Boldface Lashes

With nearly 100 stunning styles for you to choose from, Boldface Lashes are one of the most popular brands we stock! Boldface Lashes come in all manner of shapes and sizes. From dainty and natural-looking, through to super-stacked for extra drama. We're confident there's a Boldface style for everyone here in our fantastic range. We love Boldface Lashes and we know you will too - so be sure to place your Boldface order with us now!

About Boldface Lashes

“Be bold with your lashes & bold with your life” (Boldface Makeup)

Because life shouldn’t be boring and neither should your lashes! It’s time to break free from a world where we are expected to look a certain way. From ideal body images to viewing ourselves as inferior to others. What we should be doing is celebrating our differences!

Boldface’s tagline suggests exactly that. We don’t need to care about what others think, or look like, and live our lives as boldly as we choose.

The Bold Story

Boldface Lashes were born in Southern California. The journey began with four beauty industry professionals, whose passion for lashes, makeup, and all things beauty drove them to create their own, unique brand.

Noticing significant gaps in the eyelash market, the four were desperate to come up with a product that would allow wearers to achieve a layered, dramatic look, without sacrificing comfort. Because why should we have to suffer to look fantastic?!

With the same products being launched again and again it was time for a change and innovation. After months of research in which they meticulously studied different styles and production methods, Boldface finally designed and developed their concept: Lashes that achieve a multi-dimensional, layered look, held together by a thin, comfortable band.

They feared it may not be possible, but through determination and perseverance, they were able to create a unique manufacturing technique that had never been attempted before. The Boldface story had begun!

Why Boldface?

The creators of Boldface Makeup state that their brand of lashes is unique, bold, and unapologetic. As Paris Hilton famously said; “Life is too short to blend in!”

Level Up Your Lash Game

Offering a huge variety of styles, Boldface celebrates diversity. With five collections to choose from, they have created a dizzying range to suit every lash wearer’s needs. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd with an outrageous style or keep things a little tamer, Boldface guarantees you will find your perfect flutter.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Eyes?

With product names such as Not So Basic and Bold is Beautiful, their custom-made 3D lash styles are innovatively designed to transform your look in an instance. Boldface lashes are ideal for accentuating any makeup look; the bolder the better!

David Attenborough Would Approve

Not only are Boldface eyelashes uber-trendy, but the entire brand is also 100% Cruelty-Free. How great is that? Boldface do not test on animals or use animal fur in any of their products. All lashes are made with human and/or vegan friendly synthetic hair, meaning you can flutter away to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that none of our furry friends were harmed in the making.

I Woke Up Like This

Boldface lashes ooze glamour while maintaining a look so natural and realistic that they may have many people fooled! Get ready for the “all eyes on me” effect when you wear your Boldface eyelashes for the first time.

Unparalleled Comfort

Each individual lash is placed gracefully along a delicate band, exclusively designed for ultimate comfort and a lightweight fit. On top of this, they are super easy to apply, hallelujah!

Boldface proudly informs us they are the only lash brand that offers a 3D, layered look with a super thin and light band; putting them head and shoulders above their competitors.

So, How Do I Choose?

That’s a good question! Boldface creators have worked tirelessly to come up with five collections; from delicate, natural-looking lashes to dramatic, bold statements, and just about everything in between.

Check out our breakdown to find out more about each Boldface collection and choose your vibe!

The Bold Collection

Wispy, fluffy, and fully multi-dimensional lashes. Bold lashes for a bold life! Try Sassy Since Birth or Super StackedNot So Basic. Gain ultimate volume… and ultimate glam.

The Muse Collection

Precise and defined multi-dimensional lashes, with varying lengths and layers to glamorously frame your eyes. Our Top Picks? After Hours and Seeing Double. Fun and flirty with extreme definition.

The Epic Collection

All the volume, zero cruelty! Made with 100% synthetic and Cruelty-Free hair, this collection helps you achieve a Mink-style fluffy lash look, without the mink fur. We are loving Major Moment and The Original right now.

The True Collection

Boldface’s most NATURAL collection. Featuring the thinnest lash band out of all their collections, True lashes will help you achieve a beautifully subtle and natural look. Mini Statement and Simple Pleasures are our faves!

The GaLASHtic Collection

Dual colour, ombre lashes with subtle hints of colour for a one-of-a-kind look. These Polychromatic lashes are out of this world! We are totally digging Eye Nova, but don’t take our word for it… try for yourself and take your eyes to a new dimension.

OMG! I Love Your Lashes - Where Did You Get Them?

Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! The clue is in the title… we love lashes. At, we are proud to offer an unrivalled range of false lashes, in fact, you will not find a bigger or better range anywhere else in the UK or Europe!

We’ve got lashes for every eye shape, every style, and every occasion. Don’t believe us? Just browse our website and see for yourself! We value every single customer and believe that everyone, yes, everyone, deserves to look and feel beautiful.

We currently stock a huge selection of Boldface lashes, with over 90 stunning styles to choose from.

