Tweezerman is a premium beauty brand recognised for setting the highest of standards with the tools and implements they manufacture. From tweezers to lash combs, eyelash curlers to nail files, you're sure to find the tools you need for your makeup bag or box, right here in the Tweezerman collection.

About Tweezerman

How did the Tweezerman get his name and create a successful business? Read on if you want more insightful info about this fascinating brand.

Tweezerman's owner, Dal LaMagna, started his same-name company in 1980 in the healthcare and medical tool industry.

Tools for healthcare, removing splinters, and for use surgery were not sexy, and then LaMagna realised there was a killing to make (not literally) designing and selling tweezers to the beauty market.

The combination of this realisation and the boost to the business came with the name change. This lightbulb moment came after a day of travelling sales, visiting a client who called him the travelling 'Tweezerman' — the name caught on, and the business went from strength to strength.

Tweezerman Now

Today Tweezerman is owned by the Zwilling Beauty Group, and they reputedly produce the best tweezers, eyelash curlers, facial hair removers, and blackhead extractors.

The Tweezerman brand is well known for its highly accurate and precise designs, which make them ideal for eyebrow and facial grooming.

Their range of tweezers comes in various sizes, shapes, and styles — from the Classic Slant to the Pointed Tip and everything in between. Tweezerman also produces a wide selection of nail clippers.

Tweezerman's eyelash curlers are made from stainless steel and have a silicone rubber pad to prevent pinching of the lashes. They're available in two models; the Classic Curler and the Pro Master Lash Curler — ergonomically designed for comfort and easy use.

If you're looking for a trustworthy manufacturer of tweezers, eyelash curlers, facial hair removers, and blackhead extractors — look no further than Tweezerman. It won't surprise you to hear they are our bestsellers.

So whether you're a professional makeup artist (MUA) or want to get your eyebrows looking perfect, check out the Tweezerman range for every facial grooming tool you could ever need. Let's face facts; no one wants to be caught with a lousy eyebrow game.

Why Choose Tweezerman

Tweezerman tells us they take immense pride in consistently raising the bar for the beauty sector by delivering unparalleled innovation, excellence, and customer service through every unique product they offer.

Over our four-decade journey, they have honed their understanding of customer needs, which has enabled them to uphold their well-deserved reputation.

True to its brand identity, Tweezerman provides an extensive selection of tweezers and beauty tools, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality that define the company values.

About Tweezerman Tweezers

Tweezerman offers a tweezer for every eventuality. Here's a list of tweezers and what tweezers are best for what job so that you can make the right choice. is one of the top Tweezerman Tweezers UK suppliers, so order yours today to take your tweezing game to the next level.

Practical Compact Tweezers

Practical compact in Tweezerman's book means miniature. Small enough to fit into your wash or travel bag, it was a bag, in fact, any bag. There's no excuse for messy brows, and they're perfect for removing sea urchin spins or haystack needles.

Slanted Tweezerman Tweezer

Slanted tweezers are handy when you need to be accurate and precise, some people use them to apply false eyelashes (although there are proper tools for that), but if you're in a pinch, they will do the job.

The slant tip tweezers are helpful for finer hair, such as those found on your eyebrows or cheeks. You can also use them for grooming moustaches and beards for a super slick, ultra-neat man-about-town look.  Slant Tweezerman Tweezers provide that extra precision for the perfect pluck. They are also available in a smaller size - Tweezerman Mini Tweezers.

Pointed Tweezers

Pointed tweezers get to the point of pain quickly and easily — namely ingrowing hairs and those who suffer from Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) boils caused by ingrowing hair.

How to Use Tweezerman Tweezers

To get the best results and pain-free plucking, take a hot shower to open up your pores. Use the precision tip to isolate, lift and pull hair from the root. Tweeze hairs in the direction of hair growth to avoid breakage.

Tweezerman Make More Than Tweezers

You can buy nail care tools and grooming scissors for men and women. Eyelash curlers, lash assistants and folding iLash comb sets are all part of the Tweezerman range.

Plus, you can find a selection of brow products and makeup brushes to finish your look. There's even a corkscrew for those occasions when you don't have a bottle opener handy — that's not true, but it's a good idea.

Tweezerman Facial and Brow Razors

Tweezerman tools also include the Tweezerman Brow Razor, to immaculately shape your eyebrows without the pain of plucking.

The Tweezerman Facial Razor is another best-selling tool, quickly removing facial fuzz or providing gentle exfoliation. 

Tweezerman Nail Clippers

You can also buy your toe and nail clippers from the trusted Tweezerman brand. The premium stainless steel clippers feature precision blades for perfectly trimmed nails. We love the Tweezerman Combo Clipper Set, which includes one toe nail clipper and one finger nail clipper.

Tweezerman Gets Funky

The next time you're looking for quality tweezers or eyelash curlers, think Tweezerman; your choice doesn't have to be boring. Tweezers come in animal print, every colour you could imagine, and if you want bling, look no further.

Blindness is Tweezermans second name; Tweezerman understands that individual preferences vary, so they offer an extensive selection of tweezers in an array of captivating designs.

Whether you're a style enthusiast drawn to feminine shades like pinky purple or appreciate unique patterns featuring leopard print in blues and greens, Tweezerman's tweezers will surely delight anyone's aesthetic sensibilities.

How to Use Tweezerman Eyelash Curlers

For the perfect lash look, follow these steps for using Tweezerman eyelash curlers:

  1. Put a single coating of your favourite mascara on your lashes (top and bottom) and wait for it to dry.
  2. Pull open the handles of the curler and centre, aligning the curler pad with the base of your eyelashes.
  3. Press the handles together a few times, and gradually shift the curler towards the middle of your lashes before applying pressure to get an effective, fully fanned-out lash look.
  4. Add more mascara to your lashes, dry them, and get out and about.

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes in Three Easy Steps

  1. Follow the instructions above to step 3.
  2. Before you apply your next layer of mascara, use a lash guard and combe on your top lashes. Position your eye in the centre of the guard, apply the mascara pushing the lashes into the comb. Use a flicking motion for the best results.
  3. Use a Tweezerman Lashcombe to remove excess mascara and define your lashes.

Made for Washable Durability

All Tweezerman tools are washable and made with tough stainless steel that will not rust or decay in any way — take solace in the knowledge your tweezers will still work after a spin in the washing machine, being baked in the sun or left in a sink full of soapy water.

Tweezerman precision tools are so tough they will see you out, so pass them on and consider them a family heirloom.