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Keep your nails in tip-top shape and looking great with a nail file. Nail files come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in different grades for harsher or softer filing, according to your preference. Here at we carry a range of the highest quality nail files by Ardell, Elegant Touch, Nail HQ and more.

About Nail Files

Nail files are equally important for both men and women. They help to keep nails healthy, eliminate sharp edges and enable us to contour the nail into a desired shape. Nail files have different types of grit, which are indicated by numbers between 40 and 4000. The lower numbers are more abrasive, whilst grits over 320 refer to buffing products designed to bring natural shine and gloss to the nails.

Whilst nail files and manicure sets can bring your hands up to scratch, it is important to remember that there are many factors which can affect the appearance and quality of our nails.

So before we start filing and buffing, check out these other issues which could be causing problems for your nails.

Are you biting your nails?

When we experience periods of stress, biting our nails can become a bit of a problem. Habitual biting can lead to bacteria being transferred from our hands to our mouth and subsequently to our gut. This can lead to stomach upsets, whilst open wounds around the nail can cause infection. Applying nail polish to your fingers can act as an excellent reminder to stop biting or picking at the nail.

Polish Peel

Have you not heard of nail polish remover? Picking off nail polish is super damaging to the nail. It strips the nail of a protective layer, leaving the nail open for breakage and damage. Invest in nail polish remover pads which allow you to change your nails on the go.

Don’t cut your cuticles!

There may be a product specifically designed to cut your cuticles, but doing so is not advisable. Obviously, you don’t want the cuticle to mess up your manicure, but you need to remove it very carefully. Apply a cuticle oil, which allows you to gently push the unwanted skin out of the way.

Healthy Outside, Starts inside.

It is a no-brainer. Your overall health, including the health of your hail and nails, starts with what you eat. The recommended foods for nail health are pretty obvious, leafy greens, vegetables and oily fish. Fizzy drinks and alcohol should be limited. If you are struggling to get enough of the good stuff from your diet, consider adding in magnesium and calcium supplements.

Adiós Acrylics

Acrylic nails are ever so popular and whilst you are wearing them, they look the business. Unfortunately, during the application of acrylic nails your technician will need to vigorously buff your natural nails, stripping back layers and generally weakening the nail bed. So when those acrylic nails are removed, your nails are going to need some serious attention. If you must fake it, opt for press on nails and apply a protective barrier product.

Limit Acetone Use

Acetone is found in many nail polish remover products and is the most effective way to remove polish. Unfortunately, it can be damaging to the nail bed. Where possible, select brands which are free from acetone.

What is in your favourite Nail Polish?

We might presume that all nail polishes have been rigorously tested and would not cause damage to our nail health, but this is not necessarily the case. Check the ingredients of your nail polish and stay away from chemical laden products. Stick to well known and reputable brands to ensure the product is safe for your nails, free from animal cruelty and vegan friendly.

So now we have eliminated some of the factors which might be hindering your nail game, it is time to ensure you have the right tools to create a salon standard manicure.

Please see our best of breed nail file products below.

Elegant Touch Professional Nail Files

Get your nails looking on point with this quality nail file from Elegant Touch. An attractive looking product, finished in a soft pink shade. If you are new to looking after your nails properly, you may find some product descriptions a little confusing. These nail files are offered in a 180 and 240 grit level, see explanation below.

180 grit - This is a nail file which can be used to shape the entire nail. It is also abrasive enough to shorten natural nails.

240 grit - This is a nail preparation tool which will smooth the surface of the nail before polish application.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Acrylic Files

If you decide to opt for acrylic nails or even artificial press on nails, you need to ensure you have the best nail tools to maximise their appearance. This product is strong enough to be used with false nails and has a coarse to medium grit level. It is a cost-effective product which provides two nail files, one for your dressing table and one for your handbag.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict 4 In - 1 File

There are so many nail tools available on the market, you can be left feeling a little dizzy. This four in one product will enable you to shape, smooth, shine and buff your nails to your desired standard. Take care not to be over zealous when It comes to buffing, as this can cause damage to the natural nail. This Ardell product is ideal for prepping your nails before applying nail polish.

Nail HQ Professional Nail Files x 6

Do you alternate between natural nails and false press on nails? If so, this product is ideal for you. These nail files are manufactured with a foam core, ensuring they are gentle on natural nails whilst also being strong enough to shape artificial nails. The package contain six nail files and is free from animal cruelty, suitable for vegans.

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