Best Lashes for Small Eyes

Finding the best lashes for small eyes on the UK high street is an impossible task. Not to worry though, because we've got you covered. Here at we stock over 100 super lash styles that are perfect for those with small eyes. With strip lash styles from Ardell, Eylure, Red Cherry and more. One thing is for sure, you will not find another range of the best lashes for small eyes that's as expansive as ours!

About Best Lashes for Small Eyes

Finding the right pair of false eyelashes can be a tricky task - there are so many different shapes, styles, and varieties to choose from, and if you’re not certain what your eye shape is, or what style will suit you best, it can make it even more frustrating.

We Sell the Best Lashes for Small Eyes

But, that’s why we’re here! We don’t just provide amazing falsies for every eye-type, we also bring you the need to know info for getting the perfect choice for your features.

When applied properly, false lashes can make a massive difference to your face - they can make your eyes a focal point, change the way you look, and even give you a confidence boost - and the best news? Just about everyone suits false lashes, when they choose the right set!

How to Choose Your Perfect Lash Style

It’s not actually a one-size fits all process, everyone has different size, shape, depth, and aligned eyes, not to mention the colour differences. But in general, there are certain eye shapes, and once you’ve identified what shape your eyes are - you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, because now you’ll be able to pick your perfect lash accessory with absolute confidence.

To really look your best, you’ll want to find the best size and style for your eye size and shape, and one that gives your personal style that wow factor - and, if you’re planning on using cosmetics to further enhance your features, you’ll want to work with lashes that fit your look.

It’s not all that difficult to work out your eye shape, once you know what you’re looking for - and right now we’re looking at small eyes!

Here at, we stock a huge range of false lashes to suit different types of eye shapes, so no one misses out. Our experts have hand-picked the most amazing styles available, so you can be sure that you’re getting our best.

Not sure on where to get started? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Read on and discover everything you need to know - from working out whether you have small eyes, to the most suitable lashes, and some makeup tips to finish your look.

Best Eyelashes for Small Eyes

Small eyes can be a bit more tricky than some other eye shapes - you want to make sure you balance your length and style, to ensure you don’t end up with really heavy eyelids and looking overdone.

Of course, people with small eyes can take the same lashes as everyone else and trim them down. The problem is, if you trim them down too much, then lashes can start to look a little silly. All of a sudden, that graduated length isn't looking so graduated and… yeah… it makes much more sense to buy lashes that have been designed for small eyes and not have to worry about styling them up yourself.

On this page, we present to you an edit of our very favourite lashes for small eyes. There's a style for every occasion, that's for sure. It doesn't matter if you're gearing up for a big night out, or even your wedding - we’ve got you covered!

If none of the eyelashes in our edit take your fancy then not to worry, we offer a boutique service and if you call or email - one of our expert team will be glad to assist until we find the right lashes for you.

A few examples of luscious eyelashes for small eyes include:

You’ll be certain to love your look when you’re wearing any of our fabulous selection of lashes, which have been hand-picked for quality, style, and usability. We pride ourselves on bringing you the best!

Combining Cosmetics with Lashes for Small Eyes

We totally get it, if makeup isn’t your thing - but for people that do want to upscale their look with beautiful colours and cosmetics, we are here to provide you with super useful info.

If you’ve only just worked out what eye style you have, then you might not be familiar with the best techniques and application methods to really complement your eyes, and really make your lashes stand out.

As well as styling your cosmetics, you can also look at how your eyebrows are shaped. A well shaped brow gives the impression of a wider eye. It's crazy what the power of makeup can achieve!

We’ve pulled together the best advice for applying eyeliner and eyeshadow to small eyes.

Getting Your Eyeliner Right on Small Eyes

You might think that you can’t wear eyeliner if you have small eyes, because if the application runs too thick, your eyes will look even smaller and shrunken in - which doesn’t give a flattering finish at all.

But, with a bit of care and the right tools - you can totally rock an eye-lined look!

One quick trick is to use black or dark brown eyeliner (pencil, soft kohl, or liquid eyeliner will all work - so use whichever you’re more comfortable with), and then make sure that you cover the skin beneath your upper lashes - this makes the lash line look thicker (without reducing the space on the eye), and gives you a wider eyed look.

Another size-up method is to choose an eyeliner that’s similar in colour to your own eyes, this has the added bonus of adding a pop of drama to your style!

Applying Eyeshadow to Small Eyes

A top tip for doing makeup for small eyes is to avoid the dark shadows. Stick to lighter, more natural shades and shimmers, to help open up and create an illusion of a wide eye.

Use a slightly darker shade on the outside edges of your eyes, and blend this into lighter tones from the inside edge of the eye. Dark shadows will make your eyes look heavy and closed. Create a more defined eyebrow shape to also really help accentuate the eyes.

Don’t forget, you can augment the look of your eyes with clever contouring - with the right blend of colours and tones, and careful application of darker tones to create shadowed areas around your eye sockets and the corners of your eyes, you can totally change the appearance of their shape, and make them look longer or more exotically shaped.

What are You Waiting For? Be Fabulous Today!

There are so many amazing lashes that are specifically designed for small eyes, that you’ll be spoiled for choice on every occasion. You’ll never have to ‘make do’ or style your own set (unless you want to) ever again!

We stock a large selection of false eyelashes for small eyes by House of Lashes, Ardell, Eylure, Red Cherry, SOSU by SJ, Boldface and more.

And, to make our customers even happier with their best new lash selection, we ensure that every order placed here at comes with FREE Royal Mail Tracked delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more.

What are you waiting for? Buy your false lashes for small eyes now and be a bold and beautiful new you!


What Are Small Eyes?

We mentioned that everyone has different shape and sized eyes, and it can be a bit tricky to tell whether you’ve got one shape, or whether they classify as small.

Shopping the best lashes for small eyes can be a challenge, especially on the high street or in drug stores where the selection is limited, uninspiring and expensive. But don't worry, we've got you covered here at, with a huge selection of the very best falsies for those with small eyes.

As you can imagine from their shape name, Small Eyes are just that - eyes which are small.

How Can You Tell if You Have Small Eyes?

To work out whether your eyes are considered small or not, compare the size of your eyes with your nose and mouth! If your eyes are an ‘average’ size, they’ll be similar in size to your mouth or nose, or maybe a little bit smaller.

But, if your eyes are a lot smaller than your mouth or nose, then you know for certain that you’ve got small eyes.

If you want to see examples of what people with small eyes look like, we suggest having a look at photos of:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Jessica Biel
  • Kiera Knightley

These super-celebs all have small eyes! So if you do too, then you’re in awesome company!