Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

One of the many different eye shapes is Prominent Eyes. When it comes to dressing our eyes, we all love to switch up our makeup look, right?! And no makeup look is complete until a pair of falsies is put on (sorry, but that's just the way it is). But, shopping for and applying false lashes can be complicated when not knowing your eye shape. Once you do, it’s as easy as trimming them down and applying the falsies to your eyes.

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Prominent Eyes protrude from the eye socket, they are round and big in shape. With already big beautiful eyes you don’t want lashes or makeup that is too overpowering. If you want to make your eyes appear wider (almond eye shape) then go for a smokey eye look, blending outwards towards the outer eye. Stay away from full flutter lashes and lashes that have plenty of volume as this can make your eyes seem smaller than they actually are. Another makeup trick is to create more of a round eyebrow look. This will soften your eyes and create a more circular, softer look.

Vital lashes for Prominent Eyes include:

  • Ardell Lashes in style - Wispies 113
  • Lilly Lashes in style - Doha
  • House Of Lashes in style - Iconic Lite
  • Eylure Volume Lashes in style - 109

Looking for a little inspo? Well, there are lots of celebs who boast Prominent Eyes, including: Ashley Olsen, Amanda Seyfried and Stella McCartney. If you have Prominent Eyes, we recommend lashes that vary in short and medium length, this type of lash draws attention to your lash line as well as enhancing your eye shape. If this edit of eyelashes for prominent eyes doesn't quite hit the spot, then please do email or call us and we'll be glad to find the right lashes for you.

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