Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

Eye shapes come in different shapes and sizes just like our body shape. One of the variations are prominent eyes. When it comes to dressing our eyes, we love to switch up our makeup look and it isn’t complete until a pair of falsies is put on. It can be complicated when not knowing your eye shape but once you do, it’ll be just as easy as applying them to your eyes and finding the best lashes that suit your eye shape.   

Prominent eyes are eyes that protrude from the eye socket, they are round and big in shape. With already big beautiful eyes you don’t want lashes or makeup that is overpowering. If you want to make your eyes appear wider (almond eye shape) go for a smokey eye look, blending outwards towards the outer eye. Steer away from full flutter lashes and lashes that have plenty of volume as this can make your eyes seem smaller than they actually are.

Celebrities with prominent eyes: Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried, Stella McCartney

If you have prominent eyes, our lash experts here at would recommend lashes that vary in short and medium length, this type of lash draws attention to your lash line as well as enhancing your eye shape.  

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