Cleaning Kits

Extend the life of your favourite false eyelashes with our great range of cleaning kits! If you're forever throwing lashes in the bin, cleaning kits are a great way to make your lashes last a little bit longer.

About Cleaning Kits

Do you need an easy and effective way to keep your lashes looking their best? Lash cleaning kits on the market can help you maintain the perfect look. Lash cleaning kits keep your lashes free of dirt, dust, and oils while helping extend your lashes' life. A good lash cleaning kit is essential for lash extensions or false eyelashes.

How to Use Lash Cleaning Kits

Lash cleaning kits typically include a gentle cleanser, an applicator brush and some extension supplies depending on the brand. First, you'll want to use the cleaner provided in the kit to remove all dirt, oil, and makeup from gently brushing the lash extensions.

Make sure you're using light pressure with the brush so as not to damage your lashes. After this step, rinse the cleansing solution off the lashes with lukewarm water and pat them dry with a soft cloth or paper kitchen towel.

If you're cleaning false eyelashes, be sure to remove any glue residue that may have accumulated over time by gently rubbing it away with an oil-free makeup remover or lash shampoo. Then follow up by rinsing the lashes in lukewarm water and air drying them before storing them in their original packaging for safekeeping.

For more guidance on the best way to clean your false eyelashes, our blog explains the whole process you need to follow, including the way to clean your magnetic false lashes, your false strip lashes or semi-permanent or individual lashes.

Why is it so important to properly clean you lashes?

Cleaning your lashes properly can help to prevent eye infections and irritations, as well as keep your eyelashes in the best possible condition. You should aim to clean your false lashes whenever you take them off, using good quality lash cleaning kits for the best results.

It is possible to clean your lash extensions without a lash extension cleaning kit but if you want to make sure that you remove all the glue residue and any other debris, lash cleaning kits are the best option.

Are Lash Cleaning Kits Necessary?

Yes! Lash cleaning kits are essential for keeping your lashes looking their best. Lashes can accumulate dirt, oils, and bacteria without regular cleaning and maintenance, leading to infection or irritation. Lash cleaning kits are well worth the money if they prevent you from having itchy, sore and red looking eyes - not the look you're trying to achieve!

A good lash cleaning kit will help keep your lashes clean and healthy, while also helping them last longer. By carefully cleaning your lashes with good quality lash cleaning kits, you should be able to get more wears out of them. Other ways to boost the longevity of your lashes is to avoid using oil-based products, sleep on your back and wear a contoured eye mask while you sleep to protect your lashes.

With a quality kit from Ardell, Lola's Lashes or Eyelash Emporium, you know you're getting quality products designed for lash care.

We stock a huge range of the best lash cleaning kits, so you can find your favourite brand at the price to suit your budget. 

Who Makes the Best Lash Cleaning Kits?

Ardell is one of the most well-known and loved brands when it comes to lash cleaning kits, but there are lots of choices and designs to suit you, from oil to balms, brushes, and shampoo. Your lashes won't know what's hit them.

The bottom line is if you keep your lashes clean, they will last longer, and you won't risk an eye infection or irritation. Using a lash cleaning kit specifically designed for lash extensions or false lashes is best, as other cleansers may be too harsh or cause irritation.

Check out this excellent article for more information on how to clean your false eyelashes. Plus, you can get free UK delivery when you spend £25 or more, so what's stopping you from shining?