The Ultimate Guide on How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are part and parcel of our everyday look; we love them, and they love us back, or at least they do if we clean them regularly.

No matter if you're new to wearing false eyelash extensions or an old hand, it's helpful to remind yourself why it's a good idea to keep them clean and how to do it effectively, all to keep our extension looking better for longer (at least up to six weeks).

Here's our ultimate guide on how to clean lash extensions and keep them looking gorgeous.

When should you clean your eyelash extensions?

It's essential to clean your lash extensions regularly, ideally every day, as dirt, makeup, and oil build-ups on the lashes can cause them to become weak and brittle.

Breaking down the products you use to clean your lashes will help you understand why certain products work better than others and which ones you should avoid altogether. More on that later.

Step-by-step guide on how to clean lash extensions

  1. The first step in cleaning your lash extensions is removing all makeup traces. Use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover or an eyelash cleanser specifically designed for removing makeup from lash extensions.
  2. Gently massage the cleanser of your choice into your lash line with a cotton pad, being careful not to rub too hard or pull on the lashes.
  3. Rinse the cleaning product off with lukewarm water and pat your lashes dry with a clean towel.
  4. If your lashes are very grubby, it's time to cleanse your lashes with an eyelash extension shampoo.
  5. Apply a small amount of eyelash extension shampoo to your lash line and massage it in gently. Rinse the lash shampoo off with lukewarm water and pat your lashes dry with a clean towel.
  6. Once you've cleansed your lashes, it's time to apply an eyelash conditioner. The conditioner will help to keep your lashes hydrated and looking healthy, and ready for whatever comes next.
  7. Apply the conditioner to your lash line and massage it in gently. Rinse the conditioner off with lukewarm water and pat your lashes dry with a clean towel.

And that's it! You've now cleansed your lashes and are ready to go to bed. Read more about sleeping in our false eyelashes.

Products to avoid when cleaning lash extensions

You should avoid using some products when cleaning your lash extensions, as they can cause irritation or damage to your eyes and the lashes.

Avoid using anything that contains oil, alcohol, or fragrances, as these can all irritate. In addition, avoid using any harsh cleansers or scrubbing too hard, as this can damage the lashes.

Here are our favourite eyelash extension cleaning products.

  1. Eyelash Emporium Off-Camera Lash Cleanse Set
  2. Lola's Lashes Natural Cleansing Oil
  3. Lola's Lashes Cleansing Balm
  4. Eylure Lash Foam Cleanser
  5. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Products are not the only thing to avoid when working out the best way to clean eyelash extensions. Here's a list of no, no's.

  • Don't use hot water, as this can damage the extensions.
  • Don't use cold water, as this won't remove all the dirt and makeup.
  • Don't rub your eyes, as this can cause the extensions to fall out.
  • Don't use cotton pads, as these can snag on the lashes and cause them to fall out.

Now you know what not to do, here's a list of things you should do when figuring out how to clean your lash extensions.

  • Do use a gentle cleanser or an oil-free makeup remover.
  • Do rinse your lashes with lukewarm water.
  • Do pat your lashes dry with a clean towel.
  • Do use a foaming lash cleanser whenever possible.
  • Do use an eyelash conditioner at least twice a week.
  • Do use products specifically designed for cleaning lash extensions.

You might think that's it; there's nothing more to say about 'how to clean eyelash extensions, but you're wrong. There are still some juicy tips to tell you, so keep reading.

What can I do to keep my eyelash extensions healthy for longer?

You can start by buying the best eyelash extensions you can afford. The better the lash, the longer they will last.

If you're fixing your own eyelash extensions (good for you), here's a list of our favourite individual lashes.

  1. Ardell Professional C Curl Black Individual Lashes
  2. Eyelash Emporium Mink Effect D Curls Mixed Length
  3. Eyelash Emporium 4D Curls - Pre-Made Fans
  4. Lilly Lashes Full Blown Flare Up Individuals

Now you've chosen your lashes, there are more things to consider, ensuring your eyelash extension stays in place for longer. Glue, yes, that's right; selecting the best adhesive will keep your eyelash extensions in place.

