Classic Lashes

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About Classic Lashes

Classic false eyelashes – the OG of makeup looks! They’ve been around for decades and aren’t going anywhere soon. Classic false eyelashes are the perfect way to take your style from daytime to the nightclub instantly. Whether you want a subtle enhancement or an all-out statement look, classic lashes can give you the glamorous finish you desire.

What is The Definition of Classic False Lashes?

Classic false eyelashes are synthetic strands applied along your natural lash line with adhesive. They may come pre-glued or require separate glue application, but whatever variety they are, they make quite a dramatic difference to your eyes! Some brands offer variations like clusters, flares, and strips to give you a fuller lash look.

Classic false lashes include strip and magnetic lashes, which you can easily and quickly apply. Strip lashes have a thin band across the top that holds them in place, while magnetic lashes use tiny, invisible magnets to hold the lash against your eyelid.

It’s worth looking at our strip lash collection by clicking the link and investigating all the magnetic lash options.

What are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic lash extensions involve attaching false lashes to your natural lashes with an adhesive. The classic lash look uses synthetic strands thicker than the ones used for volume and hybrid lash sets but shorter. The strands are usually of uniform length and are applied one at a time to create a full yet natural-looking appearance.

The classic extension is perfect for those who want more definition and a classic cat-eye effect without committing to longer or heavier lash extensions.

Classic lash extensions are like false eyelashes, but the application is slightly different. They come in varying lengths, which can be mixed or left uniform for a bolder effect. For added volume and size, you can get classic extension refills every few weeks.

Why Choose a Classic Lash Over a Hybrid Lash?

When choosing between classic false lashes and hybrid lashes, there’s no definitive answer, as each person will have their preference. However, classic lashes offer advantages such as being easier to apply, more natural, and less likely to irritate due to shorter lengths.

Classic lashes are also a great option if you want a subtle enhancement, as they’re not as dramatic as hybrid or volume lashes. They’re perfect for everyday wear and won’t be too over-the-top for daytime activities. Plus, classic false eyelashes come in various styles and lengths, so you can choose one that looks best with your eye shape.

Which Eye Shapes Suit Classic Lashes?

The great thing about classic lashes is that they suit pretty much all eye shapes. As classic lash extensions offer a more natural lash appearance, they are enhancing your natural lashes, whereas bolder and thick lashes can make some eye shapes look small. Classic eyelash extensions suit hooded eyes and almond eyes, and the choice of classic lashes lengths allows you to pick the best length to complement your eye shape.

Who Makes The Best Classic False Lashes?

The world of false eyelashes is filled with fabulous options from top brands like KISS Products Inc., Ardell, Eylure, Eyelash Emporium, and Marvelash. Each brand offers a selection of classic false lashes with varying lengths, thicknesses, and colours to give you a distinctive look for any occasion.

KISS Products Inc has excellent lash extensions options like Faux Mink Natural Lashes and Lash Couture 5th Avenue Collection. Ardell and their popular Wispies False Eyelashes are a classic for all-day wear and glam occasions. Eylure also provides stunning false lashes, such as their Exaggerate Full Strip Lashes, that you can reuse up to five times.

Eyelash Emporium is another excellent choice for classic false eyelashes, with an extensive range of styles from natural accents to extreme volumising. Finally, Marvelash has the perfect classic false eyelashes for any look you’re going for, with their Faux Mink Individual Lashes and Ultimate Lengthening Strip Lashes being particularly popular!

As you can tell, the choice of classic lash extensions is endless, but classic lashes usually mean natural or natural-looking lashes for a low-key style. Read the blog on natural lashes vs hybrid lashes for more information.

Whichever brand of classic sets you choose from, classic false lashes are an easy way to enhance your eye makeup instantly. Whether you want a subtle natural look or more of a statement, even something in between, classic false lashes will give your eyes the exact effect you’re looking for. So why not give it a try today? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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We hope this has helped you understand what classic false lashes are, why you should choose them over hybrid lashes, and who makes the best options available on the market. So, create the perfect look with your favourite classic false eyelashes today.