Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

We've got a stellar selection of the very best lashes for downturned eyes. Our hand-picked range of lashes includes stunning lashes by Ardell, Dose of Lashes, Kiss, SOSU and more. If you're struggling to find lashes for downturned eyes then we're sure you'll agree, we've come up trumps for you. Scroll down and dive into the best lashes for downturned eyes right now!

About Best Lashes for Downturned Eyes

Finding the right set of false eyelashes can do wonders for changing the appearance of your face, and highlighting your eyes as a focal point. The best thing is, falsies do suit just about everyone! If you need a little help to determine your eye shape, and then to find the best lashes for downturned eyes, you're most definitely in the right place.

Although there are standard eye shapes, your eyes are unique in their shape, colour, size, and depth - no one has eyes just like you, and we want to help you really make the most of that.

Your journey to finding lashes for downturned eyes

When it comes to picking the perfect lashes, there isn’t exactly a ‘one-size-fits all’ sort of process, certain styles and sizes are better suited to certain eye types, and of course, you can always elevate your look even further with gorgeous cosmetics.

If you don’t already know what your specific eye shape is, it might seem difficult to determine where they fit, as some shapes and styles are quite close to others. But don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through the process, give you all the details you need to know about downturned eyes - and even the best ways to apply makeup to your eyes, so whether you’re off for a night in the town, wanting to keep it faux-natural, or do something smart for work, we’ve got you covered! If you don't want to go into the specifics of downturned eyes and you just want to known your eye shape, it's well worth taking a few minutes to complete our eye shape quiz

So read on, and let’s introduce you to Downturned Eyes and how to accessorise them successfully.

What are Downturned Eyes?

So let’s start with the basics, and answer the questions, “What are downturned eyes?” and “Do I have downturned eyes?”.

This eye shape is actually very similar to the almond eye shape, but unlike almond eyes, downturned eyes (as the name suggests) have a slight tilt downwards at the outer corners, this is also called a ‘descending eyelid’.

This particular eye shape is commonly seen in people of Asian descent, but can also appear in women and men across the world.

Downturned eyes are perfectly natural, and shouldn’t be confused with Droopy Eyes (which tend to be caused by a medical condition).

How Can You Tell if You Have Downturned Eyes?

Because the shape is very similar to almond eyes, it may be difficult to tell if you have downturned eyes, especially if the curve to the lid isn’t particularly pronounced.

But generally, the fastest (and easiest) way to tell if you have downturned eyes, is to check out your face in the mirror and look at the outermost corner of your eyes to see if they are lifted up, neutral, or pointing downwards.

If the outer corners are pointing downwards with a slight drop towards your cheekbones, then you have downturned eyes.

This unique eye shape makes your upper eyelid appear longer than the lower lid, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re making your lash selection - and decide whether you want to accentuate this curve (and go for a Sleepy Eye look), balance it out for a more ‘wide awake’ approach, or contour and style your makeup to give the illusion of an entirely different eye style.

And let us tell you, eyeliner is your bestie when it comes to creating an eye-popping appearance! Eyeliner can brighten up and enhance the natural appearance of your eyes, especially with a winged liner look.

If you’re still not really sure what we mean by downturned eyes, go and check out pictures of:

  • Emma Watson
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Anne Hathaway
  • Katy Perry
  • Britney Spears

All these super beautiful celebrities have downturned eyes - so if you do too, then you’re in excellent company!

Best Eyelashes for Downturned Eyes

Whether you’re looking to make your eye shape look different, or want to rock a focused style, downturned eyes can be accessorised beautifully to give you a whole variety of images.

Here at, we offer a variety of lash styles to suit your everyday needs. Making sure you pick the right lashes so suit your Downturned Eyes will really make all the difference.

Be it a big night out, date night or an everyday look – we have you covered! With lashes from Red Cherry, Ardell, KoKo Lashes, Doll Beauty, Unicorn Cosmetics and many more.

A few of our favourite, expertly selected lashes for people with Downturned Eyes include:

To give the illusion of more size and length to your eyes, you'll want to go with lashes that are natural-looking, extensions, or wispy - so the length on the outer corner of your upper eyelids is extended and makes it appear to be lifted.

To achieve this look, we totally recommend:

Even if you want to go full drama, and really turn up the volume, we’ve got the best hand-selected lashes in our selection, that will absolutely accent your downturned eyes!

The Best Makeup Looks for Downturned Eyes

Some days you might want to go makeup free and just be natural, but other times you may want a full makeover that leaves you feeling stunning - and knowing what makeup styles work best with your eye shape can really make a dramatic difference.

Applying Eyeliner to Downturned Eyes

Depending on your mood, and the look you’re going for, using eyeliner (either liquid or pencil) on downturned eyes can change the shape and project a whole different personality.

If you were born with Downturned Eyes, then you were born to rock the winged eyeliner look!

If you’re looking to balance the shape, and make your eye look wider, then you might also want to consider an upturned wing. This can be achieved by applying a bold colour or white eyeliner to the start of the crease along the upper lash line, and then flicking it up from the outer corner - this might take a bit of practice to get the wings at the same size and angle, although using a straight edge (like a card or crease tool) as a template can make this technique easier - just be careful not to use anything sharp or get too close to your eyeball with the tool!

For the perfect cat eye, use a thick eyeliner and angle your liner at a 45-degree angle and gently flick upwards towards the outer corners.

Perfecting Eye Shadow Application for Downturned Eyes

When it comes to applying your eye makeup, it is recommended to apply eyeshadow to the eyelid and blend upwards towards the outer eye, creating a smokey effect. Then you can finish this off with a pair of false lashes that are tapered and curled upward, for an elegant evening look.

Another popular technique for downturned eyes involves focusing on the orbital bone (the eye socket) rather than on the lash line. When you’re applying the eyeshadow, keep your gaze straight on, and sweep a simple matte shade just above the eye socket and blend it up to the outer corner of the eyebrow.

If you want to go for a simple modern chic look, try using a small thick brush with a dark eyeshadow or soft kohl pencil. Then start the application at the outside of the bottom lash line (to create a gentle line that acts as a drop shadow). You can pair this for a heavier, more sultry look with eyeshadow applied to the outer quarter of the top lash line - taking care to follow the natural shape of your eye - the darker and thicker the line, the more intense the look.

For the complete opposite, and a much more natural look, use soft light tones and nude shades on the lid to the crease of the eye and blend a medium tone shadow into the crease, keeping the intensity towards the nose and outer corners.

Be Amazing and Look Your Best Today!

Downturned eyes can be so dramatic when accessorised. From sleepy, sultry, and seductive - to bright, bubbly, and brilliant. How you choose to look is completely up to you, but we offer a boutique service, so if you can't find what you’re looking for with the lashes for Downturned Eyes featured on this page, be sure to call or email us and our team will find the right lashes for you!

Just let us know what the occasion is and your preferences, and we'll come back to you with recommendations on the best downturned eyelashes for your requirements, as fast as we can.