The hardest-working adhesive, in our opinion, is the DUO range. Read more about DUO adhesive. Our best-selling favs are:

  1. Duo Individual Lash Adhesive Dark Tone
  2. Duo Individual Lash Adhesive Clear Tone
  3. Duo Line It Lash It Adhesive Eyeliner – Clear

Now you've got your lashes and chosen your glue, here are the rest of the best (tips).

Always sleep on a silk pillowcase

Using a silk pillowcase will prolong the life of your eyelash extensions because it's less abrasive than cotton. It will also help to keep your skin, hair and eyelash extensions hydrated, so you'll wake up looking fabulous.

The best silk pillowcases are:

  1. Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase
  2. Bella Notte Linens Emilia Silk Charmeuse Standard Pillowcase
  3. Lilysilk 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

Even Primark was selling silk pillowcases; unsurprisingly, they sold out super quickly. The next time you're in town, it's worth popping into Primark, as they don't make online sales.

Invest in a good lash brush

A good lash brush will help to remove any dirt or makeup from your lashes and keep them looking their best. We recommend the Eyelash Emporium Lash Brush and these spoolie brushes.

  1. Lola's Lashes Dual-Ended Angled Lash and Brow Brush
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brushing Set
  3. Bay Beauty Spoolies

Be careful when applying makeup

If you're careful when applying makeup, your eyelash extensions will last longer. Avoid using waterproof mascara or anything too oily, as this can break down the glue holding your extensions in place.

If you must use mascara, these are the best mascaras for the job.

  1. Rimmel Wonder Lux Volume Mascara 001
  2. Max Factor Rise and Shine
  3. Rimmel London Volume Colourist 001 Black

In the worst-case scenario, you don't clean your lash extension - what happens then?

What can happen if you don't clean your extensions?

If you don't clean your eyelash extensions, you're at risk of the following:

  • Bacteria build-up
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation
  • Infection

Actually, bacteria build-up, irritation and inflammation are the least of your problems. The worst thing will be an infection like blepharitis or contagious conjunctivitis. Both are horrible inflammatory eye infections. Symptoms include:

  • Burning and itchy skin
  • Flaky eyelid skin
  • Infected tear ducts
  • Swelling around and in the eye

You should see a doctor immediately if you're getting any of these symptoms. These nasty infections from dirty lashes will stop you from going to the ball or just about anywhere.

So take our advice on the best way to clean eyelash extensions, and don't wait until you have an infection.

Other things you need to keep your lashes in good condition

Lash accessories

To ensure your lashes stay in tip-top condition on and off your face, you need the following tools to make your life easier.


Tweezers are not just for plucking your eyebrows; they are also an excellent tool for applying your lashes and removing them without putting your fingers near your eyes.

Mascara Wand and Brush

A mascara wand is a great tool for separating your lashes and removing clumps. We recommend the Lash Emporium Final Edit Wands (Multi-Pack).

Q-tips (Cotton Buds)

Q-tips (Cotton Buds) are great for cleaning up any mistakes when applying your lashes or removing your makeup. Or even better, Eyelash Emporium Scene Micro Applicators.

Hydrating Eye Strips

These are strips of sticky material infused with eye-friendly hydrologic acid and peptides. They help to keep your lashes and the skin around your eyes hydrated.

Plus, the added benefit is reducing dark circles under the eye.

We love:

  1. Eyelash Emporium On-Set Under Eye Gel Patches
  2. The Body Shop Hydrating Eye Strips
  3. Skin Republic Retinol Hydrogel Strips

Party season false lashes

It's party season, but what if you need a break from your eyelash extensions but don't want to leave the house naked?

The next best thing has to be magnetic lashes for speed and convenience. They are so easy to apply; you can do it in a couple of minutes.

Either magnetic strip lashes with a magnetic liner or glue on are so easy to apply, and what's more simple to take off when you want to return to your eyelash extensions.

Here are our top picks:

  1. Kiss Magnetic Lashes - Charm
  2. Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic - Loyalty
  3. Ardell Naked Lashes 242
  4. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit - Tempt
  5. Ardell Magnetic Doubles Lashes 110

There it is, all the information you need on how to clean eyelash extensions at home and keep them looking their best. Now go forth and bat those lashes with confidence, party people.