Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

What are Downturned Eyes? Do I have Downturned Eyes? Well, let us fill you in! This eye shape is essentially the almond eye shape, but with a slight tilt downwards at the outer corners. This unique eye shape makes your upper eyelid appear longer than the lower lid. And let us tell you, eyeliner is your bestie when it comes to creating an eye-popping appearance! Eyeliner can brighten up and enhance the natural appearance of your eyes, especially with a winged liner look. 

The best makeup look for Downturned Eyes

If you were born with Downturned Eyes, then you were born to rock the winged eyeliner look! For the perfect cat eye, use a thick eyeliner and angle your liner at a 45 degree angle and gently flick upwards towards the outer corners. When it comes to eye makeup it is recommended to apply eyeshadow to the eyelid and blend upwards towards the outer eye, creating a smokey effect. Finish off with a pair of false lashes that are tapered and curl upwards.

Here at, we offer a variety of lash styles to suit your everyday needs. Making sure you pick the right lashes so suit your Downturned Eyes will really make all the difference. Be it a big night out, date night or an everyday look – we have you covered! With lashes from Red Cherry, Ardell, KoKo Lashes, Doll Beauty, Unicorn Cosmetics and many more.

A few favourite lashes for people with Downturned Eyes are:

  • Ardell Accent Lashes in style - 118
  • Red Cherry Demi Lashes in style - Jane
  • House of Lashes in style - Iconic Mini
  • SOSU Lashes 7 Deadly Sins Lashes in style - Lust

If you're wondering which celebs have Downturned Eyes, then you're in great company: Emma Watson, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and Britney Spears are just a few.

We offer a boutique service, so if you can't scratch the itch with the edit of lashes for Downturned Eyes featured on this page, be sure to call or email us and our team will find the right lashes for you! Just let us know what the occasion is and your preferences, and we'll come back to you with the best downturned eye lash recommendations as fast as we can. Finally, don't forget there's FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. Buy your false lashes now!