Nail Scissors

To trim your nails and cuticles with absolute precision, you'll need a pair of nail scissors! We carry a range of high quality nail scissors by Elegant Touch, Nail HQ and other top nail brands.

About Nail Scissors

What types of scissors do you have in your home? If you have raised an eyebrow to this question with a “one scissor cuts all” type notion, maybe it is time to think again. There are very many different types of scissors, all manufactured in a slightly different way. Kitchen scissors, pinking scissors, cutting scissors and of course nail scissors.

Nail scissors are not simply a tool for those wanting to indulge in fancy manicures. They are a family essential. Nail care is important for every member of the family and purchasing quality nail scissors will ensure nails are clean, tidy, and healthy.

What Are The Different Types Of Nail Scissors?

The most common type of nail scissors have straight blades. These type of scissors are great for cutting strong nails, particularly for male adults, or for pedicures. However, if the nail is softer, (children and teenagers tend to have softer nails) curved scissors may be more gentle and help limit splitting.

Check out these nail scissor products below

Elegant Touch Professional Nail Scissors

These curved scissors from Elegant Touch are made to a professional standard. The curved blade makes them ideal for cutting softer nails, and the smaller size ensures they fit perfectly in your beauty bag. The product is manufactured in durable stainless steel, whilst the pink handles bring a little fun to this otherwise functional necessity.

Nail HQ Nail Pamper Set

Have you neglected your hands a little? Invest in yourself with this pamper set from nail HQ. The box contains all the products you need to get your hands back in shape. A cost-effective but high quality set. The scissors offer precision cutting to ensure your nails look orderly and well cared for. Use the buffer to bring natural shine to your nails. A perfect finish to your manicure.

The Nail HQ Luxury Nail Care Set

This product is a great present for teenage girls looking to perfect their home manicure. It comes with all the tools needed to create a salon standard manicure in the comfort of your own home. The products are very durable and will stand the test of time. Manufactured in high quality stainless steel and finished with a sophisticated white coating. These products are also suitable for vegans.

Top Tips For Cutting Finger Nails

If you are now all tooled up with your professional nail kit and ready to make over your hands, read our top tips which will have your nails looking good in no time.

Before you begin your manicure, there are some key decisions to be made. See below.

How Long Do You Want Your Nails To Be?

It is important to think about your everyday tasks. Longer nails can look very elegant for special occasions, however if you are perhaps working in a manual job or play a lot of sport, you may need to take the nail shorter. You might also need to consider the quality of your nails. If your nails are prone to breaking or splitting, taking them a little shorter may be advisable.

Shape Up

Nail shapes have trends, including the squoval nail, ballerina nail or a more simple almond shape. If you are struggling to decide which shape may suit your hands best, take the cuticles as your guide. Cuticles are naturally rounded and by cutting your nails in this shape, you are guaranteed to have a natural looking nail which flatters your hands.

The Basic Manicure

  1. Start by washing your hands and under your fingernails. This will eliminate germs and bacteria. It will also soften your hands and fingernails, which will make your manicure easier. For a more indulgent treat, soak your hands in warm essential oils.
  2. Take care to dry your hands properly.
  3. Trim nails to your desired length.
  4. Start to file your nails in your chosen shape, take care to gently file upwards in one motion. Harsh filing may cause damage to the nail and result in breaks or splits.
  5. Moisturise your hands thoroughly.

Are nail scissors better than clippers?

It is perhaps a question of personal preference, and one that does divide opinion. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of nails scissors.

The Good Bits

Value For Money: Whilst nail scissors may be more costly to purchase, they tend to be a longer lasting and more durable product. Indeed, premium quality scissors manufactured in stainless steel can last a lifetime.

Control: Scissor handles are ergonomically designed to give the user control and precision. This is not the same with clippers.

Smooth Moves: When you are looking to create a rounder shape, curved scissors will allow you to carefully follow the natural curve of the nail.

On The Downside

They Are Sharp! This is an obvious problem of scissors. They are intentionally designed to be sharp. However, this can cause problems and for safety, scissors should always be kept in a safe place or in a suitable pouch when travelling.

Expense: Good quality scissors are more expensive than clippers.

Dexterity: For people suffering with arthritis or other problems which limit dexterity in the hands, scissors can be harder to use than clippers.

Nail scissors will ensure you can perfect your home manicure to a salon standard. Nail clippers may be cheaper, easy to carry and perhaps quick to use, but they can leave sharp edges, and they don’t necessarily work as well on people with very strong nails.

Invest in nail scissors today.