Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Finding the best lashes for prominent eyes is really easy here at Start scrolling and you'll find an incredible collection of lashes by big brands such as Ardell, Dose of Lashes, Eylure, House of Lashes, Lilly Lashes, and many more. If you want the best lashes for prominent eyes without trying out lots of different pairs, this page is for you! All lashes on this page have been hand-picked for those with prominent eyes by our expert MUAs.

About Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Choosing and correctly applying falsies can do amazing things for your face. They can accentuate your features, or completely change your look - and the best thing, is that false lashes can suit just about everyone.

Finding the Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Getting the right pair, in the right style for your eye shape, can be a bit more tricky. This is because your eyes are unique - the shape, size, depth, alignment, and colour differ from person to person. But don’t panic! Even though the little details are unique to you, their general shape will fall into one of a certain style - and we’re going to walk you through what you need to know to work out whether you’ve got prominent eyes, and how to make the best style choices for them.

With this in mind, we’re going to showcase different lashes, with a clear idea of the finished look they present, and even provide you with some makeup tips, in case you want to apply cosmetics as well, to make a full image change.

Here at, we stock a huge range of false lashes to suit all the different types of eye shapes, so no one misses out! Our experts have hand-picked the best styles available, so you can be super confident that you’re getting an amazing pair of falsies for every occasion.

So let’s get started, and soon - whether you’re off for a relaxing break, having a night on the town, or want to glam up and be fierce - you’ll know exactly what you need, and how to get them.

What are Prominent Eyes?

Prominent Eyes are a natural eye shape, not to be confused with Bulging Eyes (which can be an indicator of illness). With Prominent Eyes, the eyeball protrudes or projects outwards slightly from the socket, and is generally big and round in shape. Like Almond Eyes, Prominent Eyes may also turn upwards on the outer corners.

This eye shape can easily become the central focal point of your face, and are generally considered to be one of the most expressive eye types out there!

How to Tell if You Have Prominent Eyes?

When you look face on in the mirror, Prominent Eyes tend to appear larger and rounder than most, and when you look at it from a side on glance, the roundness is more apparent.

It is important to recognise that this is a natural eye shape that individuals are born with. If you suddenly start to have trouble closing your eyes, or they appear to be bloated, this could be Bulging Eyes which are a symptom of several medical conditions, and assistance from a Doctor, Nurse, or qualified Medical Practitioner should be sought.

To give you a better idea of what a Prominent Eye is, and how to recognise if you have that shape, we suggest you have a look at pictures of:

  • Ashley Olsen
  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Stella McCartney

These celebrities all have big, beautiful Prominent Eyes, so if you do too, then you’re in stunning company!

Best Eyelashes for Prominent Eyes

What sort of look are you going for? Because Prominent Eyes are already big and beautiful, unless you’re aiming to really focus on having huge eyes (great for some types of cosplay) - then you’ll want to carefully choose falsies that either highlight the shape, conceal some of the size, or appear to balance the proportions of your features.

If you have Prominent Eyes, we recommend lashes that vary in short and medium length, this type of lash draws attention to your lash line as well as enhancing your eye shape. If this edit of eyelashes for Prominent Eyes doesn't quite hit the spot, then please do email or call us, and we'll be glad to find the right lashes for you, our experts are always ready to give you advice and assistance!

If you’re looking to make your eyes look smaller and flatter, then voluminous lashes will do the job, but this can be a difficult look to balance, as too thick and you’ll overwhelm your features.

To really flatter the shape, have a look at strip lashes that gradually fan out, as this will give definition and draw focus, without overwhelming your natural look.

When it comes to the vital lashes you need for Prominent Eyes, we completely recommend including these lashes in your selection:

Whether you’re going for a natural look, some enhancement, fierce drama, or an everyday essential, we’ve got you covered!

Combining Your Cosmetics with Prominent Eyes

Not everyone wants or needs to wear cosmetics, but the shape of your eye can really have an impact on whether an application style, colour range, or even technique will suit you.

We’ve put together some handy tips and styling advice, so if you have Prominent Eyes, and want to enhance your cosmetic techniques - you’re in the right place!

Applying Eyeliner to Prominent Eyes

Before you start applying your eyeliner (either with a pencil, soft kohl, or liquid eyeliners), you need to have an idea of what it is you want to achieve. Do you want your eyes to appear smaller? Are you creating an illusion of a different eye shape? Do you want to make your eyes the focal point? Are you going for full drama?

The way in which you apply your liner will depend on the outcome you’re looking for!

If you want a natural look, try using neutral colours (like brown or taupe) or nudes, to line the upper and lower lines - this will give you a touch of highlight, without being bold.

To make your eyes look smaller, look at darker, smokier colours and thicker applications (taking care not to go too heavy) - this can be combined with eyeshadow and contouring techniques to not only make your eyes appear smaller, but also less prominent.

To add a touch of drama and focus the gaze, a thick flick which covers the eyelid space will make your eyes appear longer.

When choosing your eyeliner, remember that lighter colours tend to bring details forward, and darker colours give more shadow and recede the features. Finding the right balance and thickness will depend on your personal style, and the alignment of your features.

Eyeshadow Application Tips for Prominent Eyes

If you want to make your eyes appear wider (like an almond eye shape) then go for a smokey eye look, blending outwards towards the outer eye.

Stay away from full flutter lashes and lashes that have plenty of volume, as this can make your eyes seem smaller than they actually are.

Another makeup trick is to create more of a round eyebrow look. This will soften your eyes and create a more circular, softer look.

You might also want to go for more matte colours and darker shades that will create the illusion of depth, you can apply this and carefully fade the colour across the eyelid and socket area, giving you the ability to create the shadows and eyelid crease where you want it - controlling (to some extent) the appearance of size; and as we mentioned with the eyeliner, light colours bring details forwards, dark colours recede them - so you’ll want to pick your palette carefully!

What are You Waiting for, Be Bold and Beautiful with Your Prominent Eyes Today!

If you’ve got Prominent Eyes, you might think that you’re limited in the styles and colours available to you, but with the right techniques - and the best accessories - you’re spoiled for choice, and can go wild making up your new aesthetic.

To give you a boost, and the best direction to source your falsies from, we stock a wide range of false eyelashes for all eye shapes. So what are you waiting for?

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