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How to look after False Eyelashes

If you're an avid wearer of fake eyelashes, then you want to keep your falsies in tip-top condition at all times, right? This guide offers advice on how to look after your lashes, so you can make the most out of them. Click here to read more

Different Types of Strip Lashes

With the ever-growing popularity of false eyelashes, we offer an impressive selection with lots of different styles. From faux mink, 3D, silk, synthetic, human hair and plenty more. Not sure which lash style suits you? Click here to read more to find out.

Different Types of Lash Bands

When choosing a pair of lashes, it is vital to consider which lash band is best suited to your eyes. Ensure you select the right ones for the best comfort and fit for your eyes. Click here to read more

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to False Eyelashes

Once used for only special occasions, false eyelashes have now become a part of everyday beauty. Here at HQ, we have created the ultimate beginners guide to false eyelashes, offering you all the information you need to select the right style for your eye shape to full application process. Click here to read more

Finding False Lashes to Suit your Eye Shape

Each and every single person has a unique eye shape, whether it be hooded eyes, round eyes, monolid eyes, deep set eyes, wide set eyes or almond eyes - we have you covered! Read our informative article to see which false lashes suit your eye shape. Click here to read more

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

New to the lash world are magnetic lashes. In this guide, you’ll be able to find video tutorials and magnetic lash hacks! Click here to read more

Selecting and applying all types of Individual Lashes

There’s always a huge dilemma when it comes to selecting individual lashes, as everyone has a personal preference. This guide will inform you which individuals to select and how to apply. Click here to read more

Everything you need to know about Pre Glued Lashes

If you’re a newbie to falsies then we would suggest you to try pre-glued lashes. They are a quick and simple alternative to standard strip lashes. Click here to read more

Patch Testing your Lash Adhesive

It is crucial to carry out a patch test before using any lash adhesive. Each individual have different skin types, some may have sensitive skin more than others. All glues use different formulas, and some may include latex, so trial before using on your eyelids. Click here to read more

How to Remove Individual Lashes At Home

No one wants damaged lashes, so it is vital to know how to remove them yourself without causing any damage. It takes time to master, but once you learn it’s very straightforward. Click here to read more

Your Guide to selecting a False Eyelash Adhesive

All fake eyelashes require lash adhesive and at we offer a wide range of glue. They all vary in formula and colour. Read our guide for further information, to make your decision a lot easier. Click here to read more

Cutting Strip Lashes to Size

Lash strips are designed to fit a variety of eye shapes and sizes. Read our informative guide to ensure you’re trimming your lashes correctly without damaging them. Click here to read more

Strip Lash Adhesive Guide

We offer a variety of lash adhesives from, DUO, Ardell, Eylure and many more. In this guide, we advise things to consider before selecting a lash adhesive. Click here to read more

The Removal of strip Lashes

Lashes can vary in prices, and if you’re to buy an expensive lash brand you’d want to learn how to carefully remove, so you can re-use them. This in depth guides provides everything you need to know, from top tips to what accessories you’ll need. Click here to read more

Individual Lash Adhesive

All lash adhesives require patch testing before applying. The formulas all vary, from strength to colour. Click here to read more

Lashes Accessories and Tools

Ever wondered how to apply false lashes effortlessly? If you have unsteady hands, we would recommend you have the right accessories and tools to ensure smooth application. At the end of the day, it is down to personal preference. Click here to read more

Accent Lashes

If you’re a newbie to false eyelashes, we suggest trying accent lashes. These are most natural, offering length and volume. In particular, giving you that cats-eye look. Click here to read more

Now you've learnt all about strip false eyelashes, you can read all about professional lash extensions here.