Pre-Fanned Lashes

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About Pre-Fanned Lashes

The great thing about choosing pre-fanned lashes is that only a tiny amount of adhesive is required on the base of pre-fanned lashes to create a finely formed fan that your technician can put directly into the natural lash.

Pre-fanned lashes make application quicker and more straightforward because the fan is already customised for you. To produce a natural look or dramatic setup, we offer a choice of Pre-Fanned lashes with fans ranging from 3D to 14D.

What is the Definition of Pre-Fanned Lashes?

Pre-fanned eyelashes are lashes that come fanned out and ready to be applied. The fan is formed from several individual lashes (from 3D to 14D) that have been pre-made, especially for you, so all you need to do is apply them individually onto your natural lash line.

Pre-fanned lashes are a great way to get a dramatic look because they require minimal adhesive so that they won't weigh down your actual lashes as much as traditional single lashes or clusters.

How are Pre-Fanned Lashes Made?

The manufacturers make the pre-fanned lashes using either hand-fanned techniques or machine-fanned techniques. Hand-fanned techniques involve creating each individual fan one at a time by hand, and this method allows for more customisation and precision.

Machine-fanned techniques use machines to pre-create the fans, ensuring that the fanned shape is maintained through production and packaging.

Quality control is better with machine-fanned techniques. Still, the natural effect of hand-fanned lashes means it's easier to blend fake lashes into your lashes, as natural lashes do not grow uniformly.

Why Choose Pre-Fanned Lashes?

Whether looking for a subtle or dramatic look, pre-fanned lashes quickly get the glamorous eyelash look you desire. The fanned shape of pre-fanned lashes gives them a natural look with minimal effort, as they are already arranged in a fan formation.

Manufacturing this way means that only a tiny amount of adhesive is needed to attach them to your lash line - making them less likely to weigh down your lashes.

Minimal amounts of glue also mean allergic reactions are less likely, and pre-fanned lashes are quicker to apply than traditional single lashes. With pre-fanned lashes, you can achieve a lasting effect for up to two weeks with the correct aftercare.

Pre-Fanned Lashes are for Professional Technicians

We sell the products that technicians use, and there's a reason why the pre-fanned lashes are used by professionals rather than for home use. Applying this type of lash requires in-depth training and knowledge to achieve the best results.

There are plenty of other types of lashes for home application. We aim our range of pre-fanned lashes at mobile professional lash technicians and salons specialising in lash treatments. Pre-fanned lashes give the best possible results, and we have a range of fanned eyelashes from some leading brands.

What's the Difference Between Pre-Fanned Lashes and Individual Lash Extensions?

Pre-fanned lashes use a single strip or cluster of fanned eyelashes pre-attached to a band. In contrast, individual lash extensions involve applying individual false eyelash strands directly to your natural lashes. Pre-fanned lashes are ideal for those who want a more dramatic, fuller look without waiting as long for each individual strand to be applied.

However, individual lash extensions may be the best option if you're looking for a softer, more natural effect. Individual false lash extensions are positioned and tailored to fit your existing lash line. Individual lash extensions require more precision when it comes to the application than pre-fanned eyelashes do - but the results can be stunning!

Who Makes the Best Pre-Fanned Lashes?

When it comes to quality fanned eyelashes, Marvelash Salon System has been leading the industry in innovation and craftsmanship for decades. They offer professional fanned lash trays that give you easy access to their full range of fanned designs.

Pinky Goat is another leading brand name when it comes to fanned eyelashes, offering high-quality fanned lash strips as well as individual clusters.

Eyelash Emporium is another excellent choice for fanned eyelashes; their fanned design range offers various looks. Eyelash Emporium offer fanned eyelashes in various styles, from 14D Russian lashes to subtle 3D fanned lash strips.

Types of Pre-Fanned Lashes

Many pre-fanned lashes are available, ranging from subtle fanned strips to dramatic fanned Russian lashes. The most common type is the standard pre-fanned strip, which comes in 3D or 6D densities and has several short clusters of lashes pre-attached to a band for easy application.

For more dramatic looks, you can choose between 7D, 10D and 14D pre-fanned Russian lashes - these are individually fanned Russian eyelashes pre-attached to a band, resulting in a thick, fluffy look.

What Does it Mean When the Lash Fan is Heat Bonded?

Heat bonding is a manufacturing process to ensure that your fanned eyelashes hold their shape over time. This process adds a thin layer of adhesive to the tips of the lashes, fusing them together and making them more durable. Heat bonding also helps prevent lash extension fans from fraying or opening prematurely.

To keep your pre-fanned lashes looking their best, they should be stored upright when not used. Storing fanned eyelashes horizontally can cause the fan to open up and lose its original shape.

No matter what type of fanned lashes you're looking for, there's sure to be something that fits your style and budget. Pre-fanned lashes easily get the dramatic, glamorous look you want with minimal effort - perfect for any occasion.