kit Combo Black/Brown - For those who like to play with the shades!

Perfect for beginners' the Ardell Duralash Student Starter Kit Combo in Black/Brown offers a quick and easy way to create a customised lash look. Containing all the tools needed for an effortless enhancement, this kit boasts a combination of short, medium, and long Duralash flares in both black and brown allowing you to achieve a seamless blend and dimensional effect. Also included to ensure the ultimate fuss-free application, are a pair of tweezers, Lash Tite Adhesive, and a Lash Free Remover as well as instructions and a tips guide.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes adhesive, tweezers, and remover
  • Easy individual lash application

3. Eye Candy London – Lash Lovers Collection – For those who love a bit of class!

Update your lash kit, or give the perfect gift to any falsies fan with the amazing limited edition Eye Candy Lash Lovers Collection! This stunning set consists of four super sleek, stylish beauty tools that each allows you to achieve flawless looking lashes and brows in an instant. Their gorgeous rose gold design and holographic box add a tasteful touch of glamour and bring a new level of luxury to your lash application.

  • Rose gold beauty tools
  • High quality
  • Achieve flawless lashes and brows

This kit includes:

  • 1x Eyelash curler
  • 1x Lash applicator tool
  • 1x Slanted tip tweezers
  • 1x Pointed tip tweezers

If you've never applied false eyelashes before, then one of our starter kits is a fabulous purchase, to ensure you've got everything you need for a flawless application – whatever your level of expertise. Remember, every single order here at comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. Shop now, and select a starter kit that suits you!