Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

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About Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

Choosing the right pair of false eyelashes for your close set eyes can transform your eyes and add a whole new dimension to your look. The good news is, that there are so many lash choices available for close set eyes, that we have a brand and style of lash for everyone.

Your eyes are unique - everyone’s eyes are slightly different in shape, colour, depth, and size, and to find the very best false eyelash accessory, you need to know what eye shape fits yours best.

So, even though there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to the right eyelashes, you can still find the perfect pair to accentuate your features, finish off your look, and highlight your own personal sense of style by determining your best fit.

You might be wondering where to even start, and be unsure if your eyes are one shape or another, which is why we’ve put together handy descriptions, style guides, and suggestions - so you can look your very best without hassle and fuss! We’re going to help you determine what eye shape you have, and give you all the details to make informed shopping choices - so whether you’re going out to lunch, want to look supernatural, nail a professional meeting, or go glam on a night out - you know everything you need!

If you’re looking for the best false eyelashes for Close Set Eyes, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1000 lash styles in stock here at, you’re sure to find a suitable lash for your unique eye shape, and a style for every occasion.

How Do You Define What Close Set Eyes Are?

Close Set Eyes are eyes that are closer together than other shapes. Generally, most eyes are around one eye length apart from the finish of one and the start of the other, but close set eyes are those that don’t have that much distance between them or from the edge of the eye to the bridge of the nose.

It’s said that people with close set eyes tend to be seriously focused, well-disciplined, super-detail minded, and very successful - as well as being prone to having a short temper!

Close Set eyes aren’t as common as some other eye-shapes in the UK and Europe, they are considered to be an attractive and desirable beauty standard in some Asian countries, such as South Korea.

How to Tell if Your Eyes are Close Set

It’s relatively simple to tell if your eyes are set close together. The gap between the end of one eye and the beginning of the next is generally about one eye length apart - so if your eyes are closer together than one eye length, then they’re considered to be close set.

Sometimes it’s not easy to work out from words alone, so have a look at pictures of:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Kristen Stewart

These celebrities all have this unique eye shape, so you’re certainly in fabulous company if you too have close eyes!

Best Eyelashes for Close Set Eyes

Finding lashes to suit your eye shape is just as tough as finding the right hairstyle for your face shape, you want to pick styles that won’t overpower or be too heavy-set - the right set of lashes doesn’t just enhance the volume and length of your natural lashes, but they can also change and accentuate the shape of your eyes, so you want to make sure you choose carefully!

For close set eyes, it’s important to choose fake lashes that are long in the middle and elongated towards the end of the lash - this creates more shape on the eyelid, and gives the illusion that your eyes are bigger than they are, as well as shifting focus, so your eyes also appear to be further apart (similar to how contouring can completely change the shape of the face with foundation).

With lashes from Peaches and Cream, Land of Lashes, Eyelash Emporium, One Lash Chance and many more you’re sure to find a suitable lash in our expertly hand-selected range of products.

If you can’t find your desired lashes for close-set eyes featured on this page, then be sure to call or email us and our team, who will find just the right lashes for you! We offer lashes that are great value for money and of the highest quality.

To really balance out your look, and make your eyes look amazing, we absolutely recommend you reach for:

  • Land of Lashes in style - Allure
  • Peaches and Cream in style - No.1
  • Baddie B Lashes in style - Sugarbaby
  • SWEED by Terry in style - Tete a Tete

If you’re looking to make a sweet, light, and more natural style, then we suggest you head for:

We’ve also got stunning selections for people with close set eyes who want to amp up the drama, embolden and volumise, and extend existing lashes.

No matter what time of day (or night), or what event you’re planning on attending - we’ve got the lashes to help you look your best!

Cosmetic Choices for Close Set Eyes

Whether you’re going for a faux-natural look, or full on glamazon - the right false eyelashes are an accessory that is literally eye-catching! To help you make the best of your gorgeous close set eyes, we’ve popped together some quick makeup tips!

Applying Eyeliner to Close Set Eyes

Eyeliner, either from a pencil or in liquid format, can make a dramatic difference to your makeup, and different techniques, and even different colours can elevate your look to a whole new level.

Eyeliner is a great tool to create illusions of distance and depth, if you choose a lighter colour liner for the inner corner of your eye, and use a darker shade on the outside, the light shade will make your eyes look further apart from the bridge of your nose, and the darker corner will give bolder definition.

Winged eyeliner is your new best friend if you have Close Set Eyes. This makeup technique extends the outer corner of your eyes, making them look bigger and wider.

Eyeshadows for Close Set Eyes

As with your eyeliner, you can create illusions with your eyeshadow as well - by carefully applying a lighter shade in the corner, then working it out to a darker finish at the far end (perhaps with a small cat-eye or wing), you can further increase the appearance of distance as well as making your eyes look bigger.

This is a great technique for lighter lashes, and more natural looks, where you want to blend carefully with nude tones, and light colours - reflective or shimmering eyeshadows can also make for a stunning addition here.

You can take this method and make it a bit more complex by choosing 3-4 colours that are similar, but different enough to have a start-to-finish impact (if you choose colours that are too close, they’re going to lose their differentiation when you blend them) to create a shadow gradient starting from the inner corner of your eye using the lightest or palest shade and working towards the outer eye with the darkest or heaviest colour.

This method works as a great backdrop for fluttering lashes and extensions, as the gradient is a bit more pronounced than the simple two-toned method, and the fluttery lashes especially are perfect for drawing attention to this style!

If you’re only applying a single colour eyeshadow, it’s recommended to avoid dark colours or heavy tones, as this will make your eyes look sunken, and can make the proportions of your face more pinched.

By applying a nude or white highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes will make them appear wider and brighter, and if you add a touch of sparkle to a single colour, it can balance out the shaded effect.

This works beautifully with thicker lashes as they act as the wing or flair, rather than you applying it cosmetically.

Get Ready to Look Fabulous!

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