Face Halo

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About Face Halo

Too tired to take your makeup off, sick of disposable wipes and makeup-removing pads that pollute the planet? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place.

When you're busy getting on with your life, it's really easy to forget fundamental things like taking off your makeup before bed, let alone thinking about what happens to the disposable make pad you throw in the bed when you eventually get around to removing your face paint.

Enter Face Halo: the creative genius solution Lizzy Pike, Founder of Face Halo, dreamt up and turned that dream into a business.

Here's how the idea took shape — one night over chicken wings, Lizzy and her friends lamented on the stories of their busy lives, and it was at that moment that her friends revealed that often they were too tired to remove their makeup before bed (ahem… blocked pores on the horizon).

Lizzy's grubby confession back in 2017 led to a lightbulb moment and a new business creating Face Halo pads. This revolutionary product uses water and a specifically designed fabric to remove makeup, sunscreen and more without harsh chemicals or wipes.

Face Halo pads are reusable up to 200 times per pad — so you can save money over buying disposable makeup remover pads — and they're super soft on the skin, meaning your face won't feel like it's been scrubbed like a potato.

Plus, they work with your favourite cleanser to cleanse your skin without needing additional products — that's a win-win if ever we hear one! And yes, Face Halo pads are powerful enough to remove even hardworking waterproof sunscreen and super long-wearing makeup.

Here's everything you wanted to know about Face Halo in one place so you can take the hassle out of your nighttime routine.

What are Face Halo Makeup Removing Pads?

Face Halo pads are specially designed fabric circles that, when wet, act as makeup remover pads or wipes. They remove all sorts, not just makeup; they gently remove sunscreen and other impurities from your face without harsh chemicals.

It's the fibre that does all the work — Lizzy spent 15 years working in the fibre technology industry, so she knows her grades of microfiber, which is just as well as that's what these pads are made of.

Can you use Face Halo Pads with cleanser?

Yes! While Face Halo pads design their product to work just with water alone, you can use them with your favourite cleanser to help remove makeup more effectively while cleansing your skin.

Cleansers are unnecessary, but if you want to use them, you can — Face halo is all about choice — in an environmentally friendly way!

Does Face Halo remove sunscreen?

Yes, Face Halo pads are powerful enough to remove even the hardiest of waterproof sunscreens. The secret lies in the fibre — it reaches into all those tiny nooks and crannies that can often be missed with regular cleansing with cotton pads or face cloths alone.



Can you use Face Halo with cleanser or makeup remover?

Yep, you can, but you don't have to. The concept is about speeding up your night-time routine, being cost-effective and saving the planet from pollution. It's a grab Face Halo, wet under the tap and use situation.

Does Face Halo remove sunscreen

Yes, it does; I will repeat it for those in the back — Face Halo removes sunscreen.

Face Halo also removes waterproof mascara, long-life foundation, face painting, and face masks (not the paper kind). Face Halo would probably have a go at felt tip (parents with small children, we hear you) and semi-permanent tattoos.

Face Halo won't remove permanent tattoos, henna tats, fake tan mistakes or love bites, and they can't erase poor life decisions, but Face Halo can help you to feel better about our world by not sending any makeup wipes to landfills. Hooray for Face Halo.

Do Face Halo Pads exfoliate the skin?

You can buy the Face Halo Glow Skin Set and exfoliate to your heart's content. The pretty pink and white pads make light work of dead facial skin and take no prisoners when it comes to your décolletage (the areas at the base of your neck above your boobs).

Face Halo is a hero, a money-saving, planet-liberating, aesthetically pleasing product for 21st-century needs — so what are you waiting for? Put a Halo around your face and stop blackheads in their tracks.