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About Lola's Lashes

“Meet your new favourite girl gang. Lash glue? As if!”


Imagine this… You and your friends are getting ready for a big night out. The pre-drinks are flowing, your outfit is on point, and you’re just applying the finishing touches to your makeup. The perfect way to complete your killer look… a gorgeous set of fluffy lashes. But the taxi is already on its way… do you want to spend these last few precious minutes fussing with messy lash glue and risk looking anything less than sensational? Hell no!

What if there was an easier way?

Introducing the newest innovation in false lashes - magnetic eyelashes. Say what now?

That wasn’t a typo, these do actually exist and they’re taking the beauty industry (and the world!) by storm. Wave goodbye to messy lash glue and hello to the new and most convenient way to apply false eyelashes! Lola’s Lashes are applied using a revolutionary magnetic system, that combines 100% Cruelty-Free premium synthetic silk lashes with magnetic liner for an instant lash makeover. The delicate, Korean silk lashes are fitted with tiny, unnoticeable magnets that snap into place instantly to create an ultra-firm hold. How crazy cool is that!! Looking amazing without the stress.

Lola’s Lashes have completely removed the tricky application process usually associated with traditional strip lashes, and replaced it with this quicker and easier alternative. This super new brand is really shaking up the beauty industry with their innovative approach, and in just over a year have quickly become the UK’s number one leading magnetic lash brand!

The brand is so popular that when the lashes were first launched, they sold out in just 2 weeks, with millions of false lash fanatics desperate to get their hands on this fantastic new product.

The founder of Lola's Lashes said: "Lashes have become such a staple for makeup lovers in the UK but with over 7 million search results for "how to apply false lashes" online, it's clear that people are looking for a new solution.”

Why should I use Lola’s Lashes?

Though they were not the first company to come up with the idea of magnetic lashes, what makes Lola’s Lashes stand out from their competitors is the quality of their products. With many other magnetic lash brands receiving less-than favourable reviews, Lola’s Lashes decided it was time to develop a completely new system.

“The old magnetic lashes on the market with clips weren't always reliable or easy to use” says the company founder. "The feedback we've had from customers has been amazing, with many of them praising the convenience and the longevity of the lashes compared to glue-on or old-school magnetic ones that they've used in the past."

Other magnetic lash brands have used clip-on magnets, which users found looking very obvious and weighed their lashes down. They were tricky to apply and tended to slip over time. Lola’s Lashes use 5 tiny magnets along the lash band for bomb-proof security. They claim their lashes can withstand winds up to 75mph without budging! The lashes are also completely waterproof, so whether you’re smashing a workout or braving the wild weather, your lashes are guaranteed to stay put.

Lola’s Lashes are so easy to apply, they will add just seconds to your makeup routine and can even be applied with one hand!

Unlike many other brands, Lola’s Lashes do not water down their eyeliner formula and spare no expense in the manufacturing of their products. Their unique industry-leading formula has been tested time and time again against competitors. Lola’s Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner lasts an average of six hours longer than their closest competitor’s and stands up much better in high winds and rain. You will frequently see other companies instructing you to put on 2 or 3 layers of liner. Whereas, Lola’s unique formula only requires 1 layer and still outperforms the competition.

All of Lola’s Lashes are made from premium Korean synthetic silk. As a brand they don’t sell any products made from mink or any other type of animal fur. This means Lola’s Lashes products are not only more gentle on the eyes, but are also 100% Cruelty-Free and suitable for vegans. Not only this, their lashes meet all EU and US Safety regulations making them ultra-safe for your eyes and skin. Those of us who have suffered allergic reactions to lash adhesives in the past are jumping for joy!

When used correctly, Lola’s Lashes will not damage or pull-on your own eyelashes, as they adhere to the magnetic eyeliner on your eyelids. Though lash extensions look fantastic, there’s no denying that they can stick and cause damage to your natural lashes. The creators of Lola’s Lashes have stated that their lashes can be worn up to 30 times if taken care of correctly! That’s 3 times the amount of other lash brands currently on the market.

But are they safe?

After so many years of lash glue being the only real option for applying false lashes, we understand that you may have some questions when it comes to applying magnetic lashes. As one of the newest and most recently developed lash enhancement products on the market, lash wearers are only just beginning to catch wind of this innovation. But to put your minds at rest, we can assure you that Lola’s Lashes magnetic lashes are totally safe to wear!

When used correctly as per our guidelines, Lola’s Lashes should not create any problems with your own eyelashes. As the lashes themselves do not stick to your own lashes, but rather to the magnetic liner on your eyelids, they don’t pull-on or get caught in your natural lashes.

The magnets used on all Lola’s Lashes styles are strong enough to hold your lashes in place for a full day. Other magnetic lash brands use 3 magnets, whereas Lola’s Lashes use 5 for extra security to your eyelids. These tiny magnets are safe to use, and definitely do not possess enough power to pose a risk to your eyes or any other body part. Lola’s Lashes have conducted extensive testing on all of their products and any effects that magnetic lashes have on the eyes. Their tests and research have shown that there are absolutely no risks associated with prolonged use, therefore their products will not cause any problems with your eyes.

Lola’s Lashes are the perfect choice for people who have suffered allergic reactions to lash adhesives in the past, and for those with sensitive skin and eyes. There are absolutely no harmful ingredients in their magnetic liner formula, meaning you can reach for a set with zero worries.

