French False Nails

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About French False Nails

What are French Nails?

The French manicure is the most common of all manicures in the western world. It is the go-to manicure and a classic that most women will have opted for at some point in their life. And just in case you don’t know what this type of mani entails, here is a quick lowdown.

The French manicure, or French nails, refers to a look which combines either a nude or baby pink nail bed, finished with a strip of white polish layered over the tip. That is it. Basic, classy and always in style. The French tip fake nails look also works on the toes for those looking to show off pretty feet in their favourite summer sandal.

Which French person invented this manicure?

There is much debate about who and when this manicure was invented, however one thing seems to be certain, it seemingly was not invented by a French person or indeed in France itself. Whilst some historians will claim the look was around even in the early 1800s, the most likely story is that French Nails were a Max Factor marketing tool, with the brand developing this manicure to be worn by the best fashionistas in Paris during the 1930s. 

There are other legends which claim it was born out of a need for film stars to change their look quickly during filming, and the neutral appeal of French nails solved that problem. Wherever the truth lies, this look has never got tired and continues to be a popular choice.

French manicure false nails are a convenient way to achieve the salon look without the salon expense and there are many stunning French tip stick on nails to choose from for effortless French nails.

Which nail shapes work best for French nails?

This is a tricky question. In the 90s, French Nails were all about square tips. Fast-forward to 2023 and your chosen nail shape really depends on the look you are trying to achieve or simply your personal preference.

Round Nails

If you are concerned that your fingers are shorter than you would like or maybe your hands are a little wider, rounded nails will address both of these issues, creating an elegant finish. Oval nails can also solve this problem, whilst adding a little femininity.

Squoval Nails

A square shaped nail, with rounded edges. If you are unsure which shape of nail suits you best, try a squoval. A universal shape which suits all hands and can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Coffin or Ballerina

Coffin or Ballerina are the same shape of nail, just differently named. They are long in length and potentially modernise classic French nails.


The stiletto shaped nail is not a natural contender for a French manicure, due to the pointy end making the application of the white edge rather tricky. However, it can be styled out by painting white strips along the edge of the points, challenging a classic style to be a little more daring.

Update your mani

If you are a fully subscribed fan of French nails but are ready to try something new, why not reinvent the classic. Try it your own way, or take inspiration from these suggestions.

Blocky Colour

The white tips associated with the traditional manicure offer the benefit of being versatile. There is also an argument for the aesthetic being too tired and too tested. So let’s shift gears. Replace white tips with bold blocks of colour, varying from nail to nail. Opt for a matte polish, which offers a cleaner finish.

Slow and steady wins the race…

Tortoise shell nail tips are very alluring. Achieved with a base layer of taupe finished with delicate black or brown touches. These French nails with a twist work across all the seasons and can be paired with clothing in shades of orange, brown, and olive.

Back to base

A lot of the modern French nail trends, focus their attention at the tip of the nails, switching the classic white for colour, or creating a wavy line instead of a stripe. However, changing the base colour can also refresh this classic. So if you are feeling dramatic, why not opt for black nail beds paired with tips of your choice. Choose a glossy black finish for ultimate impact.

Product Focus

These are our top choices for the best French manicure false nails:

Elegant Touch False Nails Square Medium Length French Bare 101

Our hands and indeed our nails can say a lot about who we are as people. Well cared for and perfectly manicured hands are what many of us aspire to have, however our day-to-day activities can make this particularly difficult.

Specific occupations can play havoc with the nails. Or maybe you are just feeling exhausted, and your nails have become brittle as a consequence. Fear not, these classic French nails from Elegant Touch will save the day. Easy to apply, easy to wear. A confidence booster in five minutes.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict French False Nails Rainbow French

If you are looking for a playful look this summer, these rainbow French nails are a fabulous go to product. Nude bases topped with bright colours make these nails ideal for summer holidays, relaxing poolside. These nails can be customised to suit your own preference, so go mix them up.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict French False Nails French Ombré Fade

Over the last five years, ombré has really enjoyed a moment. We have seen the trend emerge in hair colour, clothing, beards and now in French nails. Unlike the traditional French manicure, these Ardell nails don’t have a striking white line dividing the nude base and the tips. The gradient is far softer than traditional manicures and will work for a variety of events and outfits.

However you decide to style your French Nails, you will be in good company. Many stars have recently been sporting this classic look from Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Barbara Striesand.