Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

If you’re looking for the best false eyelashes for Close Set Eyes, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1000 lash styles in stock here at, you’re sure to find a suitable lash for your unique eye shape, and a style for every occasion. From big night out to daytime, evening to wedding, we’ve got you covered!

Close Set Eyes are eyes that are close together leaving an eye width apart. If the width is smaller than the width of your eyes, then you have Close Set Eyes.

Finding lashes to suit your eye shape is just as tough as finding the right hairstyle for your face shape. It’s important to choose fake lashes that are long in the middle and elongated towards the end of the lash. With lashes from Peaches and Cream, Land of Lashes, Eyelash Emporium, One Lash Chance and many more you’re sure to find a suitable lash. If you can’t find your desired lashes for close set eyes featured on this page, then be sure to call or email us and our team will find just the right lashes for you! We offer lashes that are great value for money and of the highest quality.

A few examples of lashes for you to reach for:

  • Land of Lashes in style - Allure
  • Peaches and Cream in style - No.1
  • Baddie B Lashes in style - Sugarbaby
  • SWEED by Terry in style - Tete a Tete

Wondering which celebrities have Close Set Eyes? To name a few: Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Stewart all have this unique eye shape, so you’re not alone!

Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Winged eyeliner is your new best friend if you have Close Set Eyes. This makeup technique extends the outer corner of your eyes making them look bigger and wider. When it comes to eyeshadow, it’s important to choose 3-4 colours to create a shadow gradient starting from the inner corner of your eye using a light shade and working towards the outer eye with a darker colour. By applying a nude or white highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes will make them appear wider and brighter.

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