If you opt for one of their popular lash kits, you will find everything you need to safely apply, remove and store your Lola’s Lashes. Magnetic eyeliners are usually waterproof and can prove stubborn to remove, but using the gentle Natural Cleansing Oil provided in the lash kits makes removal a breeze. And as with all of Lola’s Lashes products, it’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too!

What are people saying about Lola’s Lashes?

It should come as no surprise that users of Lola’s magnetic lashes are absolutely raving about them. You would struggle to find a negative review! Influencers have taken to social media platforms to tell the world about the game-changing product that has transformed their makeup routine.

“I'm delighted to find out they are an absolute breeze to put on and will add mere seconds to your beauty routine. I've worn them all day in wintry, windy and wet Scottish weather and they don't budge an inch. It’s safe to say I’m hooked.” Caroline Wilson, Glasgow Evening Times.

“OH. MY. GOD. Eyelash glue has been the bane of my life for years. I’ve tried other magnetic lashes and they have all failed miserably. These ones, however, are AMAZING. I put them on in like 5 seconds, which is a million miles better than the half hour it used to take me! No mess, no fuss, so simple that even I can do it. Completely recommend!!!!!” Lauren

“These lashes are amazing! Never been able to apply false lashes but these are so easy. I always use eyeliner so I am used to applying that, make sure you remove excess liner off brush before applying and just gently build it up. I purchased them ready for when we are able to go out, but applied them to try and had them on for 8 hours, so comfortable I forgot I had them on. Jade are perfect for daytime and for those of us that want a enhanced natural look. These are a game changer for me and have highly recommended to my family and friends.” Fiona

On Lola's Lashes site, they have included an interview with celebrity makeup artist Emma Osborne, who adores Lola's Lashes. Emma has a wide range of celebrity clients including Rita Ora, Emma Watson, Anne Marie, Nicole Scherzinger and the list goes on and on - who can sll be known to wear Lola's Lashes.

Emma Osborne, the amazing artist she is, claims that Lola's are 'the best false eyelashes out there!'. Now that is quite a statement - if that doesn't tell you how brilliant Lola's Lashes are, I don't know what will!

Get me my lash fix!

Lola’s Lashes have quickly become the premium ‘no-glue’ lash brand in the world, and it’s easy to see why! Their magnetic lashes have been flying off our shelves ever since we launched the brand, and we are beyond excited to be stocking their full range.

Head on over to our online store to view Lola’s Lashes collection, which includes strip lashes, magnetic lashes, magnetic liner and their gorgeous range of rose gold accessories. Why not save money and treat yourself to one of their magnetic lash starter kits? Including a stunning set of lashes, magnetic liner and a bottle of their natural cleansing oil, these handy kits come with full instructions on how to achieve your dream lash look.

The Lola’s Lashes collection currently features 6 beautiful magnetic lash styles, ranging from wispy and natural to bold and dramatic, and all 6 of these styles are available to purchase as part of the magnetic lash starter kit. Read on to find out our top picks!

Rose Quartz Magnetic Lashes – These short yet sweet falsies will have you two-timing your mascara in an instant! Subtle enough for day-to-day wear, the natural length and volume of these lashes provide all of the texture you could ask for.

Ruby Magnetic Lashes – For red-carpet-worthy glamour, look no further than Lola’s Lashes Ruby style. These multidimensional lashes are fearless, creating a layered lash look with elegant tapered ends. Full, fluttery, and bound to be hit. We suggest pairing these falsies with a fierce winged liner and eye-popping colours.

How to apply magnetic lashes like a pro!

Applying false lashes used to be tricky and messy, involving lots of fiddling with glue and desperately trying to make sure the lashes remained stuck down. If you are all too familiar with this logistical nightmare, then Lola’s Lashes magnetic lashes are for you. Offering the latest in lash technology, magnetic lashes offer an effortless enhancement, allowing all levels of expertise to add length and volume to their natural lashes in a matter of minutes (or even seconds!).

Lola’s Lashes use tiny magnets and magnetic lash liner designed for all-day wear, it’s even weatherproof and waterproof! The magnets adhere with the magnetic liner to hold the lashes firmly in place, making application far quicker and easier than using glue. All of Lola’s Lashes come with full instructions, we advise reading these carefully before applying. But in the meantime, simply follow our steps below to guarantee a seamless blend with your natural lashes, and a flawless finish.

Application instructions

  1. Apply your eye makeup and curl your eyelashes before applying your magnetic lashes.
  2. Shake your magnetic eyeliner well before use.
  3. Apply a line of Lola’s magnetic eyeliner onto your lash line just as you would a normal liquid liner and allow to dry slightly.
  4. You may need to trim the lashes to fit your lash line. Do so by holding the lashes up to your eyelids, and using a small pair of scissors to carefully trim to size, starting from the outer edge.
  5. Carefully apply your lashes, beginning with the inner corner. Gently push the lashes on to ensure they snap into place and feel secure.
  6. And that’s all there is to it! It really is that simple to apply your Lola’s Lashes, and they will sit securely on your lids all day long.

When it comes to removing your Lola’s Lashes, do so by gently peeling the lash band away from your eyelids, beginning from the outer corner and pulling inwards towards your tear duct. Remove any excess magnetic liner and makeup from your eyelids with Lola’s Natural Cleansing Oil, or any other oil-based makeup remover. Store your lashes in their original case and keep them somewhere dry, clean and safe. If handled and stored carefully you can use them up to 30 days of all day wear!

It is important to remember that Lola’s Lashes should only be used with Lola’s magnetic eyeliner. This liner has been specially created to pair with the magnets in Lola’s Lashes, and will ensure that your lashes stay on all day.

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