Lash Accessories and Tools


When it comes to applying an array of different false lashes, it is extremely important that you have a selection of top quality beauty tools to assist you with your applications. Whether you are a lash novice or pro, there are a wide range of lash accessories and tools available to ensure you apply your lashes flawlessly every time.

Lash Curlers

The initial important step to remember before applying any false lashes, is a pair of trusty eyelash curlers. These handy little tools are often underrated but they make such a difference to your overall eye look, making them a worthy addition to any lash lover’s makeup kit. We recommend using your personal choice of lash curlers, after you have finished your skin routine, and base makeup, but before you have applied any eye makeup. There are a few different types of lash curlers available to choose from, and here at we stock a wide variety to cater to everyone’s needs.

Traditional Eyelash Curlers

Traditional eyelash curlers tend to have sleek, lightweight designs that allow you to achieve an effortless wide eyed look and lifted natural lashes with ease. They have easy to hold handles which are comfortable and offer a firm grip, and they often also come with a spare pad meaning each pair will last you a good few months. Using an eyelash curler definitely enhances your eyes even more and is an important step to consider before going on to apply your favourite false lashes.


Wearing mascara alongside false lashes is definitely down to personal preference, however we find that if you apply a coat or two to your natural lashes prior to applying your falsies, you will achieve a much more seamless blend. We also suggest that you don’t apply mascara directly to the false lashes, as this can damage them and affect how long they last. Waterproof formulas are always extra useful as these ensure no smudging as well as a long-lasting wear.

Compact Eyelash Curlers

If you require a travel friendly alternative to a standard pair of eyelash curlers, or you simply don’t have enough room in your makeup bag; then precision lash curlers are the perfect option. Precision eyelash curlers boast compact designs that still deliver a long-lasting curl in a few simple steps. The Japonesque Go Curl Eyelash Curler is scaled down in size making it perfectly portable and practical, whilst the easel back flips down providing the leverage needed to lift and curl your natural lashes. These curlers also include an extra pad that is conveniently contained inside the curler. Easy for on the go, compact curlers are an everyday essential!

Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated eyelash curlers offer innovative technology that gently yet effectively lifts your lashes for an instant, wide eyed effect. The Eylure Heated Lash Curler is easy to use and boasts quick heating technology that creates long-lasting shape, holding your curled lashes in place.

Glam Eyelash Curlers

As well as standard eyelash curlers, there are also extra glamorous designs to add some extra sparkle to your lash accessory collection. The Lilly Lashes Glam It Up Lash Curlers work in the same way as traditional lash curlers, but their crystal-covered handles offer a unique, luxurious effect.

Lash Scissors

If you often find that false lashes are too long for your particular eye shape or size, lash scissors will help you to tackle this issue with ease. Their small size makes them easy to take on the go, and also means they fit in most lash cases. Once you have measured the false lash against your natural lash, simply use your lash scissors to carefully trim the lash down to size. We always recommend trimming the lash from the outer edge. You can then apply your lashes using the appropriate tools.


Tweezers are definitely a makeup bag essential, they come in handy for so many different things from removing unwanted facial and brow hairs, to precisely applying false lashes. Tweezers can not only be used to quickly apply strip lashes, but they can also be used to apply an array of individual lashes to effortlessly achieve professional results.

Lash Adhesive

Lash adhesive is obviously a staple for when it comes to achieving an impeccable lash application and a durable, all day hold. We stock a range of high quality adhesives from top selling brands such as DUO, Eylure and Ardell, allowing you to easily select a formula that suits you.


A lot of eyelash adhesives come in a reasonably sized tube that is ideally suited for beauty professionals or those that wear lashes on a regular basis. You get a lot more product in each bottle, and the thin nozzle evenly distributes the glue.

Brush on

Brush on lash adhesives are incredibly straightforward to use; they’re practically fool proof. They feature thin, flexible brush or wand style applicators that make applying a thin, even amount of glue on your lashes easier than ever – they are also ideal for

Quick Set

For a quicker, more convenient application of lash glue we have recently added the brand new DUO quick set lash adhesives to our website. Available in both a clear and dark finish depending on your preference, these formulas dry in just five seconds which means no more waiting around for your lash glue to dry. These are a great choice for those more experienced lash wearers that are in a rush!

Lash Applicators

Lash applicators are one of the latest lash accessory inventions created to allow quick and easy applications, whatever your level of expertise. They are similar to tweezers, but have been designed to offer a much firmer hold as well as unbeatable precision. The curved end fits a false lash in perfectly, making it really easy to just pop them into position along your lash line. There are a range of different lash applicators available on, including rose gold ones, standard matte black and hot pink to name a few.