So whether you’re looking for subtle lashes that can be worn every day, or daring lashes for a big night out… we’ve got you covered! At you can shop by style, which means it is easier than ever to choose your look and achieve your lash goals!

View our full product selection available now in our online store.

Tell Me About Your Lash Subscription Service!

Okay, so you’ve found your perfect Boldface style, your lash game is oh-so strong, and you’re now the envy of all your friends. So how about making the most of our brand new subscription service?

Not only do we stock an enormous range of lashes, we now offer our customers the ultimate convenience.

Just choose your favourite lashes, hit subscribe, and let us take care of the rest. We'll send your order every 14, 30, or 60 days - as per your preference, leaving you to relax and focus on looking totally fabulous.

How to look after Boldface Eyelashes

Now you’ve found your dream lashes, you’ll want to take extra special care of them so you can use them again and again… right?! Read our top tips on application, removal, cleaning, and storage, to get the most out of your Boldface Lashes.

How do I remove my Boldface lashes?

  • Begin by removing makeup using an oil-free makeup remover such as micellar water.
  • Before removing from your eye, gently dab makeup remover over the lash band (you could use a soaked cotton pad or cotton bud).
  • Remove lashes by holding the outer corner of the lash base and carefully peeling towards your tear duct.

Should I clean my lashes?

Absolutely! Use a cotton pad or cotton bud soaked in oil-free makeup remover to gently rub the lash bands until all traces of adhesive and makeup are dissolved. Gently pat dry with tissues to absorb excess water before storing.

What is the best way to store my lashes?

  • Make sure your lashes are completely dry before storing them.
  • Store lashes in the Boldface Lash Tray and replace the original cover.
  • Store in a shaded and dry place.

Can I wear mascara with my lashes?

Less eye makeup will help your Boldface lashes last for longer. You can apply mascara on top of your natural lashes, but we would advise you to apply this before your false lash application.

How long will my lashes last?

The better you care for your lashes, the longer they will last. On average, a pair of Boldface lashes should last for around 10 wears, if properly taken care of.

How to apply Boldface false lashes

Applying false eyelashes can be a little tricky, but guess what… it doesn’t need to be! Follow our easy steps and you’ll soon be a pro. If you’re a first-timer, we’ve got your back. Check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to False Eyelashes, and become a False Lash Savvy!

  1. Find the right lash style for your eye shape. If you are struggling to choose lashes that suit you, read our handy guide to help you find a beautiful style that will suit and enhance your eye shape.
  2. Apply makeup according to preference. It is advisable to apply your Boldface false lashes as the final step of your eye makeup routine, as applying makeup after lash application will affect the longevity of the lashes.
  3. Measure the lashes against your eyelids, you will probably find you need to trim them to size. No one wants floppy-looking lashes! Take a small pair of nail scissors and gently cut sparingly from the outer edge. This step is very important in helping to achieve a natural look and fit, so continue to measure against your eyelids as you trim. Be careful not to overdo it as too short lashes won’t fully frame your eye.
  4. Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band. (Be careful not to apply too much lash glue to the strip… it will make removal more difficult and may damage the lashes).
  5. Use a lash applicator (or a pair of tweezers) to place the lashes as closely as possible to your natural eyelash line. Start from the outer corner and slowly apply pressure on the lash band, beginning on the outside and working inwards towards your inner eye.
  6. Gently adjust the two outer edges so they both sit securely on your lash line.
  7. Get ready to flaunt and flutter those gorgeous, feathery lashes!

The reviews speak for themselves. Wearers of Boldface lashes are obsessing over their unique designs that work well to build sheer volume and finite definition.

Boldface lashes reviews

“I am obsessed with these eyelashes. They're so different from any affordable lash out there because of their design. Firstly, I love the thin lash band, it was a genius idea. It makes the lashes easy to apply and comfortable to wear. A beginner could most likely use these. I also love the 3D, faux mink feel created by the multi-dimensional design, giving each lash a full, fluffy appearance. This really opens up the eyes and adds a doll-like pop to your makeup look.” Ashley, Glam Gallery Blog Spot

“New obsession… best lashes ever, the compliments don’t stop!” Monica, - Product Reviews

“I would highly recommend [these], I really don’t use any other lashes now because these ones are the easiest for me to work with… I feel like the band looks the most natural and they honestly are just my favourite.” Nicole, YouTube

As well as the dozens of 5-star reviews on our website, Boldface has been brewing up quite a following over on Instagram, with hundreds of ‘Bold Babes’ showing off their luscious lashes and inspiring others to step out of their comfort zones.

If you see yourself as an influencer, Boldface is always on the lookout for creative and passionate individuals to help showcase the brand by joining their ambassador program. With so many consistent reviews, it’s no wonder Boldface is quickly becoming one of THE most talked about indie brands on the internet.

Prices start from just £10, and what’s more, every order placed with us at comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more! All the more reason to treat yourself. So what are you waiting for? Browse our fantastic selection of Boldface Lashes right away and place your order with us now!